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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

Ever since the new resident manager eliminated that breeding ground for bird feces and cockroaches, not only is the courtyard much cleaner but the rats and cockroaches have virtually disappeared from running about there... but the biggest and one of the bestest surprises is that those cursed zebra doves have (no pun intended) flown the coop! and they are literally a thing of the past in this area, so much so that for the past several weeks I have (at long last) been able to leave my windows wide open without their annoying presence (although a single straggler did make such an attempt to alight on my sill before I quickly gave it what all for in no uncertain terms) -- but alas those speckle-collared doves are still hanging around the area, but they are much less of a nuisance.

I went to the University of Hawaii for a $25 teeth cleaning by one of the students (I think I may have actually mentioned this?). You can't beat the price for a full screening (including extensive x-rays) & cleaning, but the time factor can be something of a problem, and I had to go in on three separate visits, whan it is all usually handled during a single visit.

And because I was putting myself under heavy time pressure I never got around to mentioning that during the clandestine ''on the jobsite'' sexual romp that actually made me late for work I had received my first ever ''blow job'' (arrrgh... how that term just grates against my nerves), and I soon understood why so many men place such a high value on the intimate act. I can now begin to imagine with greater enlightenment how a woman must feel when oral sex is being performed on her... and yet I still cannot seem to interest anyone into accepting this gift... at least not when it's coming from me.

And on an even sadder note, my attempted personal ''boycotts'' against certain products is failing miserably. I am especially forgetful of my bitter resentment towards ''Hershey'' and ''Frito-Lay,'' since they so heavily dominate and influence the market. It is considerably easier to be mindful of the soft drink violators, since I've pretty much limited my choices to ''Canada Dry Ginger Ale,'' ''Dr. Pepper'' and various ''store name'' brands.

for: November 26, 2007 (Monday)
(Kaua'i Prologue)

Just The entire attempt to get myself off the Island of O'ahu and onto Kaua'i played out like a warning omen of impending doom or something, because everything that could have possibly gone wrong actually did.

The first spike in my tire came just as I was about to pick up everything and head out the door, when I decided to have one final whiz before leaving the apartment -- and the plug chain in the reserve tank decided to snap yet again, and of course with no time whatsoever to fix it.

Then I had just missed a bus passing along our road which would have taken me directly to the airport, because my forgetful ass had to mess around with my motorcycle & cover in order to dig out a few last minute things I had forgotten to remove earlier to take with me, so I had to wait another 15 or 20 minutes for the next bus to come by.

I paid strict attention to the time flashing on the bus's marquee for the entire trip, wanting to see if it were at all possible for me to stop off at the office to drop off my income verification form before having to catch the flight, and when it became obvious that such a stop-over was not feasible I continued on. This is important because it sets up all that follows....

When I got to those stupid ''no human interaction'' electronic kiosks to get my confirmation & boarding pass they kept telling me it was too late to use them and to-- (surprise, surprise!) --go talk to a human who could actually assist me further! This ''human,'' however, turned out to be as bad if not a worse choice, because not only did she lie to me by telling me that the plane to Kaua'i had already departed but she even lied to me about what time it was (the flight departure time was 08:20, which was what time she said it was, to my utter shock and total disbelief), then she told me to go stand in another line for further assistance to arrange for the next flight out. But while standing in the next line I noted the flight arrivals/departures marquee and noticed that the flight I was supposed to be on had not yet been listed as departed, so I asked the  TSA  guy standing close by what time he had, and he informed me that it was only three minutes past the flight departure time (...keep in mind this was now about 15 minutes after all this bullshit started). So now I'm totally ''effed,'' and when I spoke to another assistant and again to the original person who fed me the misinformation (lie) Miss ''Let-Me-Phukup-Your-Plans'' then spun into, ''The gates are locked ten minutes prior to departure time'' (which may or may not be true, but it would have been a preferable explanation to outright lying to me).

