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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

Throughout the past quarter I have found myself becoming semi-literally addicted to the video website, ‘’YouTube’’ -- so that many other things (such as my file transfers over to the ''PC'' from the ''Mac'') have taken yet another back seat. I have been watching a lot of selected animated series that get posted, becoming something of a fan of the ''Justice League'' and other ''DC superhero'' franchises, as well as a few ''Nihon no Anime'', plus a few sci-fi television series, particularly ''Smallville'' and ''Star Trek: Enterprise'' Numerous movies, of course, capture my attention -- I watched Al Gore's ''An Inconvenient Truth'' a couple of times before it got deleted for ''copyright infringement (more on that subject later....), plus (just very recently) I FINALLY got to see (for only the second time since it first came out in the 1980s) ''Night of the Creeps'' (which I would have bought a long time ago, except to this very day it has not been offered in DVD). I've also recently been rifling through several BBC and PBS series-- such as the ''Space'' series and ''The World At War'' --hoping to get through them all before they end up getting ''deleted'' for ''term violations'' (again, more on that later....). And I really enjoy watching the Maury Povich ''paternity tests'' (even though these shows always highlight either sorry-ass uneducated white trailer trash or ignorant uncultured buffoonish black ghetto trash -- both groups ill-behaved and obnoxious!) Getting back to YouTube's ''copyright infringement'' nonsense, the major studios jackasses who keep putting pressure on YouTube to remove any and all ''copyrighted materials'' from their website have absolutely no idea how much of a boon such an outlet for their ''video properties'' really is for them: It was because of my having seen entire movies/series posted on YouTube by someone generous that influenced my most recent DVD purchases -- including a couple of ''Justice League'' animated movies, ''Silent Hill'' (which everyone trashes, but where I found something worthwhile), and the complete ''Elfen Lied'' series (...I had also very recently learned that the ''syoujyo'' anime, ''Peach Girl,'' is finally being produced for the American DVD market -- a series I first became aware of on YouTube, and which I have just included as one of my ''pre-order'' titles)! All-in-all, I have purchased/preordered a total of seven separate titles, am contemplating a possible eighth, and am awaiting the availability of at least one more (possibly two) anime series -- all because I saw them all first on the ''YouTube''!

Recently, I have also been trying to connect with people (okay... with women...) via ‘’Craig’s List’’ -- and as usual, without much success.

And finally, my 'legs & butt' shaving adventure did not last much further than 3 weeks... I could no longer bear the itching and the giant cyst-like ingrown hair bump on the seat of my arse -- the latter of which is still plaguing me, and I am soon to the point of digging into it.

February 26 - March 2, 2007 (Monday-Friday)
''Week in Review''

It's been a week now since having undergone the knife for my cataract surgery: I was amazed at how well it took. It will be quite some time before my eyes have adjusted to ''work together'' well enough so that there is not so much strain -- it's very distracting to have one eye functioning at ''20/40'' while the other is still stuck in (worse than) ''20/300'' mode. Popping the lens out of the operated-on side of my eyeglasses helps some, but the distortions are really annoying. I've been mostly resting and trying not to exert myself too much, apart from still trying to chase out these dambed invading cockroaches and ants, despite having spit-shined this apartment like a  'white tornado'....

March 3-4, 2007 (Saturday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Finally came to understand why my eyes are so out of whack since the surgery... it's because they  really are  ''out of whack''! -- where for the first time ever in my life I am ''far-sighted'' (in the operated-on eye), while my other eye is functioning at its usual myopic capacity.

March 6, 2007 (Tuesday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

Went to my post-surgery follow-up appointment this afternoon and was told all was going well, but it'll be some time before we explore my options for getting both eyes back in sync.

Afterward, I rode out to the ''Long's Drugs'' stores at both their ''King Street'' and ''Vineyard/Pali'' locations to return two bags of stale  ''ajikurabe''  rice crackers to one and to exchange an unbroken sealed can of mixed nuts at the other.

