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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

Blew out the electrical outlet behind the stove a few days ago, as a result of my coffee brewer's frayed wires putting on their last fireworks display (cannot recall exactly when it happened, earlier this month [September] or toward the end of last month [August]).

Became infuriated when I'd learned that ''GoogleTube'' has been fxcking with our channel & navigation pages again, but for some odd reason this shxtty visual onslaught is only displayed whenever I'm in the ''Gecko'' (''Firefox'') webpage ''rendering engine'' on the ''Lunascape'' browser.

Since having worked at my current site in Hawaii Kai, I've been working feverishly restoring & completing the script for my ''Homosexual 'Wrongs''' video upload series: my biggest and most involved project.

I'd also since learned that what I'd referred to as ''Hawaiian Ducks'' from my ''Juneteenth'' documentary may have in fact most likely been ''Mallard''ducks, as they are extremely closely related both genealogically and especially in appearance.

September 9 - 11, 2011 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

This weekend was fraught with all sorts of ''drama.''

First was the threat of loss of my job (or at the very least, a ''disciplinary'' action) when Friday night I'd refused to be ''ordered'' to work that next morning (which had been my ''normal'' day off for the particular temporary jobsite they'd been having me work these past several weeks). Since I'd not heard anything from anybody at the office by Saturday night, I'd decided to call to learn whether my ''regular'' Sunday morning presence was still expected -- and so it was, ''suggesting'' that I'm still with the company... though that aforementioned ''disciplinary action'' may still yet be in the wings.

After work Sunday it was like an all-out ''git-my-arse'' day: first nearly driving into traffic on a left turn onto Kalanianaole Highway after leaving the jobsite, then getting myself banged up pretty good after arriving back at the apartment complex as a result of trying to chase one of cats off of the property / out of the area, having decided that this time the ''foliage'' was no longer going to be a convenient excuse for me pull back away from relentlessly driving that orange bastard out of the courtyard, and my reward for my heroics was a head bang on the left-back quadrant against the building's outer wall, another bang to my right temple, a sore & possibly bruised back-right shoulder, a bruise on my left palm, a scrape down the front of my right shin, and a sore stubbed right big toe -- all as a result of having tripped over a tree stump hidden among the greenery.

With the clearing away of all the junk that had been accumulating in & around my scooter parking area, perhaps now I'll be better able to gauge whether or not my ''anti-cat'' spikes have had any real effect in curtailing these fury-inducing little monsters.

September 12 - 18, 2011 (Monday-Sunday)
''Full Week in Review''

As a result of having had a couple of lies told about me & my activities at the jobsite, the [non-]scheduling manager told me not to go in to work Thursday, after I'd phoned into the office right before making preparations for another night of work, using that time to return their barrage of calls that had been left on my answering machine (explaining nothing more than just who was calling and at which phone number to phone them back,  as always -- (quite literally, ''as always''... NO variation whatsoever). Slow in my own thinking (again, ''as always''), I'd absentmindedly overlooked the fact that I'd possessed the ''best defense'' anyone could've ever asked for to help vindicate me and verify my retelling of events:  the ''owners'' of the property in question,  who had been on-site throughout my entire Wednesday shift -- the time when it was declared that I'd violated an instruction to adapt/adjust my (up-until-that-point) ''routine'' job activities (which suddenly & seemingly shot out of nowhere while working the previous Thursday). But of course, as I'd called back into the office a (very) short time later to offer this information, the key figure had vacated and the lackey on the phones kept refusing to give me ''back-up'' by leaving a brief message explaining what I'd wanted to inform the scheduler of ''when'' he would get around to following up on my call. During the interim, I'd recorded an answering machine ''greeting'' as a sort of 'voicemail' message only to him which he would get whenever he called back... but knowing people as I've well learned over the decades, it was already known that not only was the message with its explanation nothing but wasted effort, but so was ANY expectation that I'd get any sort of a return call when he returned to the office Friday morning. Since then, I've heard nothing from nobody, except for *MY* call into the office Friday just a few hours before noon to explain what had been by this time the classic ''Too Little, Too Late'' routine.