In any event, I called the office, explained what had happened and told them that I would need to catch the next flight out and asked them what process I'd need to go through for that. I was told that since I'd already had all the necessary information associated with my earlier confirmation the airlines should just simply be able to charge them the reboarding fee according to that available information and things would be good to go. But the processing agent did not see things in that light: she claimed that she needed a representative from the company physically present with payment in hand in order to confirm the next flight. At this I walked to our main office to explain what happened, as well as use the extra time to drop off that form I needed to get to them. Again I was told the same thing I had been when I called, and I was driven back out to the airport in one of the company vehicles to go through the process all over again. But yet again I was given the receptionist's version of the procedure, so I again called the office and explained the situation to them, at which point they apparently re-scheduled a flight and supplied with a new confirmation number which I then took to the automated kiosk only to once again be told that it was too late to use that service and to go back to the human element for further assistance. So again I went to the same woman who this time acknowledged my confirmation code but still could not book me on the current available flight because her records did not show a payment registered, and so out of frustration she simply approved me for the following flight out.

So four planes later I was finally on a flight to Kaua'i, and just as we were making our decent into Lihue I took note of the fact that we were doing a complete 180, followed later by an announcement that the plane we were on was experiencing problems with its braking system and that a return flight to Honolulu was being considered. After a few minutes I noticed that we were making an ascent, later confirmed by an announcement that we were indeed returning to Honolulu International and that we would be transferred to a different vessel. The repairs apparently did not take that long, because just as we were being boarded on the next plane at the next gate the plane at the gate we had exited from about 10 minutes earlier was being announced as accepting passengers for the next scheduled flight out.

Specific Dates Breakdown:

KAUA'I : Day One
(November 26, Monday)

When we finally landed in Lihue my pick-up ride was already waiting on site... but not to pick me up -- rather, he was there looking for another person sharing my same name who was on a flight out back to Honolulu whom the manager here wanted to hang around so that I could be given training and certification by the man who was leaving. The Kaua'i manager, John, had called, paged, and cruised around the airport looking for Adrian for what he claimed was for two hours, then finally gave up and we left.

Just so he could get some use out of me, John told me that I would be given a temporary assignment at the across-the-road segment of ''Kukui Grove'' shopping center. We drove to the area where I was instructed as to what my duties and areas of responsibility would be, then I was driven to the motel where I and five other of my co-workers would be staying -- yes, the same one they had me in before, in Lihue proper, even though our job assignment takes us up near the Kaua'i ''North Shore.'' I had to wait for the others to return, since we had only been given one key per room.

The first night in the plaza went by quietly enough. While there I was able to confirm that my imagination had not been running away with me during my last visit, but that in fact the municipal water for Kaua'i (or at least Lihue) DOES taste awful... it has sort of a cross between muddy, sour, plastic-like taste!

KAUA'I : Day Two
(November 27, Tuesday)

Reqested a second room key, since my coming-&-going habits were not going to be left to taking hit-&-miss chances on whether or not my roommate was going to be in or not. I was all set to lay down a deposit ($30), but I wanted to do so by personal check if possible, since I refused to come to Kaua'i with either loose cash or credit card, as I wanted to make certain that I limited my spending here, especially in the restaurants.

I then made my planned visit to the public library to get myself onto the Internet, but the machines were slower than molasses flowing uphill in the dead of an icy winter, so I could not get much done outside of completing the bulk of the introduction (''prologue'') of this page, having to put the rest of it off until later.

I then left to do some grocery shopping at ''Longs Drugs,'' where I had popped into briefly the night before and purchased a couple of cans of  ''Chef Boyardee''  pasta and a can of mixed fruit which were on sale and where I had noticed a few other items (instant ramen meal cups and sardines) I wanted to stock up on later, and had intended to do likewise at at  ''Star Market,''  but they did not have much on sale, so I finished my few remaining purchases (storage bowl, can opener, flashlight/battery bundle, candy) at  ''KMart.''