March 17, 2007 (Saturday)
23:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

Spent a considerable amount of time since late last night attempting to configure my web browsers in  ''Mac OSX''  so I could decide on whether or not I could perhaps ''redeem''  ''Firefox''  as my primary browser -- since I grow increasingly frustrated that ''Fox'' is designed in such a way as to not allow the URL ''address autocomplete'' function to be deactivated. I would have gone with  ''Camino''  in a split second, but even after inquiring about the possible inclusion of certain convenient functions forever offered in the all the other web browsers ever developed for ''Mac OS'' (''9'' and ''X'') for future releases-- namely, that they include a URL ''Go'' button on the browser window as well as a ''mouse-only'' activated drop-down ''control'' menu --they insisted that not only would they not ever include such functions, but that they were also discontinuing support for  ''Jaguar'' (''Mac OSX 10.2)! So after doing a few searches to see if any of the annoying features could be corrected to my liking, I applied several suggestions made which walked us through the ''configuration'' menu and tried entering & changing a number of ''boolean'' commands. Out of all of them, only  ''Netscape''  performed fully to my specifications... BUT... ''Netscape'' being true to what I've always referred to it as--  ''Netscrape'' --it still wants to cop major attitude by not functioning properly or totally just screwing up. So after all the feeble attempts to work with something that won't frustrate me to the point of banging my fist into the computer screen, I finally gave up and decided that the mere inconveniences I have to put up with in  ''Firefox''  trumps the headaches I'd have to endure in all the others.

March 19, 2007 (Monday)
18:40, Hawaii Standard Time.

I did something last night and early this morning that I almost cannot believe I actually went and did, but I was driven to download, install & give the  ''Opera''  web browser another chance. I am pleased to announce that they have made significant improvements over what I had been initially been conditioned to expect! I still dislike the fact that it continues to lack any mouse click-hold drop-down menu functionality in ''Mac'' (which is likewise  ''Camino's''  major problem), but ''Opera'' offsets this somewhat by including the option to add a URL address bar ''GO'' button! I also don't like how it (mis)renders certain ''fonts,'' and it also has a frequent enough habit of hindering or completely disallowing access to certain of my ''password protected'' member sites (worse even than  ''Netscrape''  for ''Mac OSX''). Aside from all that, I have since been using the browser in ''OSX'' almost exclusively since its installation. I was impressed enough with it that I took the leap and included it as the fifth browser program on my ''Windows'' PC (and since EVERYTHING works better in ''Windows'' anyway, I don't expect the same problems being experienced in ''Mac'' -- thought there's a first time for everything, I suppose).

Got myself out of the apartment to resubmit an ''income verification'' form (a week later) to my ''employer'' in an attempt to have the recalculated increase in my rental payments renegotiated, since I've been losing working hours by the truckload recently, especially in connection with my surgical procedure. I then did some jotting about to pay another part of my medical expenses and my phone bill, plus do a little grocery shopping. I let my PC ''defrag'' my hard drive while I was out and about.

Also before having headed out, I revisited (for the first time since I cannot even remember when anymore) the Yahoo! Group  ''FreeCycle''  and offered up the 26'' men's bicycle which was doing little more than just sitting locked up and getting weathered to death. The woman's husband came by to claim it early this evening -- I was thinking that it would make a good ''spare parts'' bike, but he suggested that she may have the idea of using it to ride work. I just hope someone will get some good use out of it.

March 30, 2007 (Friday)
22:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

For the past two weeks it's been nothing but attention to the computers -- most of the first week devoted to updating & configuring web browsers on both ''Macs'' and updating the system software on the ''G3'' Mac (something I thought I had done a long time ago, but apparently hadn't), and the second week trying to finish editing sound files and cleaning up my file folders and what-not.

My  ''Craig's List''  experience began to take a bizarre turn when, out of frustration, I posted a somewhat snarky and accusatory personal ad which took the female posters to task for their over-emphasis on the particular ''demands'' they make that do little more than to disqualify men even before anybody's been given a chance to say so much as ''uhhh....'' You'd think they'd be concerned about important things like wanting to make sure the guys don't have criminal records or that they don't gamble their entire paychecks or aren't married or some such issues... but ''Noooo-ho-ho...'', their primary ''interests'' are overwhelmingly in how ''tall'' a guy is and how ''white'' he is; little else. And so... I  vented.  But what I was expecting to be the catalyst for angry emails (which one finally did arrive sometime early this evening), actually resulted in a couple of slightly older gals contacting me and wanting to initiate a conversation -- which actually threw me. They both understood the frustration I was feeling and admitted that they also were able to discern the ''humor'' in the midst of it all (I had repeated my race/ethnicity, height, weight and age-- those ''ever important things'' --a total of four separate times throughout). They even sent pictures of themselves -- something I really hadn't expected (I had made the statement that I would not reply unless they first included a picture, merely as an accusatory way of pointing out that this was another of those nasty remarks the girls placing ads are notorious for). So far the conversations with these two ladies have been continuing for the past few days and seem to be warming up to a friendly level, but now I'm playing around with the idea of placing several other posts online running the gamut of ''specific characteristics'' that these girls put us men through, and to see if they enjoy the game when the ''boys'' play by the same rules (...I really think I'm going to do that).

