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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

Mostly quiet & uneventful, except for finding myself dealing with more ''interracist'' drama on ''Generation-X.net'' (...or as I've dubbed it: ''DramaNation-X'').

(...currently in the process of ''transferring'' these journal pages to a different ''Angelfire'' hosting channel...)

September 3 - 6, 2010 (Friday-Monday)
''Memorial Day Weekend'' in Review''

Went to purchase my replacement motorcycle battery Thursday morning  (September 2)  and left it to be fully charged, only to learn when I'd retrieved it later that evening that it had already been precharged for me before I'd actually purchased it. The charge was short lived, however, as all attempts to get the engine to turn-over after I'd reinstalled it drained it completely -- so I took it back in the next morning  (yesterday, Friday, Sept.3)  to get it recharged again.

This morning  (Monday, Sep.6)  I finally found a little incentive to begin working on my new  ''Angelfire''  hosting channel to house the  ''Tropical-Storm: InfraRed''  journal pages... during which time being introduced to being ''locked out'' of gaining access to the main  ''Tropical-Storm''  channel! (...hopefully, that's only a temporary quirk of the ''redesign'' that's being announced...)

September 20 - 24, 2010 (Monday-Friday)
''Week in Review''

My  ''Windows PC''  began acting crazy over the previous weekend, automatically shutting down & restarting at odd times for which it was not set, including executing a couple of self-diagnostic hard disk checks & repairs. I had made the assumption that it was somehow connected with my resetting of my ''wallpaper cycler" program, which I was expanding and running potential candidates through, first at one-minute intervals, then 30-seconds, then finally 20-seconds. Then on Tuesday night it kicked out completely and would not restart. After several attempts to reboot (normally and via "safe" and "recovery" modes) I'd decided to give it a rest until the next morning.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent trying to go through all sorts of methods and poking & prodding trying to get the thing to turn over -- going to online forums (which weren't offering me anything useful for my particular situation), even chatting with some outsourced ''tech specialist'' in India (of course) who continuously kept asking me the same questions I'd already answered when I'd submitted my query and seemed to be ignoring any new detailed information she'd requested, only to end the session by assuming that the hard drive has gone completely bad.

The most obvious diagnostic ''remedies'' I'd tried to rely on were attempting to utilize the ''PC Recovery Tools'' and ''System'' discs I'd burned from the HD system partition (plus one I'd burned Thursday from an online source), only to learn that the system refused to acknowledge any of them... and yet, every  Linux ''LiveCD''  I'd installed in the optical drives were both recognized and fully loaded to where they could each be used. (Had it not been for the ''Linux'' preview discs, I'd have been at the complete mercy of these rat-shXtty  ''Macintoshes''  which now have me determined to simply ''trash'' them rather than ''selling'' them below dirt cheap. But only the  ''Mandriva Linux''  preview allowed me access to some of my online streaming video content, but NONE of them could help me access any files on my hard disk, and every attempt to ''install'' Linux to a disk partition failed.)

By Friday, finding no solutions, I'd decided to do some online research on the ''Best Buy''  ''Geek Squad.''  After not being impressed with their list of services, and after reading all the ''thumbs down'' reviews and their reasonings behind it, I'd decided to look to our local  ''SuperGeeks''  franchise. If I get the work done with them, I'd be looking at around $500 of recovery & repair work! Of course, had we still had ''CompUSA,'' I'd have simply gone there and asked their techs what the problem may have been and if it could be something that could be tackled on my own before deciding if my system required a professional repair job.

I really found the ''timing'' of all of this most curious, given the fact that on Wednesday it had been my intent to reinstall my motorcycle battery and try starting it again, after allowing it to sit idle for a couple of weeks to grant enough time to teach these flea-infested CATS running around here (which are being ''fed'' by some resident here) from jumping all upon my motorcycle seat -- which I now believe to have been the main culprits responsible for ripping my motorcycle cover to shreds! (...I'd decided to express my bitter displeasure with them by rigging a network of vertically positioned ''straight pins'' and strapping them to both my ''rider'' and ''passenger'' seats).

The ''timing'' also concerns me, because I'm worried that this is just a harbinger of more stressful ''tests'' to come, most likely related with my rental and/or re-employment situation. This falls right in line with my recent motorcycle expenses. My suspicion is that all of this in intended to place me back into a financial stress situation and push me back down into ''desperate action'' mode.