On my way to the shopping center along Haleko Street I noticed a set of railroad tracks a short way back in the distance, undoubtedly connected with the sugar plantation/mill days and probably part of that ''Kilohana Plantation'' tourism dollar generator they keep advertising. A little further down the road was a ravine with flowing water, but what caught my attention was what appeared to be a cave of some sort where I figured the water would be collecting within, but when I slid & scuffed my way down to the water's edge I saw that it was a man-dug tunnel, but for what purpose I could not determine.

KAUA'I : Day Three
(November 28, Wednesday)

Stayed in most of the day due to the heavy rains which began last night and whipped up with a frenzy again this morning. When it cleared enough to venture out I went to the library again to work on my activity report (the computers in the library, or perhaps it's just a case of  internetexplorersevenitis, keep jacking me around everytime I try to log on or off of  Angelfire  in order to work on my pages).

A couple of our main office big wigs arrived from Honolulu later in the night before I was to be picked up and sent to my currently assigned job site, and they took the room right next to the one I was occupying. They told me that the person who was to certify me for the job I was sent out to do for them might not be coming back, so they asked me to stop by the local office the next afternoon to find out for certain.

KAUA'I : Day Four
(November 29, Thursday)

Kept my appointment to go into the office and was told that Adrian would not be returning to Kaua'i to certify me. John, the head manager for Kaua'i, said he'd try to find something else for me if I wanted to stick around, but that it did not look at all hopeful and asked me to call back later in the afternoon: when I called back, the news was the same and was told I would be heading back to Honolulu. (I was actually more upset that I had purchased all of these quick-fix meals and was now concerned that I might have to leave them behind after having put all of that money and planning into them.)

Later in the evening, as I was resting up waiting for my final night pick-up ride, watching an MSNBC program about the rise and downfall of Pentecostal preacher Carlton Pearson, my roommate came into the room and began packing all of his belongings, saying that the pair here from the main office were so dissatisfied with their accomodations that they chose to re-establish themselves and the rest of the work crew at a different lodging facility that was a bit closer to the actual job site, leaving me with the room to myself -- for a night, at least.

KAUA'I : Day Five
(November 30, Friday)

Found out when I'd checked out of the motel that the room was still paid for a couple more days. Had I known that going in I probably would have stuck around an extra night, but I thought the office wigs were in a rush to get me back to Honolulu.

I ended up waiting at the Kaua'i office from a little before 12:45 'til about 19:30 or 20:00 when I was driven to the airport, minus the hour I spent from about 13:00 to a little before 13:00 to do battle with the Lihue Public Library system's computer network again. I got to eat a couple more bowls of my saimin bowls before hand, so I'd only have four left to take onto the plane with me in a grocery store shopping bag... assuming, of course, the inspectors did not consider dried instant asian noodle soup potential ''terroristically threatening'' like they do with water, diet soda and toothpaste. JAFOs!

I was booked this time on  ''Aloha Airlines,''  and with the exception of the heavy turbulence we experienced during our ascent it was flight experience I never want to go though again! (I can only imagine how much worse the experience is when flying on any of  ''go!''  airline's flights.)

December 8 - 9, 2007 (Saturday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

This was quite a "Whirlwind Weekend,'' one which has finally opened my eyes to the realization that now would be an appropriate (not necessarily a ''good'' or ''opportune'') time to cash in my chips, as it were, and jump ship without any ceremony! After the Kaua'i fiasco I should have pretty much gotten the hint and started planning for my rapid departure from this company, but I did not want to do anything too quickly, especially since it has such potential to cause disruptions during this particularly sensitive time, motivated largely out of my concern over my still pending ''rental lease renewal'' status.