Anyway, got my follow-up post-surgery eye exam and everything is said to be going along well... now we've got to look into getting the vision in both eyes ''matched.'' Afterwards, I went to the office and submitted a ''return to regular duties'' release slip so they can begin putting me back on schedule (I'm too concerned about my visual health right now to drop these turkeys like I'd really want to), then from there I dropped by Michael's (my former co-worker at KCC who had been transferred to the Zoo) to pass on the CD I made for him containing the video clips of how we got suckered into going to war with Iraq, plus a video clip of why Bill O'Reilly is the biggest scumbag in the world.

I also received a call from a ''Mrs. Kim'' who claimed to be Sang-Yeon's niece. She said that she had the photographs Sang-Yeon had taken of me at the jobsite about a couple of weeks before my surgery. Mrs. Kim said she'd bring them by next weekend.

April 23, 2007 (Monday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

I was going to put off making any new entries in the journal until I had 100% completed restructuring my webpages (which due to allotted disc-space restraints will now span across three separate independent ''addresses''), but too much has been going on, and it's beginning to be so much that I have been finding it more and more difficult to keep track of it all.

Trying to follow the chronological flow of events as best as I can recall...

I never did run into Sang-Yeon's niece at any time up to the present date.

Operating with two eyes in opposite focus is still driving me a bit batty-- and is playing dangerously at night --but I'm still procrastinating on getting the glasses ''upgrade'' which will clear everything up near-perfectly.

My webpage reworking has also interfered with my sound file consolidating, which should have been completed weeks ago already.

I've also (hopefully) put an end to my credit card company sending me those unsolicited checks to enroll in their so-called ''Payment Protector Plan'' by cashing their $20 check made out in my name  ''...or to bearer''  and canceling a few weeks after surgery, telling them that my surgical expenses did not disrupt my finances significantly enough, nor are any of my charges significant enough, to require the service. So in effect, they gave me $20 ''gift'' (minus the 50-ish cents they assessed as my monthly membership fee on my first statement). But honestly, come on... offering membership into a ''payment protector'' plan by carelessly flinging out checks written in your name but also payable  ''...to bearer''????? I had already called them about this months ago and asked them to stop sending me the things, but I figured that the only way to get them to understand was to just go ahead and take their money.

''Craig's Listers'' have also shown me what a bunch of fucking haters and/or reactionary and/or low self-esteem losers they all are, because they've been repeatedly flagging and removing the following listing (a total of nearly 45 times over the course of just five days!)

'' L O S E R ''

Yes . . . YOU !

You know who you are . . .
You're the girl who can't seem to attract a decent man because of not "measuring up" in some way --
because you've listened to friends, family, co-workers, etc., tell you nearly all your life that it's because:

. . . you're too fat [or] skinny; you're not very exciting; you're not current [or] "hip" enough; your skin is too light [or] dark; you listen to "THAT" kind of music; you're too well educated [or] not educated enough; you don't drive a nice enough car [or] cannot drive at all; you're too ambitious [or] have no ambition; your job is too mediocre [or] too demanding; people are put-off by your use of "big words"; you're too passive [or] assertive; you live in an 'undesirable' neighborhood; you (still) live "at home" [or] with roommates; you're such a hardcore "Sci-Fi" nerd [or] "anime otaku"; you're too much of a "computer geek"; you're such a bad cook that you can actually burn water, etc., etc., etc......


Because, you see, "I am" considered by many to be a "Loser," too!
... And I'll bet we're BOTH asking the same question of ourselves... "WHY?"

...So, as a couple of lost & lonely "Losers"-- (you and I) --maybe, just MAYBE, we were "meant" for each other.

Care to "find out" for sure? Then please send me a reply explaining to me just what it is that makes a lovely girl like yourself a "loser"... and I will also write back explaining what makes this caring & passionate boy such a "loser" in everyone's eyes, too! And who knows... maybe we'll be able to relate to each other and see what's special about one other that no one else can (or wants to) see or appreciate about us, and then in time we might actually make positive progress to become one of those rare case studies where ''Two 'Wrongs' Make A 'Right'!'' I'm up for the challenge! ...How about You?

If you want to see what a "Loser Boy" looks like, I must insist upon seeing who the "Loser Girl" is first! (That's the "same rule" established by the "Girls" here, right? So in keeping with the "tradition," that is the "rule" I intend to follow, as well.)