October 26, 2010 (Tuesday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time

Uncovered and ''addressed'' four new ant nests in as many days -- these infuriating little bitches wasted no time at all trying to re-establish a foothold inside my living space.

Took advantage of the light rain throughout the day to wash down the apartment windows & outer sill (this was additionally inspired by the fact that I'd had the screens removed since the previous day as part of aiding me in trying to trace what was then the latest ant infestation).

Also since last night I'd spent time continually trying to convince myself that Daytona Beach, Florida should be my next moving destination, and just as every other time I found myself being entirely unimpressed and uneasy with the locale's sickening ugliness, coupled with several news stories & comments about the city's appalling reputation.

So in response, I began refocusing my attention back on West Virginia (again, influenced by the whole ''centrally located'' aspect as well as it's unflat topography), this time turning my attentions toward the city of Huntington, where I'd ironically had a very brief curious ''history'' when I'd departed from the Roanoke/Salem, Virginia area for Lawrence, Kansas for the last time.

Though appearing to be a bit too claustrophobic for my general comfort, via the many various images I was able to scrounge up & peruse through online, I'd found the city to be quite charming overall, so much so that my concerns about the weather and the ongoing sideshow relating to the whole  ''user fee''/''home rule''  taxation fiasco were no longer being considered as legitimate factors. Ultimately, however, with more indepth digging, I was made aware that the ''social'' climate would be torturous for me, as the general ''economic poverty'' of the state appears to have parasitically latched onto its belly a serious ''intellectual poverty,'' both as it relates to their approaches to ''formal education'' and their general world view (proud ''Fox News'' zombies... which should've come as no surprise, based on the 2008 presidential elections, both the Dem primary and the general).

So the search was modified yet again, turning my attentions back to Florida, mainly factoring in the big water and the (assumed) milder weather. Determined to want to stay far away from the northern end of the state (too blamed close to those Dixie ''rednecks'') and from the southern tip (still have no interest living anywhere in or near Miami), and sure as hell wanted to be NOWHERE near ''Mouseville'' (Orlando), so that left very limited options. Besides, my desire was to reside on the ''Atlantic'' coast, but in my desperation to find something even halfway feasible to my needs & desires I finally decided to turn my consideration sights toward ''Tampa'' -- and thus far, to my cautious surprise, I find myself liking what I'm seeing. (more on that later)

Later in the night I'd submitted my ''candidate'' film reviews (which I'd been working on over the past couple of nights) to the film review website, ''Hollywood Bitchslap,'' where I'd selected for my ''positive'' review the ''direct to DVD'' animated feature film,  ''Batman & Superman: Apocalypse'';  and for my ''negative'' review,  ''Paranormal Activity 2.''

November 2, 2010 (Tuesday)
18:00, Hawaii Standard Time

It has now been an entire week of  nothing  but uncovering & eradicating ant colonies hidden virtually all throughout my apartment. The biggest surprises came Wednesday and Sunday when I'd uncovered two separate nests taking up position inside my mini-fridge: one right inside between the door seal & the containment space, and the other where the cooling element connects from the outside into the containment space, respectively. Most of the others extended along the baseboards in various spots, primarily on the main southside wall, but there were various other hidden nooks & crannies where I had to keep baiting them out each & every day this past week in order to uncover, including a tiny hole in the ceiling corner above the apartment door, and another forming beneath & inside the empty space in the ''foot stand'' area of my manual tire pump. I'm still not 100% assured that I've uncovered & responded to absolutely everything, because I'm still finding stray stragglers roaming about on the floor tiles of my shower stall.