But it all came down upon me like a crashing wave Saturday morning when I got into another indignant spat with the lieutenant of KCC's campus security operations, whom I'd had similar difficulty with the very first time we encountered each other. I truly did not appreciate all of his condescending remarks & attitude, and I took especial dissatisfaction (a severe understatement) at his pretentious displays of false-cluelessness when trying to get me to describe a situation on campus I had tried to bring to their attention last week, to which both he and his chief responded with yet another of their textual tantrum berating me for being ''too wordy,'' particularly in my ''descriptions'' of timelines & events. Things were getting so intense that he eventually began exhibiting characteristics intent on instilling a sense physically intimidation. Seeing that all of his attempts to break me and make me yield to him were not having any of the desired effects he sought, he pulled out what every bully in a position of authority thinks is his/her ''Ace in the hole'' and threatened to have me removed, in response to which I was practically giving him the ''green light'' and encouragement to follow through on. But no... in the end things got relatively ''civil'' again and he came to the realization that the way to ''instruct'' me is to ''instruct'' me, not to ''belittle'' or ''degrade'' me or ask me ''loaded questions,'' especially in a condescending manner.

But that was the ''first'' catalyst leading to this eventuality. The ''second'' and most decisive occurred later that night when I was once again treated to another bitter dose of office incompetence, especially in the ''scheduling'' department, which threw yet another ''new guy'' who had no idea what was required or expected onto the site take over from us for the next work shift, but left us all waiting for his shift partner who never showed because the other person who was ''scheduled'' was not made aware of the modification made to his regular pattern, so I was asked if I'd stick around to train this guy while they tried to call someone else who knew the routine to come in and work with him. Four hours later no one else was came, and by this time I was willing to make a rare exception and was ready to suggest allowing me to finish out what would be my third 8-hour workshift in a row if they'd be willing to let me trade off on the next regularly scheduled workday, but when I called someone else in the office answered and was going all nutzoid that I was still on the clock and barked at me that no one is ''allowed'' to work a full 24 hours straight (at one point he even used the word ''illegal'' to describe it... he kept skirting my protestation asking for his justification for using the term) and that I should just leave immediately regardless of what the situation was that I'd be leaving behind. Before leaving he wanted me to come back to work two hours later than scheduled time as a way to try to compensate for my extended stay well past midnight -- the only problem was that the times he was quoting me were (1) not part of my regular routine schedule, (2) during the time of the week I've adamantly insisted on not working, and (3) even though I still would never have kept to that rescheduled time anyway, regardless, I was never notified of the changes made.

Upon getting back to the apartment about halfway into the pre-dawn hours I simply went straight to bed and deliberately refused to set the alarm clock, consciously intending to sleep through it all, once again intent on placing myself in a position where I would face the possible risk of being taken off schedule for not having shown up. But somehow I did manage to get awake well before my normally scheduled time, and though feeling somewhat sick and truly not wanting to deal with the day anyway decided to get dressed for work, fully expecting to be sent back home because my scheduled times had been ''rearranged,'' but such was not the case. It was not until much later that I realized that what had probably happened was that my regular work time had not been switched but rather ''compounded'' with an additional shift to make it into a ''back-to-back'' double shift situation.

December 15 - 16, 2007 (Saturday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Despite the fact that I was really not feeling up to it, I decided to show up for work Saturday morning to finish out the ''pay period,'' then went straight back to the apartment right at check-out time and began working on my computer files again, mainly expanding and re-reformatting the video clips compilation ''hobby disc'' DVD I've been putting together. I've also had to deal with the annoying fact that a number of the music files I worked on in "Windows" still have crap spots in them that for some reason I am unable to correct in ''Mac,'' so I'm going to have to shuffle them back over to Win-PC to see if I can fix them there.

My hugest shock & surprise however came after I had gone to lay my head down to sleep around a half past noon Sunday (since having not gotten any real sleep since Friday evening), when I was expecting all of the worried calls to come flooding my answering/screening machine asking me if I was on my way to work... but not a single call was made! So now, as a result of this abrupt break in pattern, I'm feeling uneasily concerned.

December 30, 2007 (Sunday)
20:20, Hawaii Standard Time.

Today seemed to be a stream of surprises. I finally decided to get out of the apartment after two weeks of being holed up inside since having gone into the office on payday-proper on the 14th (which broke with my usual tradition of coming in at a later date because I wanted to use the chaos of everyone else's coming in for their checks as my opportunity to grab what would be my very last paycheck from that company [which actually turned out to include a check from the pay period preceding that one I had been unaware of] and get dahell out without anything or anyone hindering me).