My only requirements are: *Don't smoke, *Don't do drugs, *Don't be a heavy drinker, & *Don't already be involved with anyone else ... But, of course, if you and I weren't such "losers" we'd  already  be involved with someone else, rather than slicing our way through this thick jungle of "winners" searching for each other -- correct? ;)

Aloha nui ~

At the end of the post, I later included a scaled down version of the following image file:  

I only added that deliberately condescending quip about everybody else cruising those personal ads being ''winners'' because they finally made me realize they were the real ''Losers'' who just could not face up to that reality about their own miserable lot in life, so they compensated by lashing out at someone who could express their own inadequacies in the form of a little self-depricating humor! But to be quite honest, with the rapidity this posting kept finding itself removed, I sincerely believe that nobody even bothered to actually read the post; they probably just saw the heading and the first few opening words and just ''reacted.''

Otherwise, I've been getting a few responses from most of my other ''restrictive'' ads (you know, the ones like the women post that specify interest in ONLY CERTAIN TYPES of people? I've sadly had to learn to play that game to get any kind of responses at all -- it seems that ''inclusiveness'' is not the name of the ''dating game''.) Most discussions, of course, ended shortly after beginning, but hey.... I've even had one person (claiming to be female who was interested in me) trying to run a ''419'' scam on me out of Nigeria (claiming that ''she'' was from Colorado but got stuck in Nigeria & couldn't be allowed to leave until ''she'' paid a doctor's bill). I must have played it a little too rational, because I was hoping to keep the connection going just to see how far (s)he was willing to take this before finally giving up -- I wanted it to last for weeks on end, but it ended after only three replies.

This morning I managed for the first (and hopefully last) time to lock my keys-- ALL of my keys --inside the motorscooter trunk. With a little help from my co-worker who had asked me for a ride back to her apartment complex, I managed to reach in and extract them (so much for ''safety & security'').

Also last night one of our road supervisors had come by our worksite off-duty looking for a different co-worker who wasn't on schedule, because they were trying to arrange for emergency housing for the roadman (his rental property in Ewa had just gotten sold and he & his other housemates were being given 'til the end of the month to make other arrangements). I told him I'd try to locate a few options on ''Craig's List'' for him, since he had no access to computer. I contacted several people with his information & situation and a couple of them look like potential leads.

April 25, 2007 (Wednesday)
22:10, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally got motivated and ran around to try to find someone who would offer replacement lenses in my eyeglasses that best fit within my budget and whatnot. So far, after ''Lens Crafters'' and ''Sears Optical'' it's beginning to look like my hospital's optical division is still going to be able to offer the best plan, but a couple of places suggested that I look into another optical dispenser located in ''Ward Center'' to see what they can offer, but I decided to put it off until tomorrow. I'm all about finding a reasonably priced service because the insurance will not cover any part of the lens replacement, even if directly related to post-surgical procedure. During my scouting I paid off the two hospital bills for the charges the insurance did not cover ($800 -- not counting the all the ''co-pays'' for the visits and 'follow-up' visits.

April 26, 2007 (Thursday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

Amazing how when I have to spend a lot of money on things I need I'll much more freely spend ''mad money'' on things I ''want''.... Cases in point:

After dropping into ''InSpecs'' (on the recommendations of both the ''Straub'' and ''Sears'' optical department staffwomen yesterday) and realizing that they were indeed going to offer me the best price for replacement lenses (even though they were still going to charge me as if I had selected new frames from them, which I think sux major extreme) I made the decision to have three of my four frames reused, and instead of reusing my remaining set I decided that I would return for a set of ''Thomas Dolby'' frames (a style of frames I've ALWAYS WANTED FOREVER but could never afford!) after the others I left with them were complete (the wait being necessary so I can take advantage of their ''points'' discount incentive that I will have earned with this current purchase). Then on my way to what I thought was going to be a quick Asian snacks run in ''Long's Drugs'' Moili'ili location became instead a walk-in appointment at ''Mimo Beauty Wear'' to have my cosmetic eyebrow tattoo redone (something else I've been wanting to have done forever after the mess job what's-her-name Downtown made of them, but was waiting for a more financially ''comfortable'' time to have them done).

I finally got out to see a movie tonight also,  ''The Host: Guemul'' -- not at all what it was all hyped up to be, but I can understand what made it so successful in its native Korea.

