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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

My whole plan to send ''care packages'' like those I've routinely sent to my mother to my sister in Missouri and my Dad in NJ seems to have ''backfired'' on me somewhat: in my sister's case I did not want to load up too heavily on the 'confections due to her issues with her weight, and after calling my father a few times over the past couple of months I've since learned that his physician had advised him to cut back considerably on sweets, so all of the boxed candies and baked goods I'd intended to send off to the both of them has left me with a roomfloor piled with all this stuff, so about the only thing ''safe'' I can think o sending them is a calendar and perhaps some Chinese tea.

I've been occasionally drinking soda again, in some instances, despite the ''deposit'' issue, but since I'd began drinking a few beers every now & a while and not tossing the bottles I'd decided to let things stack for a while then run it all out to a recycling station, which will be made much easier now that I'd accidentally discovered one a mere hike across the ''Nu'uanu Stream'' bridge several weeks ago.

And for what is perhaps the biggest shock of my existence since I've been in these Islands, just this past Sunday (November 30) I'd actually gone out on an actual bona fide ''Date'' with a young lady I'd started a conversation with via ''Craig's List''... (I had responded to her bitter message of frustration, as many had done with my own, but this conversation actually managed to stay and grow to the point where we'd actually agreed to get together for a ''movie date'' -- ''The Dark Knight'' -- at the ''second chance'' theater at ''Restaurant Row'' right before going into work for the night.) She kept trying to convince me she was ''short and fat'' before I'd actually met her in person (the photographs I'd seen of her on her ''MySpace'' page, which I never confessed to having actually seen before she'd even sent her first email-attached pic, did not appear to be so described all that much). She also mentioned in an earlier email about the ''tattoos'' (which I had also seen on her page), but I only learned that she smoked after we had actually met. And of course, the great ''BIG'' that stands in the way of everything even more so than all the other aforementioned stuff is the severe gap between our ages (she claims to be 20, her social networking page says 22, and even though I lied by saying I was 34 that's still a pretty sizable chasm. Even so, as a ''side effect'' of having begun this rapport with her (''Jessica''; Caucasian) I've been totally disregarding my ''Pussy Licking'' requests 'personal ads' since that time up 'til present. (Conversations with ''Rea'', the HSV-II woman I had been in discussions with a couple of weeks ago, have seemingly been discontinued by herself.)

December 5, 2008 (Friday)
16:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

Ran around some right after work to do a bit more grocery shopping, then off to ''KMart'' to buy a couple new pairs of shoes (mainly for work, since the  ''Athletechs''  I had purchased some time ago were obviously designed to deteriorate instantaneously), then out to the distribution center of ''UPS'' to pick up the new ''computer speakers'' (5.1) I'd ordered from ''Amazon.com'' -- when they claimed that they could not deliver to the post office box I'd simply entered my P.O. Box number  first  then called the center when I'd learned it had arrived at their facility (I actually did not discover they shipped the package via UPS until I'd received a confirmation of shipping email from them and I'd checked my account/tracking information on Amazon's site).

All of the  ''Dragnet''  radio episodes I've listened through & decided to keep have been downloaded & switched so that they are cross-compatible, and all that remains is some specialized ''ID tagging'' and volume presetting, then I can finally turn my focus back to saving everthing to CD-R so I can begin (all over again) the process of doing a complete  ''Scrub & Reinstall''  of all of my systems, esp. the ''WinPC'', since I want to start using some of these new ''toys'' and eventually start the process of installing a ''Linux'' environment.

December 9, 2008 (Tuesday)
19:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally made myself deposit all of my paychecks which have been gathering ever since I started with the new company back in early July (the 6 month ''void date'' window primarily contributed to that) along with my state & federal income tax return checks and that B.S. ''stimulus'' check, then did a minor bit of grocery shopping, then spent about an hour cleaning out the refrigerator once I'd returned. My reward for attempting to get myself reorganized? ...headache.