The only reason I even left the apartment this morning was because I felt I was running way too short on reserve groceries and I wanted to replenish at least some of the stocks. After putting some gasoline in the motorcycle (now at $3.40/gal. for regular grade 87 octane -- and the Republican moonbats have the audacity to sing ''Xmas Carols'' to the tune of  ''The 12 Days of Christmas''  that gasoline prices will be $4.00/gal. if a Democrat becomes president!) I first went to the  ''Foodland''  on ''School Street'' (having to wait a few minutes because I had mistaken this particular store as one that was open 24 hours), and I was amazed to see the old brown paper sacks being used -- my wonderment was tweaked a bit more when I noted one of the headline stories on the morning papers which were just being put out for purchase as my items were being checked... it revealed that there is an attempt to place a ban on plastic shopping bags on O'ahu (...was Foodland setting themselves in preparation for this? I wonder).

Prior to doing anything, I went to check my P.O. Box, depositing my last two paychecks en route, and was surprised to find that not only had my mother not sent me a Xmas gift this year (finally respecting my wishes) but the biggest of all surprises... I've finally received a contact (albeit in the form of one of those dreaded Xmas cards) from my ''Little Sister,'' Vikki, after God knows how many years of silence (...of course I'm going to write her back and chew her out about it).

I also decided to clear away some junk I've no further use for but did not feel comfortable just tossing out, so I set it all out with a note for whomever wanted to make use of any of the items.

January 9, 2008 (Wednesday)
16:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally managed to pick up my motorcycle from the service shop this morning after being held in limbo there since Saturday afternoon. It began when I was going to ride it out to the post office only to discover that the battery had drained of no fault of my own. But since she was only about 600 odo-miles away from her scheduled 12,000 mile service I decided to push it to the dealership and have all that work done on it while getting the battery recharged. When I explained why I was there I was told that motorcycle batteries only had about a two-year lifespan and that it might be likely that the battery needed to be replaced. I got the call back telling me that the service work had been completed but still had the battery on the charger and said they'd call back when that was done. (I was also quoted a service bill that totalled over $300, which was enough of a shock to my system-- I was expecting somewhere around $180 --that they granted me the brake fluid change as a write-off, bringing my bill down to just over $210.) I never got the call about the battery recharge before the shop closed, so the cycle had to stay impounded, as it were, until Tuesday when they reopened. So when I was about to ride-off after paying my bill I learn that the battery was still not supplying enough power to turn over the engine, so I still had to leave the vehicle there until they took the battery back out and reattempted another recharge. I then received the follow-up call that evening saying that the original battery was pretty much wasted and that they had a new replacement battery receiving its initial charge, but not long enough for it to be installed right away, so I had to leave the motorcycle on site for a fourth night in a row. I finally got to leave with her this morning just shy of noon, after paying an additional $125 for the replacement battery & labor.

My first trip was to pick up where I had originally left off, which was to run to the post office to pick up my latest DVD shipment, then appreciating the opportunity to get out of being caged in the apartment all day I did some random riding, first finding myself by chance on ''Kalihi Street'' and decided to ride to the very end, then rode to the windward side & back via ''Likelike Highway'' and the ''H-3'' freeway respectively.

(January 10 - 31, 2008)
''End of Month Review''

Between all the distractions keeping me busy working on these computers and enduring come-&-go disrupted sleeping patterns, when not breaking away from the monotony by watching online videos and working my way through an extensive online collection of  ''CBS Radio Mystery Theater''  episodes, a number of other situations & concerns began to arise at such a pace that I'd intentionally postponed any journal updates until I'd managed to get things down to a comfortable level and was not so dog-dead tired & sleepy & unfocused all the time. I'd put my soundfile editing on hold for awhile and used that opportunity to reinstall fresh operating systems & application software onto the ''Win-AMD'' and the salvaged ''Mac G3.'' I immediately began to realize what an outstanding call it was on my part to refresh my HP from scratch, not just to reactivate the anti-vandal subscription but because it also alerted me to important updates and gave me more of an opportunity to tweak with personalization features I had not been aware of before. The Mac, on the other hand, gave me a few ideas for the G4 (still have not decided on a full rescrub just yet), but I quickly began losing interest in that machine's importance upon learning that it would not load DVD discs at all, despite not having DVD-ROM capabilities, and I don't think I'd be in the market for an ''add-on'' DVD-capable ROM drive... especially since the machine is only running a 600 MHz processor.