April 28 - 29, 2007 (Friday-Saturday)
''Weekend in Review''

This weekend at work was definitely one for the record books... everything that could have gone wrong did. I had gone to work in a uniform I had ignored to wash anytime earlier in the week, and on top of that I had not shaved (required) at all since last weekend, and to make matters even worse I still had petrolatum smears all across my forehead as part of protecting the blatantly obvious ink hacked into my eyebrows -- let's just say that I was not looking or smelling or feeling ''my best.'' And to make matters even worse, our ''Boss's Boss'' (the head of the department at ''Kapiolani Community College'' who contracted our company) was on campus (off duty) hosting a birthday party for his grandson.

Things went well enough until the second half of my workday when a last-minute replacement employee I got stuck with for a partner insisted on refusing to doing the job properly as I kept trying to explain to him -- he griped about it incessantly, saying how it was of no real importance and that we should be focusing our attention on other things, that it didn't matter what the ''University'' or the ''State'' instructed us to do because we are solely answerable to the company we work for and not to the people who hire us through our company under contract. Ironically enough, his excuse was that by our being answerable primarily to our company and ignoring specific instructions from those who contract our company for its services-- especially contracts with the ''State'' --was out of concern for  ''preserving/retaining''  contracted accounts (and this nerve-grating moron claims to have been working with the company for two decades). It all came to a potentially dangerous head when I'd essentially told him that I had grown weary of his constant griping, resistance and frequent & extended work stoppages and said that if he didn't want to listen to any of the instructions I tried to impart to him, then we should walk down to the event being held at the cafeteria and speak with the department head and rattle off all of his many complaints to that person. Again he went ballistic, repeating some of what he had already been corkscrewing my ears with earlier about keeping any issues regarding fellow employees that had the potential of reflecting negatively on our company (''making our company look bad,'' as he expressed it) that it should be something handled  ''preserving/retaining''  the company proper and should not be reported to ''The State'' (meaning, in this instance, any University of Hawaii officials who oversee our duties & activities). As I persisted in walking toward the cafeteria building this psycho rushed directly in front of me with his hands in a ''choking gesture'' right at my neck level and less than a foot away from my throat and angrily said,  ''What did I tell you about going to the State!''  Sensing that this psychopath was truly determined to assault me I tried to defuse the situation while still standing my ground by proceeding to call our company office and let them talk to him, insinuating that his great respect for our company was a bluff being called. Apparently the man did indeed seem to be true to form and pulled away from me as I made the call into the office, but still angry and spewing threats of physical violence. When I handed the cell phone to him and let him speak to the person in the office he was still speaking violently, but when he flat out told the person on the other end of the line that  ''If there were no witnesses I'd beat the shit out of him!''  I took that as my cue that I could no longer accompany this man ANYPLACE on campus without legitimate concern for my physical well-being, because there were far too many places on the campus where he could easily carry out his threat. When the person in the office somehow convinced my partner to follow my instructions it still was not the end of it, because he continued to speak threateningly to me, so as he was heading in the direction of the last area we had been at before he insisted that we 'take a break' from what were part of our normal and '''required'' duties in order to spend some time focusing on  ''the more important things,''  I rolled down to the cafeteria and, all unofficial & improperly presentable and all as I was, confronted the head man about what was going on with this other guy and how I was not going to be able to ''work with him'' (my ''code word,'' after explaining the threatening situation to him, meaning ''remove this maniac now; send him home!'' -- unfortunately, the chief could not deduce that this was the intended interpretation I had required of him, but I try not to do anything at all that might get him to reactive negatively to me, so I did not try to push the issue). When I was asked to have the other guy come to the cafeteria I was relieved to see that he was already almost to the cafeteria himself. So when the other guy entered and was asked what was going on, without skipping a beat (also, without even looking at me or anywhere in my direction) he explained all bright-smiled and cheerfully and friendly and all... a couple of minor situations regarding a couple of other people and their property he noticed on campus and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what he had just been accused of doing -- not even so much as an insincere attempt to explain ''his side'' of the story, absolutely nothing whatsoever! (This is why I am not hesitant to refer to this man as a ''psychopath'' ... he shows the characteristics -- in fact, he had said during one of his earlier rants something that seemed to insinuate that he had been in some significant trouble with the Law in the past.) So we stayed physically far apart for the remainder of the work shift (because nobody seemed to be taking my concerns none too seriously, and my only other option would have been simply to abandon my duties for the rest of the day and vacate campus), and I explained that I would be doing just that, even if it meant facing reprimand or further consequences.