Outside errands were yet again postponed today. All week I'd had the excuse of addressing the ''ant problem'' to keep me secluded; this time it was a  ''Wikipedia''  entry. I'm never one who feels (or who wants to feel) inclined to contribute to the Wikipedia, but this was one of those times (only the 2nd time, thank God) where I've felt so compelled. I was influenced by the replaying of a cassette tape I'd recorded in mid- or late-1999 from when comedic relationship guru,  Kevin Hughes,  was doing a radio talk show here on a local station (although by that time he'd already returned to the mainland and was no longer physically in the Islands), and the topic he was discussing was the  Oliver Jovanovic ''cyberfiend'' case  in New York City. Curious to see what information there was on the evil lying psychotic bitch accuser  (Jamie Rzucek)  after all this time, I'd decided to follow a link to  Wikipedia  to see what sort of a write-up was done on it, and was dismayed to find that many of the crucial & important details about the case and the appeals process and the whole media circus surrounding it were practically non-existent and I'd felt that the entry was in serious need of revision & expansion -- even though my initial outrage was spurred by the fact that after an entire decade the name ''Jamie Rzucek,'' Jovanovic's accuser, was still being kept concealed behind a shroud of mystery, and I'd felt that it was way past time to pull it out of the darkness and bring it into the light where it properly belonged (which had actually been my *ONLY* intention at the time for even wanting to bother editing the page at all). Of course, in anticipation of some mouth-frothing pseudofeminist whack job possibly coming up behind me with the intention of distorting the text which was all based on quoted & cited sources, I'd downloaded the HTML ''web archive'' page as soon as it had been completed. As usual, the task took much longer than I'd anticipated, so also as usual, I'd decided to use that as my convenient excuse not to run out and take care of my business.

...And though it's always been a major issue with me (even though, based upon the religious philosophy I've subscribed to, it shouldn't be bothering me at all), with today being ''mid-term'' Election Day, I'm terribly appalled at how quickly & how easily Americans are sold a bill of goods to so willingly want to dive right the fxck back into same old furnace of dirty tricks, lies, irresponsibility and theft which was responsible for severely burning their asses to begin with -- now they are essentially saying that Republicans haven't fxcked them over ENOUGH! ''BOHICA!'' Especially seeing how they're so orgasmically falling all over themselves in support of these extremely bigoted phony-assed  ''Tea Party''  sociopaths & psychopaths... I swear, I'll NEVER be able to understand it! I'd always worried that America was on the fast track to  Fascism  during the G.W. Bush regime... but it seems the ''bend-over & compromise'' president is helping that reality along much faster because he keeps trying to placate these empty-hearted corporatist elitists and their empty-headed zombie followers they jerk around in tow. The only justice would be for them to get exactly what they're giddily setting themselves up for and to let them deal with the brutal realities of predatory Corporatism, and let all these ''racism-before-classism'' morons suffer the full force of the unregulated consequences. -- For fxcking real: ''Stop the Fxcking World; I Want to GET OFF!''

November 4, 2010 (Thursday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time

Finally motivated to leave the apartment, largely to pick up a DVD delivery and pay another 2 months past due telephone/internet bill, and especially to do some degree of grocery shopping as all I'd had left in reserve was (all quite literally) a little over 1&1/2 packages of angel hair pasta, a bottle of maize/olive oil blend, about a cup of sugar, 1/4 of a package of semi-sweet baker's chocolate chips, a squeeze-bottle of mustard (which is no longer likely to ever be used, since those jackasses at ''Safeway'' supermarket keep discontinuing to carry the items I've grown accustomed to: in this case,  ''Morning Star Farms''  soy dogs), an almost full tube of mock wasabi, a half-bottle of  ''Tabasco''  pepper sauce, 1/4 of a bottle of paprika, a small amount of cinnamon, and about 1/2 containers of salt and pepper -- that's it, literally. (And as has been my habit of late, my grocery shopping has not been with much of any real sense of purpose, as I'm still operating on the idea that I'm not all that long for staying here, but I've also displayed a common theme with myself where as my situation with work & savings continue to dip downward my tendency is to remove certain brakes which restrict my spending habits and I'll impulse buy on radical & often expensive crap: in this instance, a couple of bags of costly hazelnuts & pecans, some ''chocolate-covered'' cranberries gimmick, and of course there was my chocolate fix items which I'd stocked up on at the next-door drug store prior to grocery shopping.)

Because of getting such a late start, I'd not had the chance to inquire about getting the computer fixed, nor reinstalled the battery to try restarting the motorcycle again.

I'd also located what I'd thought was the final elusive ant nest hiding away inside my bathroom: there were a couple of the tiniest cracks still open in my shower stall where I'd thought I'd effectively pasted over, and I'd used my entire supply of cement during the last session, so all that could be done was to spray the area down with the last remaining squirts of what was left in the old can of roach killer spray. I'd thought that had finally done the job, and yet, as I'm even now sitting down to log this entry, there's yet another stream of these infuriating miserable little b!tches beating a path between my bathroom and somewhere out here in the main room, where I'm now trying to bait this batch out in another attempt to track down & exterminate their nest.