My biggest headaches, apart from the aforementioned, concern this seemingly endless war against the cockroach invasion. At first I thought it was tied in with the long period of rain we were having a few weeks ago, believing that they were coming in through the walls someplace from an adjoining apartment. But every time it began to seem as though I'd exterminated them all (beginning with a clutch of hatchlings) more would appear -- adults, hatchling, different species, etc., and it is still ongoing! So now I'm beginning to wonder if it was not always like this and that I am only starting to notice this for what it truly is because of having kept myself out of the labor force for such a long time and because I'm still very much of a night owl who remains active throughout the dark hours? One thing I've learned more clearly is just how worthless these bug sprays are at ''preventing'' resurgent infestations or their ''killing up to 'X'-number of weeks'' claims... you basically have to keep zapping 'em whenever you see them, any other type of ''application'' is just a waste of product and money.

The biggest surprise came last week when I received a long-distance call from a girl in Houston whom I used to stay in contact with before she got married to the guy who knocked her up in  ''Job Corps''  then subsequently dropped off from the satellite charts. Not so much a ''girl'' anymore, as she told me that she is now 32-years-old and is now mother to two additional children. Her intent in calling was quite purposeful -- as was my suspicion, she'd separated from her husband, currently going through divorce proceedings, charging him with infidelity (gee, what a surprise) & abuse, and she was wanting to put out feelers to see if perhaps I was still available and would consider a relationship with her. I think we talked for something like two hours or so, until she had to leave to pick up one of her children from somewhere. She left me her address, phone #, and an friend's email, I still have yet to contact her (not to mention writing back to Vikki and shipping this deep fryer I've been promising to send my mother since mid-December).

My being too attentive to other things, mainly with or related to these computers, resulted my severe procrastination in more important areas as well, the punishment for which included my being assessed a late fee when a random online check of my account for I don't even remember what reason I went there revealed to me that I had just missed the ''due date'' by a single day (which seems to have made all that ''shopping around'' online for the least expensive DVD purchases seem like wasted effort in retrospect), and had I not returned to trying to sort out my mountains of paper documents I also would have lost access to my post office box as well, as I was reminded of the end-of-the-month deadline with only two days remaining. I also paid off this current phone/internet bill just before the ''current'' deadline, which was already compounded with the unpaid bill from the previous month. And now my motorcycle insurance renewal form has come in the mail. The only thing I did manage to pay off ''on time'' (for once) was February's rent.

Waiting for me in the several weeks' worth of mail which I finally collected when I went to renew the P.O. Box was a certified letter from what I'd believed was my former employer....  Not according to 'THEIR' records!  according to the official letter! So they waited almost an entire month (dated Jan. 17) to tell me that the scheduling office had repeatedly been trying to get in contact with me with no response (I have record of them calling me only once since I dropped off of their radar screen) and that if I did not respond to them by Jan. 25 they would have no choice but to terminate my employment with them (which [1] proves one of the main things I'd constantly complained about with this company, i.e. their refusal to fire anybody, especially when the need to do so is more than justified and [2] means that I am now ''officially'' detached from this company since I signed for the letter the same day I picked up my mail which also happened to be the day I went in to extend my P.O. Box rental which also happened to be the deadline date for box rental renewal which also happened to be the end of the month which also happened to be one day shy of a full week past the letter's response date deadline.