The remainder the day was no better as I was enlisted to address a bite victim of an unleashed dog, although there was not much of anything we could do about it since the incident occurred in an area designated ''City and County'' and was therefore within municipal jurisdiction and not really ''State'' responsibility. Then while offering suggestions and recommendations for the woman to consider in response to her plight one of the sprinkler mains ruptured and spouted a jet of water about some twenty feet into the air, so I had to run around trying to find out where the main pipeline valves were which needed to be shut down. (The sprinkler incident introduced me to yet another fascinating characteristic about the formation and properties of rainbows, where I was literally almost able to step inside and be surrounded by a full ''rainbow ring!'' -- I wish I'd had a camera with me when the whole thing occurred, it was simply dazzling.)

By Sunday I had grown severely tired of fighting those harassing ''flaggots'' running amok uncontrollably at ''Craig's List'' -- these cocksuckers won't even leave a a ''rant and rave'' in the category named just that which tries to educate & point out the horrific ''double standard'' of these assholes when deciding to flag somebody off of the site, so even when in a posting group set aside for complaints & heated discussions they'll still gang up on you and knock your postings off the roll if you type anything pointing out their abuses of the ''flagging'' privilege and challenging them to justify their personal attacks in light of the so-called ''Terms of Use.'' So if Craig Newmark isn't going to do a better and fairer job of policing his own site, then fuck him! And I wish very serious and severe harm to befall all those stinking hate-filled hypocrites who target somebody simply because (as several of them have already flat out admitted) they just decided that they don't like you! A POX ON ALL OF YOU FATHERFUCKERS!

(Yes, I'm angry! Angry at ALL the shit that's been happening throughout this past week... a nobody-bothering ''rainbow'' born of a disaster was my only bright moment of peace and comfort!)

May 1, 2007 (Tuesday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

Well, finally completed the transition of the ''Tropical Storm'' pages for like the third time in six years. What I had anticipated would take only one week-- two at the most --was hindered considerably due to the fact that I wanted to ''expand & improve'' upon it some by including some soundfiles for the first time ever, which all required an intense amount of editing & remixing, as well as doing a considerable amount of photo editing for some of the images, plus other small additions & revisions. Other things not related to rebuilding the pages also demanded much of my attention, but it all came in timely enough fashion, I think (...at the very least, it took only one month this time, as opposed to the five it took each of the previous two times). But once again, another ''curious'' completion date which had not been deliberately intended -- May Day?

May 3, 2007 (Thursday)
22:25, Hawaii Standard Time.

Conducted a sweep-through of all of the webpages (except the ''InfraRed'' archives) to make certain that all the cross-page links and certain outside links were properly assigned & functioning and/or up-to-date. Most of everything was good to go, except for a few outside links that needed to be severely updated, a couple of ''in house'' pages not properly cross-linked with each other that needed to be corrected, and one page missing most of its image files. Of course, everything decided to lock-up on the one page which required the most significant-- and the most detailed --amount of work (sometimes I just can't help believing in ''Con-'spirit'-sy'' theories). I also did some minor touch-ups on a couple of the image files I decided to replace.

During this time I received a fourth ''automated'' phone message claiming to be from ''Chase'' informing me that there were some suspicious charges racked up against my  ''Amazon'' VISA  credit card. Since I'd been getting this call over the course of the past few days I decided to call ''Chase'' directly and inquire about the call to inform them that I had been receiving these calls and that I was suspicious of their origins. The representative I spoke with confirmed that the calls were indeed legitimate and that their system had ''flagged'' (there's that word again) certain suspicious charges and that most of them were blocked, but one of them did manage to get through. I denied any of the recent charges (to some outfit called ''People Search'' and some other merchandising outfit, neither of which I'd ever heard of), declaring that the only charges I've ever put on my  ''Amazon''  card had been specifically for ''Amazon.com'' purchases. After this case was settled I decided to examine my online accounts with a bit more scrutiny and learned to my amazement that my other  ''Chase'' VISA  had also been compromised, so I had to go through the motions of clearing this one up as well (the same names kept coming up with this one, too). I explained to the representative I called this second time that this particular card had never been used by me for any ''online'' or ''phone order'' purchases. Apparently, at least for the time being, the targets only seem to be their  ''VISA''  cards, as my  Chase ''MasterCard''  was untouched.

When I was satisfied with the review of the webpages I went to pick up my eyeglasses and used my earned discount to authorize work on the ''Thomas Dolbys'' I'd been drooling over. (Actually, I had to leave one set behind because of a defective left lens I'd originally thought was a smudge.)