November 5, 2010 (Friday)
23:25, Hawaii Standard Time

Immediately after posting my previous night's journal entry  (technically, this morning's, having been a quarter-past midnight)  I'd managed to bait & track down what seemed to be the ''final'' nesting site of these cursed little six-legged intruders... and yet again that place turned out to be inside one of my DVD holding cases (they really seem to particularly like invading my Asian titles, especially the  ''imports,''  for some odd reason) -- fortunately this time it seems only a single title was so affected. Even so, I'd decided to leave bait sugar & cookie crumbs out overnight for final assurance, and no other ants were seen until later in the afternoon when a couple were spotted around the main window; the subsequent baiting & trailing procedure determined that they were most likely from another colony coming in from the outside, quite possibly even from my next door neighbors on the north side. My satisfaction with the lack of any further detection was followed up with spraying of a chemical barrier around the windows & doors in hopes of repelling any further infestations.

The most curious aspect about this whole ant war was the fact that I've had virtually no further encounters with  cockroaches,  which prior to all of this madness, had been my biggest source of headaches. So now that the ''ant'' thing has subsided, there's almost no question in my mind that the roaches will be making their return engagement.

Upon visiting ''msnbc tv's'' website I'd learned of  Keith Olbermann's  suspension over some campaign donations he'd made during this mid-term election period -- as if to add insult to injury when he'd announced earlier that he was discontinuing his  ''Worst Persons''  segment (one of the main highlights of his program). But over at their rival, ''Fox News,'' however... (need we say more?).

''Almost''  finally have all of my personal files from ''Macintosh'' burned to CD-R discs -- ''almost,'' because I've still about 9 GB of data to save, but I'm down to only 4 ''700 MB'' blank media discs. If this  ''G4 iMac''  had come with a DVD burner it would not have been such a major problem. In the interim, because I'd like to get started reinstalling a fresh OS on the machine (if for no other reason, to see if it will correct my optical drive from acting like a spoiled brat), I've transferred the last three remaining folders via  ''crossover cable''  over to the rescued  ''G3 iMac''  (which I'm hoping, when all is said & done, to keep around as a possible  ''Linux''  machine, as it's been stated that there are several distros-- including/particularly  ''Ubuntu''  --which can run on this iMac structure platform; it'd be interesting to see how or even if it would actually work, even though I've been gaining more comfortable familiarity with the  ''Mandriva''  system through my regularly working with its  ''LiveCD''  preview/trial software).

November 7, 2010 (Sunday)
22:45, Hawaii Standard Time

Two days later and still plugging up the tiniest of access gaps in my shower stall tiles where this last colony of ghost ants have taken refuge. Since it became apparent that exterminating them via spraying would be entirely ineffective, I'd given thought as to how best to plug over those micro-areas where they'd been squeezing in-&-out of since there wasn't anything available that could be effectively used after I'd exhausted my entire tube of cement resin. A solution was found in the form of ''white-out'' correction fluid. I'd sprayed those that were trapped outside within the shower stall after each application & bait re-setting, but still occasionally would find an occasional straggler roaming about -- I'd even found a couple of hangers-on in previously cleared out areas: namely, inside the dorm fridge and my latest infested DVD case. Because of these ''curve balls,'' my response was to do some reapplication spraying of select areas where the infestations were most prominent, as well as re-establish a chemical barrier around main access points into the apartment.

While trying to document my efforts on camera, I'd discovered that the AC connection between my shortwave radio and assigned power adapter has become inoperative. I'm not certain, and cannot presently determine, if the problem is with the radio or the adapter -- I'd need to have a way to effectively test each.

Since I'd already had my camera hooked up for documentation purposes, I'd decided to use that as an opportunity to do a rundown of my entire DVD library for a potential future video upload project.

November 13, 2010 (Saturday)
23:25, Hawaii Standard Time

Just completed burning most of my early history of bills receipts, credit card statements, etc., which I'd been doing over the past several days. Most of the items were mainly from around the time when I'd gotten myself ''connected'' (telephone & later internet), so the bulk of the collection dated roughly from the year 2K or so, though several items went as far back as around 1996 or 1998, roughly around the times I'd purchased & carried around my first ''pocket pagers.'' There were even some receipts I'd still had since Galveston. (I've still decided to retain all of my check statements from places I'd worked from every job I'd ever held since returning to Kansas from Dallas, Texas, when I'd decided to return after a month of separation from my wife in hopes of reconciling the relationship.)