Regarding other ''deadlines," I've established a deadline of my own, of sorts.... After nearly a year of wasted effort I've decided to bring my "kittylix'' offerings on ''Craig's List'' to its final halt. And, of course, as if sensing blood in the water, the opportunistic imitators & ''wannabees'' are trying to put their moves on (even mimicking my own terminology), thinking they're going to be picking up the slack and raking in all the pussy that I'll supposedly be leaving behind... but of course the dumbasses haven't got the patience to actually read what I wrote in my ''deadline announcing" ads that clearly indicated that there was no such luck to be had -- or if they did read any of it they were too blinded by their self-delusional prospect of getting more hoo-ha that the words and their meanings never so much as registered in their skulls. A large part of the reason I'm cashing in is partly because, yes, I want to ''Get It Right With God'' again, as that song goes, but just as large a part of that has to do with the fact that having been so overwhelmingly ''ignored'' like that has resulted in my almost complete lack of interest in wanting to put my face between a woman's legs anymore -- in other words, no fuel was forthcoming to keep the fires stoked, so the flames flickered out and died. I had set my birthdate as the deadline date.

And in keeping with the ''sex'' theme, I finally got around to doing what I'd sworn I would do to give these penis-breath ''auto warranty renewal'' jackals and other telemarketing JAFOs a golden opportunity to remove my name and number from their call list once and for all: I recorded a "greeting" on my answering machine to simulate an automated operator for a "Gay Sex" phone chat line. So far none of these bastards have called me up since I've made the recording, but I'm waiting expectantly for them to dial those digits again, and when they do I'd like to see just for how much longer I'll be receiving literally DOZENS of calls to ''renew'' my ''expired'' or ''almost expired'' auto warranty, after I've already received at least a couple dozen more calls telling me it was my ''last chance'' or my ''final notice'' to renew.

February 8, 2008 (Friday)
21:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

All the work I'd done the earlier part of the week repairing the ''redirect'' scripts still fell short of completion, as I found out just about an hour or two ago when I discovered that a number of ''buttons,'' despite being properly formatted, would not connect to their intended pages (I swear I don't understand what makes script inputs so dambed tempermental). So I just got done ''fixing'' those as well the only way I seemed able to, by taking a snapshot of the redirect button and establishing it as an ''image link'' instead of relying on script language to handle the same job.

And in keeping with the ''let's set 'im up'' nature of my life, the phone message I'd worked hard at putting together to frustrate these stink-ass telemarketers was wiped out sometime before morning... and as if on cue, after the entire time of having had that answering machine message up without a single of those jackasses bothering me (embarrassing the hell out of me because several of my people actually called during that time and had to listen to that ''Gay Sex Phone Chat'' garbage), NO SOONER HAD THE MESSAGE DISAPPEARED that these evil little weasels' calls started bombarding me again!!! Although there was indeed one benefit I could come away with in the way this situation unfolded -- from the time that the message had remained down 'til after I'd restored it, I'd learned for a certainty that all those seemingly ''automated'' calls are in reality not so automated at all, but are ''push-button'' recordings which are played whenever a caller encounters an answering machine or voicemail account. Thanks for letting me find that out, you jackals! -- Now I'll make certain to stay on top of the game the next time my answering machine blanks-out on me and deletes my message!

February 27, 2008 (Wednesday)
(a day late).

Wrote a bundle of checks, completed my tax return forms, then sheared off all of the growth on my which had been allowed to fill-out since I left that company I once worked for, then headed out to pay off my remaining major bills (in particular my motorcycle insurance).

Upon paying my phone bill the rep convinced me to switch calling plans: that along with a (supposed) upgrade of increased DSL speed my monthly bills are expected to remain roughly the same as they are now. For the DSL upgrade I was given a new modem which is supposedly better able to handle the increase in speed and was told to return the old modem whenever I came in next -- however, after giving it much thought, I'm of the opinion that the old modem is mine, as I've had it well past the original ''contract'' period and because it was part a contract I'd signed with ''Verizon'' well before they sold out to ''The Carlyle Group.''


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