December 11, 2008 (Thursday)
18:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

I almost got into a fistfight right after work with the highly obnoxious homeless man everyone refers to as  ''Banzai''  (because occasionally during his ''crazy man'' act he'll leap into Nu'uanu Stream'' from the Beretania Street bridge) because I've grown infuriatingly tired of having him shouting out his invectives of  ''faggot''  at me, which have been an ongoing thing-- almost on a daily basis --practically from the very beginning of my starting work with this company. He doesn't much like the idea that I take my job as seriously as I do and that I won't yield to his ideas of how to best execute my job, etc., so he takes advantage of my obvious sensitivity to his outbursts in what is apparently a very blatant attempt to get me to go all ''Tasmanian Devil'' on his loudmouthed ass (he hollers at & harasses people damn near all the time, especially at night) so he can use that as an excuse to either have me arrested for assault or fired from my job or both (he deliberately taunts me, gets loud right up in my face, even presses himself up against me, but never actually touches me in any sort of a ''violent'' or ''assaulting'' way, undoubtedly waiting on me to throw the first punch or shove so he can have something to go to somebody with -- this is clearly his ploy because he has already admitted to several persons I work with that it is his desire to have me removed from my workplace). I figured I needed to get away from him and let it slide off like teflon, because I truly had every disadvantage going in: I went over and confronted him when I could have just kept going, so the greater fault would've been my own; I was still fully dressed in company clothes, so that would've caused ''issues'' to arise with the company I work for, and likely would have led to some sort of ''disciplinary action''; and had I actually kicked him in the mouth, as I was extremely close to doing when he refused to stop straddling the front tire of my bicycle as I was trying to brush him off and continue back to the apartment, I would've had to have dealt with police on the ''receiving'' end for a change -- so ultimately, none of what transpired was really worth all the hassle & anger & stress.

Other than that strain of madness, the entire day was pleasantly dark and mostly rainy.

I'd also found (and I cannot even recall how) a new website for  Jim Hightower,  whose link was killed a few years back, where he is apparently still doing his little two-minute radio commentaries and keeping an archive of them on this newest website, so I've been reviewing a few of them (I'd decided that ''late-2006'' was far-enough back to go for material).

December 12 - 19, 2008 (Friday-Friday)
''Week in Review''

Too tired & sore & lazy to keep making updates: enough has happened that I've begun losing track somewhat.

Generally speaking, my ''dating'' attempts keep going nowhere; still the victim of non-explanation drop-offs, including the one I did manage to meet and keep in contact with... until she mentioned that she has an infant son in intensive care, and even though I did not give any indication that I'd considered it a problem she suddenly broke off contact. On top of it all, I have been finding one of my posted personal ads shamelessly  plagiarized  (for the second time... at least) by someone trying to steal my creative thunder -- of course, if they've been having the same ''rate of success'' with it as I have, then it really won't matter all that much except that it makes me very bitter & angry that NOBODY cares enough to address or correct the blatant violation (not the so-called ''flagging community,'' not the service's ''abuse reporting'' staff, not even a direct email response to the thief to cease and desist). My next trick now is to do something I've been avoiding doing all this time -- tell the biggest lie I hope I can get away with: I'm going to try  insinuating  that I'm a confused  homosexual  (without coming right out and stating so emphatically) who is wanting to try delving into ''heterosexual'' contact, hoping to attract a woman with ''conversion'' tendencies, which I'm also hoping will be a sufficient trick to cause a woman here to overlook my inability to ''measure up'' to the standards they set for men here.

Somebody had left a couple of rabbits at my workplace Sunday night; the maintenance supervisor, when informed of them, decided to claim them for his granddaughter, so I canceled out a pick-up call to the Humane Society.

Went in to have my eyes examined Wednesday morning...  late,  because of not having reset my alarm clock properly, yet by the time I had gotten myself seated my name was called, so no biggie. I decided to take the night off from work not just because I would've really appreciated the time off, but I could not enjoy said time off anyway because I was sore & achy from the dilation & manipulation. I'm scheduled for a surgical laser procedure next month to correct the clouding/hazing & severe glare problem in the ''sick'' eye.

I'm finally getting around to backing up my personal files (again). My screen themes & system snapshots are all saved (for the nine-thousandth time), my next step is to resave all of my radio drama soundfiles now that they've all been rechecked and the appropriate ones ''corrected.''

December 26 - 28, 2008 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Of course, the big news was in regard to Friday night's islandwide power outage, which no doubt made national headlines only because President-Elect Obama and his family were here on vacation (renting a multi-million-dollar beachfront house in Kailua). According to reports it seemed to affect different parts of the Island at different times -- unless most of the persons reporting were really not paying such strict attention as to when things were happening, which is probably the more likely reason. Power went out (in my neighborhood) right around 18:50.