I'm amazed that after a couple of days/nights of doing this that all the smell of smoke had not aroused much curiosity or inquiry (...even though I'd chosen to burn all of the items as ''individually'' as possible, primarily to keep the smoke levels to the barest possible minimum, it was still heavy and noticeable enough that it should've raised at least some questions or caught someone's active attention). All of the burning was accomplished inside the shower stall.

The earlier parts of the week were more or less uneventful, as has been typical. In doing the sorting out of which old papers are worthy of destruction (since I'll always be paranoid about simply ''throwing out'' such sensitive stuff) I'd noticed for the first time in my most recent bank statement that my savings pool has now officially dipped to below the ''5-figure'' mark, so there's new incentive now for me to try to get myself back into the workforce to replenish my savings reserves as I'll continue preparing for this next major physical transition back across the Pacific. I'd also found among the clutter a still-open ''invitation'' application for a new  ''MasterCard''  (to which I'd said, ''finally,'' since I'd decided never to use  ''VISA''  again when they'd decided to adopt that hideously ugly logo change), which I'd went online to apply for earlier today -- even though it may not be approved because of having been out of work for so long.

Between other nonsense I've been engaging in more battles with this  ''Mandriva'' Linux  ''LiveCD'' thingamajig -- periodically, during its many crash-cycles (almost always associated with a snag in the  Mozilla ''Firefox''   web browser which came pre-compiled), switching out with  ''PCLinuxOS''  (which I'd later learn was based on ''Mandriva'') which has a nice look & feel to it but is reported to be having some ''issues'' (mainly with its ''development'' team).

I'd also done a bit of research on ''ghost ants'' and not only learned that this is indeed what they are called and are what have been driving me batshxt crazy these past couple of weeks, but I'd also learned that what had seemed to be the case from what I'd observed about them-- namely, that their colonies do regularly consist of  more than one  fertile female --is indeed true. What I'd also learned about them was that they're just as prevalent in the state of Florida as much as they are here in Hawaii, so that if I'd ever found myself having to deal with them there I'd have sworn that I'd inadvertently transported them over the ocean with me -- so in a sense, knowing this information is ''good bad-news'' and ''bad good-news'' all the same.

November 26 - 28, 2010 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Driven primarily by desperation on all fronts, I'd ventured out of the apartment Friday morning to pick up my latest DVD delivery, to do some grocery shopping (barely purchasing any real tangible food, as a huge bulk of the items purchased were ''sauces'') and to pay bills (but only managing the telephone/internet bill), while ''finally'' depositing my 2009 tax refund checks along the way.

On the way back from grocery shopping I'd stopped briefly at a the next company I'd been interested in since parting ways with the last outfit to ask about when it'd be best to stop in to fill out a job application with them, then proceeding to cut through the ''Cultural Plaza'' where I'd last worked in hopes of talking story awhile with Pablo, the maintenance supervisor, but was unable to spot him.

I then bicycled up to the ''Super Geeks'' satellite location on School Street & explained my problem with the  ''Windows''  PC and was told that most likely the complete hard drive may need to be replaced, though there may be some slight hope that it all may very well be just a ''software'' problem (which, even so, after having given it a considerable amount of though over the weekend, made me give serious thought to the idea of just switching the drive out altogether and, if at all possible, just ''cloning'' the data from the current drive onto a newer, larger one anyway). In any event, my biggest concern is the recovery of all of my ''personal files'' & designated subfolders which, fortunately (assuming they've not been at all 'corrupted' in any way), are housed in only ONE main folder I'd created specifically for that very purpose -- so if that can be recovered, the only thing I'd need worry about is the hassle of resetting all of my personal settings & preferences and hoping memory serves me right in how I'd gotten certain functionality from particular programs.

Running a bit pressed for time I'd decided to hold off on attempting a restart of my motorcycle until the next morning, when I'd already planned to take it into the shop (starting or non-) to at least get the ''safety inspection'' knocked out before the end-of-the-month deadline for renewing my vehicle registration (...how pathetic is that when I've got to renew registration for something I'd not ridden for nearly an entire year?).