May 10, 2007 (Thursday)
23:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

Well, it seems the ''Dark Horizon: Green Envy'' page (a.k.a. ''Tropical Storm: UltraViolet - Page4'') has now become obsolete or in need of major overhauling or updating.... After all the frustrations involved with trying to potentially connect with someone in hopes of seeing if it could perhaps develop into something at least halfway serious, I decided to place an ad of my own in the  ''Casual Encounters''   category at ''Craig's List'' a few days ago (last Thursday, in fact), offering as usual ''Kitty Licking'' services, thinking, 'Why the hell not?', and not really expecting any responses. To my amazed surprise, however, I did receive a couple of responses a couple of days apart -- the first sounding somewhat half-hearted (and dropping away immediately after I submitted a relatively recent but not-very flattering picturegraph), the other seemingly more sincere and determined.

As conversations with the second woman progressed it was learned that she was housebound, recovering from some form of laryngitis and had been cooped up for like four days straight and said she was feeling kind of horny, and that she really loved being 'gone down on.' Anyway, I answered a response she had sent yesterday morning which I had not been able to answer until later in the evening, so she asked me to email her again in the morning. We kept emailing back and forth this morning until we agreed upon a time (I offered around 13:00 to 13:30) -- she asked me to bring her a salad from ''Jack in the Box'' when I came over to her apartment in Waipio Gentry ("price of admission," I suppose).

Based on the pic she sent me in the email, I was expecting a much younger lady (the number ''24'' kept sticking in my head for some reason, partly because of the dyed hair, I'm sure, but also possibly because of the Asian single mother who responded to one of my ''dating/LTR'' ads last week). Now despite the fact that she had the absolutely  ''prettiest'' pussy  I had ever seen up-close & personal like that (no B.S., despite the fact that she kept clean shaven), I was nonetheless put off by her numerous scars, including a very poorly healed surgical from an abdominal tuck procedure, as well as her evidently augmented breasts which were so hard to the touch that I wouldn't spend much time fondling them. Even so, she had the largest & hardest clitoris I had ever personally encountered, and she truly enjoyed the attention which lasted virtually non-stop for close to two and a half hours. I was dizzy afterwards, but I realized that it had more to do with another of my digestion-related headaches which had stuck with me since last night than it did from overexertion.

May 17, 2007 (Thursday)
19:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Had a couple of ''pussy lick'' communications start up late last night & just past midnight, which were responses to another similar ad I had placed in the ''Craig's List''  ''Casual Encounters''   category again... this time learning the same sad lesson of the Hawaii ''dating scene,'' namely that you simply cannot be ''all-inclusive'' and expect to receive any responses -- the two ladies were responding to an ad for ''Black Girls'' (and of course, just like in the ''real'' dating & relationships section, one of them ''jumped the tracks'' -- a  ''Polynesian/Caucasian''  mix college student who had responded to my ''Black, Latina, or Pinay'' ad in the ''LTR'' dating category several weeks ago but who had cut off conversation). With ''Jazz Girl'' (Alvina, the Pac-Islander), she seemed as though she were warming up to the idea -- that is, of course, until I'd submitted my picture; the other girl (at least the emailer ''claimed'' to be female) dropped of the screen like a sprayed cockroach off the ceiling when I explained to her why I utterly refused to send a pic of myself until I had received the first one, since she was the one responding to one of my ads, and not 'vice-versa.'

Kept my appointment this afternoon for my eyebrow tattoo retouch, then went to pick up my other two sets of glasses, only to find that one of the lenses in my newly-selected frames (my ''Thomas Dolbys'') was badly scratched, making this the second resubmission for damage correction. The head clerk or the manager (I'm not certain which) had explained that the lab where they send the orders to have the work done had recently been bought out, and the new owners engaged in some major ''restructuring'' (''Business-Speak'' for replacing management, firing a bunch of people and reshuffling things around).

Also, waiting for me in my mailbox (no surprise) was a ''late fee'' claim from the property managing company for this building, trying to lock me into the increased rent rate I never signed to agree to (per the instructions of the account manager for this complex), and that they were applying the ''March'' check I had sent them which had ''gotten lost'' somewhere between the time I dropped it off in the mailbox and earlier this month when it somehow miraculously ''surfaced'' and got cashed to the whole deal. So I'll be calling Leilani tomorrow morning to see if, yet again, we can straighten this mess out.

May 18, 2007 (Friday)
23:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Well, I guess I really should not be all that surprised, since everytime I try to address particular concerns or fill an void somewhere all of the other fakes & phonies gotta always try to climb all over MY game! When I started posting my ''Pussy Licks'' personal ads there was hardly a man at all who was posting similar adverts; now that ''I'' have made ''my'' presence felt, all these cockroaches came scurrying out of hiding, just like vultures swooping down on rotting carrion! Now, all of a sudden, EVERYBODY is offering no-reciprocation ''Kitty Licks'' -- even stealing some of the ''terminology'' I use! Just today there have popped up just over a half-dozen such ads! -- So I've been responding in a very highly reactionary fashion, trying to make sure that my several ads are being featured prominently.