I was very concerned about what ''challenges'' I might have had to face at my worksite during the blackout period, but I soon realized that a huge part of the reason for our (humans') insidious nature is due to the fact that we have learned to create & harness  ''artificial light'' ... because, Kid, there was entirely  NOTHING! going on that should not have been going on -- it seemed as though everybody took that as their cue to nod their heads and go directly to sleep! I didn't have to deal with shXt, didn't see shXt, didn't hear shXt! -- the entire seedy neighborhood was for most intents and purposes clear and quiet and uneventful! Only about three very determined transsexual freaks decided to hawk their wares along Kukui Street, and they came very much ''late'' in the game, and a few even more determined miserable souls looking to get ''serviced'' by one of these aberrations were actually out on the prowl: other than that, the streets were clear & empty of everybody else except for those few at the bus stops who were  genuinely  waiting on a bus to arrive. If it were left entirely in my hands, we'd have ''blackouts'' every dog-blamed night!

When power was restored in my workplace area at 04:15 that was when I found myself dealing with the ''reality'' of my job location again and what made me even more determined to demand a transfer out of that place.

When I returned to work Saturday I was treated to a comforting bit of  Schadenfreude  when it was revealed to me that my ''good friend''  ''Banzai''  had been struck by a car a few hours earlier... no word on whether or not he was ''treated'' and/or hospitalized. Now I know it's the  ''Un-Christian''  way of thinking, but whatever takes him out of my way is, from my perspective, a very ''good'' thing.

Spent much of my free time this weekend going through many of  George Carlin's  old televised routines that I could find posted on YouTube and recording the audio of some of his more ''socially conscious'' materials.

January 6, 2009 (Tuesday)
17:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

Upset that I have to go into work today because the ophthalmologist who had performed my post-cataract corrective laser surgery yesterday morning to clear up my foggy/hazy vision (crinkled membrane) jumped the gun and gave me only a single day's worth of recupe time before I could try to negotiate for an extra day or two (my scheduler more or less imposed upon me to use this as a ''make-up'' day switch with one of my co-workers because of my having waited until Sunday morning before I asked to be taken off schedule until the restart of my next regular work schedule).

I was also concerned about a subdermal bump I'd accidentally discovered in the back of my neck at the base of my skull after having concluded a conversation with my sister in Missouri but which seems to have faded somewhat since, so I'm not going to necessarily freak out about it at this time.

Tried restoring some order to the apartment this morning, and seeing just how far behind I've been falling ever since accepting this job, as well as dealing with the hassles of how the scheduling system operates, not to mention how everything at and related to my assigned work location is driving me closer to the edge of wanting to hurt something or somebody (especially since that homeless loudmouth asswipe wasn't hospitalized), I've determined that it is about high time that I ask both for that transfer and cutback in the amount of my workdays.

February 21, 2008 (Saturday)
17:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

After about three weeks of photo-editing of my massive collection of computer ''screensaver'' images, which also led directly to yet another (final, I hope this time) reshuffling of computer desktop ''themes'', along with trying to figure my way out of the headache of transferring the audio files I'd recorded in  ''Windows''  over to the  ''Macintosh'',  I'd determined that I was not making the level of progress I'd desired with the time restraints I'm limited to from having to work a 5-day week, so I decided to take the old 20 GB  ''iMac-DV'',  to work with me last night. After spending all that day getting the remaining files in order and transfered either to CD-R from the Win-PC or via  ''AppleTalk'',  between the iMacs (a project I'd honestly thought would take no more than a couple of hours max) the time I was actually able to spend working on any of it at the job site was less than productive. Somehow, I just shooda knew....

After work I decided to ride out to Kaimuki side to pay a visit to my favorite  panya  (''bakery''), ''Kimuraya'' -- only to discover that it and her next door neighbor, ''Suzuki Restaurant'', had since become victims of the  ''Starland Touch-of-Death'' curse,  where any product or establishment I personally ''favorite'' eventually gets rubbed out of the equation of continued existence. Immediately following that sad disappointment I spent a little time in the area to take a quick stroll of my old employment stomping grounds, the ''Kapiolani Community College'' campus, before deciding to head back to Town.


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