Later that night, while coming downstairs to take out another bag of rubbish, I'd heard the sound of cats down around where my motorcycle stays parked. Pissed, I'd chased them off, actually intent on hurting them as much as possible, but never quite managing. Upon inspection of the area I'd found where one of the residents was still pouring out cat food for these little perpetually breeding little monsters, this time pouring it  right underneath my motorcycle... as if it were not bad enough that these beasts were primarily (if not exclusively) responsible for the motorcycle cover being ripped to tattered shreds! Having declared I'd finally had more than enough of this B.S. & that it had reached the ''infuriatingly unbearable'' breaking point, I'd enlisted the aid of the security officer on duty, showed him the situation, and asked him to pass along my request to the resident manager to have ''Big Brother'' work on my behalf for a change by reviewing the recorded camera footage to spot-out whom exactly was responsible for all this feral kitten breeding madness; because it's been quite evident that it has always been the SAME person engaging in this!

Rather than getting an early start the next morning (Saturday), as I'd initially planned, my testing of the motorcycle battery & restart attempts did not take place until later in the afternoon. After the failure yet again to restart the cycle before draining the battery, I'd moved with greater urgency to get the thing into the shop, because my biggest concern was getting the ''safety inspection'' done before ''Monday,'' since the shop closes on Sundays & Mondays, and I'd wanted to make sure I'd had an up-to-date inspection slip to take to the vehicle registration office. When the intake worker didn't seem to understand my insistence on wanting the safety check done ASAP so as to avoid a penalty from the City & County on Monday, he eased my mind by correcting me, informing me that the ''deadline'' date was ''Tuesday,'' and not ''Monday,'' as I'd mistakenly believed.

Somewhere around 20:00 or so (I hadn't really been paying very close attention) I'd decided to step back outside to monitor the situation with the cats and to try to see who was responsible for putting food out for them, confident that whoever was doing that would still go back to where my cycle stays parked, even though the shop decided to keep it over the weekend. Sure enough, the kittens were all about the designated area, and I'd commenced to chasing them and swatting them out with the broom that's kept in the area. It was only a few short minutes later that an older Asian woman came onto property, saw me standing around in the vicinity with the broom & a dirty look on my face, then she seemingly like an afterthought plopped down onto the open bench. As I'd slowly crept toward the main courtyard area, I'd watched her as she (in ''busted for illegal drug possession'' fashion) ditched a clear plastic baggie filled with cat food behind her into the bushes. Wanting actual confirmation, I'd decided to check out what she'd actually tossed back there, but even as I'd approached the cats were already swarmed around it getting into it. That's when I'd called for the security guard the second time in as many nights, informed him of what had just happened, showed him the evidence, and pointed out the woman who'd just done this thing.

As he'd explained to me afterwards, security personnel had been given instruction by the resident manager to issue only a ''verbal'' warning prior to any other follow-up actions being taken. (I'm hoping it'll have some affect this time, seeing how a posting on the bulletin board instructing residents not to feed the cats went completely unheeded!) He'd also settled my nerves by informing me that mine was not the only voice of complaint regarding these cats, but that several others have likewise been expressing their problems with them (...but of course, no one else has had to deal with actual ''property damage'' from these smelly fur-shedding monsters''). After coming back inside I'd proceeded to shuffle through my loose & obsolete CD back-up discs to render those unusable or to place them on ''temporary hold'' in anticipation of what can be figured out to be the problem regarding this PC. During this time, I'd discovered that I'd already burned a  ''Mandriva Linux''  ISO disc of its ''2009'' edition -- so all this time I've been stuck using a half-assed ''2008'' edition LiveCD when the newer OS may have actually worked better. Now I'm afraid to test run it, because after my  ''PCLOS/KDE''  session fried itself out I'd rebooted ''Mandriva 2008''  before  I'd made this discovery -- and unlike other sessions, I'd really gone ''all-out'' setting up user preferences & such for this my (anticipated) ''final'' Linux session before sending her in to get serviced. Maybe I'll burn & play around a bit with the ''2010'' edition when everything is made whole on the machine again.