In related news, I also learned why Alvina ducked out of wanting to do a ''get together'' with me Wednesday night / yesterday morning -- she expressed herself most clearly in an ad of her own in the ''Women Seeking'' section of the 'hit-it-&-quit-it' category... she don't want no short/skinny guys!  Okay, whatever.... Her loss.

May 21, 2007 (Monday)
22:20, Hawaii Standard Time.

I had received an email from ''Cheri'' (the Asian woman whom I had ''serviced'' last week) Friday night, asking for an early morning ''session'' scheduled for today, if I could arrange it. I let it be known that I would swing by to see her after work, but I had been in such a rush to get out of the apartment on my way to work prior to this encounter-- due primarily to my attempts to shun & avoid a ''census taker'' I have been being unrelentingly pursued by these past few weeks --that I had failed to take a few important things with me, including check book & unpaid bills, gasoline money for my motorcycle which was running on close to empty, ''mad money'' for the purpose being able to stay out most of the day to avoid being at the apartment when or if anyone came by, and most importantly a change of clothes. As a result of the monitarily-related oversights, I resorted to doing something I had never ever in my entire life done for any reason, and for which I felt all kinds of shame in even entertaining the idea, but I ''borrowed'' a couple of litres of petrol from our work vehicle to insure that I would be able to make the complete trip this morning, then planned on asking Cheri for a couple of dollars to aid with the trip back to town (which, of course, I'd absentmindedly forgotten to do).

When arriving at Cheri's, I explained the situation and asked if she'd allow me to take a quick shower before we got underway, to which she agreed. (I was concerned that she might have been uneasy if I had treated her while I was in a state of undress, since our agreement was no other sexual interaction beyond performing on her orally.) The ''second time'' was, sadly, not the proverbial ''charm''. This time she had a rather strong ''fishy'' odor (something I had always thought in the past to be an exaggerated description) which lingered on my face and fingers for most of the day.

Being tired and unable to find any other time-consuming activities that would not require money, I opted for returning to the apartment, tying  ''Lynette''  off at the post office parking lot in hopes of throwing off any ''visitors'' if they were to check to see if my motorcycle was parked inside the complex (usually an indication that I am indeed on site), and just tried to sleep it all off. I'd wake up in the evening still feeling very groggy and headachy, to the point where I almost did not want to retrieve  ''Lynette''  from her temporary station, but I retrieved her, replenished some of her spent ''go-juice'', then called it a night.

May 31, 2007 (Thursday)
23:59*, Hawaii Standard Time.

(*truth be told, I did not make this entry until the next day [June 1] because I really did not have the time nor patience to make the entry when I returned to the apartment following the described event)....

Received a call from Michael, one of my former co-workers with whom I've been keeping in contact, who was just wanting to keep up on some things. While we were talking he alerted me to the fact that their computer began throwing up some windows warning of viral threats & vulnerabilities, etc., but he couldn't describe clearly enough what was going on and asked if I could come by and look into it, so I said that I'd come over.

Upon arriving I was trying to find a spot on property to park  ''Lynette,''  but in the process of trying to squeeze into a tight area (which I'd ultimately figured would not have fit anyway), I wound up backing into the stairway railing and cracking her left rear turn signal enclosure. ("No good deed shall ever go unpunished.")

After close to about a half-hour of trying to figure out what the problem was, it became apparent that their antivirus "introductory subscription" (of only six months ... way to go,  ''McAfee''...) had expired, and all the ''warning windows'' that kept popping up all over the place were all coming from a bunch spamming leeches bombing the system trying to Bogart their way into scaring the family into subscribing to their particular service... greedy, slimy, unethical bastards! I tried to counter by downloading & installing the ''free'' version of  ''PC Tools''  antivirus, and for all the ''scare tactics'' the vultures were screeching in order to secure new subscriptions, the ''PC Tools'' run detected and removed only ''two'' downloaded threats to their system! Even so, the installation of the free program did nothing to shake the leeches off, so I recommended to Michael that since his family was really not using the machine for any truly important or "sensitive" purposes that he consider just scrubbing the entire system, resetting everything back up from point ''zero'' and see whether or not he could ''reactivate'' the 'trial period' subscription for his machine.


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