Sunday was another ''indoor'' day for me; nothing much doing. Remarkably (and most ''curiously''), it was Last Night and Today-- after an ENTIRE YEAR of almost no problems at all --that my  face  began flaring up, burning, cracking & peeling again uncontrollably! So now I'm stuck between trying to determine if it's as a result of having overloaded myself on sweets the past couple of days? ...or if I've perhaps developed an allergy to sunlight? ...or (as I'm more inclined to believe, especially in light of how everything else has been hitting me all at once) it's because I'm taking steps & making efforts to get myself back out into the workforce and all of this $#!T just keeps falling onto my D!CK because  ''SOME-body''  simply hates my guts & is attempting to hinder any sort of ''positive'' progress or ''improvement'' on my part! Because this shxt just ain't ''normal'' like that!

And as if on cue, a new  ''ghost ant''  queen-bitch exposed herself Sunday afternoon as plotting to set her ass up somewhere inside my apartment, whom I'd taken care of quite rapidly. (I'm assuming she ''flew'' in through the window or the main door, as she was still ''winged'' and I'd just earlier in the day sprayed a chemical barrier along all entry points from outside.) Also, as evidence of attempting to re-stake a claim inside my dwelling quarters, I'd killed the second brat-sized cockroach in the past two nights, along with one other earlier during the week.

November 30, 2010 (Tuesday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time

Wasted all day yesterday, expecting to hear something from the motorcycle shop only to come to the realization that I'd forgotten that they're closed on Mondays, which was partly why I'd never gone out to fill out my job application. Instead, I'd spent much of that time rifling through ''Amazon.com,'' enticed into wanting to purchase a costly (for me) timepiece of some sort, which began as an impulse (sparked by a news article featured on the ''MyYahoo!'' homepage) Sunday night.

I found myself especially (and primarily) interested in wristwatches by  ''Invicta''... but I'd begun having very halting suspicions as to how watches with ''list prices'' of $400-500 could sell so ''cheaply'' even before the Amazon ''Cyber-Monday'' additional discounts! So I'd conducted some research, and despite how I'd fallen head over heels in love with several models, because they do admittedly produce some of the nicest looking timepieces I've ever seen, the bad news was simply inescapable: terrible customer service history, quality control issues, and revelations of drastically over-inflated MSRPs. So despite all the undeniable ''Eye Candy,'' I'd chosen to opt out.

But the ''impulse buyer'' in me was still determined to purchase a ''quality'' and ''stylish'' watch, so my search continued well into this morning. There were a couple of  ''Colibri''  pocket watches I'd been seriously eyeing (one of which I'd still not mind having), but ultimately I'd settled on a  ''Casio''  quartz-movement analog with chronograph. I'd hoped to find it with a deeper discount (it had only been marked down to $72 from $91 -- which was a large part of the reason why I'd decided to check into why  ''Invicta''  were being so heavily discounted), but I'd liked the watch enough that I'd ordered it anyway: besides, I'd already been all set to spend upwards of $120 for a supposedly $450  ''Invicta.''

Having not heard anything from the motorcycle mechanics by past noon, I'd decided to pedal over to check on the progress of my safety check, as my concern was still primarily about getting my registration done before today's deadline. During this time it was discovered that all of the paperwork I'd given over to them as part of the requirements to conduct the check had all been from two years prior and were not the ''current'' documents. Even so, they told me that since the ''current'' safety inspection document (which ''expires'' November 2010) was still considered ''current'' in the eyes of the DMV that there shouldn't be any problem getting the registration done, so I'd returned to the apartment, found my current docs socked away among last year's tax return materials, then got my registration taken care of. As for the motorcycle itself, however, they'll need to keep it for at least a few days, because they believe that the ''fuel pump'' has given out.

I rode out again, determined to buy a bag of jasmine rice from overpriced  ''Foodland''  supermarket (the one on  Beretania Street) because they were selling for too much at the  ''Safeway,''  when I'd went shopping last. On my way I'd inadvertently overshot my turn-off, but it seems as if it may have been a  subconscious  thing, because it brought me directly in path of the  ''SuperGeeks''  main headquarters on  King Street. I'd explained my problem again, mentioned that I've been considering the ''clone-&-switch'' option if it can be done, and asked about the possibility of ''saving'' the replaced hard drive & (if it's still operational) using it as a ''back-up'' storage unit for the  ''Mac.'' I've decided I'll bring it in tomorrow.


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