Took advantage of the unexpected ''time off'' to re-edit the ''Who?Tube'' video commentary which got ''flagged off'' without any real justification, because ''niggas'' (in particular, Black women) couldn't endure the raw brutal heat of being forced to confront themselves, not just as an added example of them being unceremoniously exposed on their stink attitudinal B.S. behavior & high-on-themselves complexes, but also for being severely called-out as shameless liars and hypocrites who have a nasty habit of spreading deliberate & blatant falsehoods about people who are considered to be ''outside'' of the ''African-American Community'' who dare speak out against black women's shameless and dishonorable behavior acting all unjustifiably ''indignant,'' as if nobody else outside of the Afr-Am community recognizes their shxt!

Also worked into the weekend continuing to set up & structure everything related to the ''GoogleTube'' I'd established as a combination ''creative project'' and ''personal gift'' to the New Jersey woman who's been engaging in personal conversations-of-interest with me pretty heavily these past several months, and testing out several ''freeware'' versions of computer-screen activity-recording programs before finally settling on one which seemed to work best for what it was designed for, except that it's a ''resource overlord'' CPU-vampire which records humungous files (2 GB auto-shutdown max limit -- roughly between 12-18 minutes' worth of recording time) which is on top of the fact that it does not have ''record audio'' capabilities (requiring simultaneous recording via a free-standing ''audio recording'' app, then combining both completed separate files together via a third software program to achieve the desired finished result). I'd attempted this evening (Sunday) to record a tutorial on how to use  ''Windows Movie Maker''(for ''Vista'' version of the Win-XP ''classic'' program)  for my ''extreme-distance girlfriend,'' but after over two hours and several crashed files later I'd decided to hang it up, at least for the present time.

I somewhat was and wasn't all that surprised that nobody at the office called me to work this morning (Sunday), even though I'd already made up my mind that if they had called (to ask why I'd not shown up for my ''routine'' schedule) I'd have told them that it was because the scheduler had informed me that he had removed my name from that particular roster, though I'd have probably gone in anyway... just ''late'' past the normal scheduled time. As it stands now, I'm not entirely certain if their not calling me in to work at all this week since the dust-up is an anticipatory indication that they're planning on canning me, or if it's just part of a plan to try to make me sweat a few bullets? Either way, I'm not entirely sure what next step to take to carry me through the desert.

September 19 - 23, 2011 (Monday-Friday)
''Week in Review''

Attended a meeting of the residents being held in the courtyard Monday evening, regarding the proposed sale of this and the entire network of apartment rental properties owned & managed by the City & County of Honolulu to a ''private'' owner. Representatives from the C&C were on hand to explain the progress and procedure and to alleviate concerns about possible rent increases, etc. As always, it seemed as though most of the questions, and most of the harder-hitting questions, were being left for me to ask, and this was the very first of such meetings I'd made an effort to attend during the year or so that these meetings (until tonight, all 'offsite') have been being held.

After Monday's meeting I went to check on what's left of my original motorcycle cover to inspect it for more cat violations, since they continued to give indication that they'd still not gotten the message when I'd intentionally left the deterrence spike boards off of my seats after completing my Wednesday workshift, because I'd felt it was too much of a bother to be hassling with right then and had anticipated the convenience of not having to deal with their removal later Thursday when I'd planned on being back at work... but of course there was no ''work on Thursday," as explained earlier, and as a result of that fact I'd not bothered to reposition the spike boards until Sunday morning when I'd gone out to do a bit (literally what amounted to a ''bit'') of grocery shopping when it became apparent that the office wasn't going to call me in for work then either.

It literally took dambed-near all day Wednesday to ''convert'' a downloaded video from ''GoogleTube'' into a file compatible with the film-editing software program on my system, so that the nearly 3-hour long file could be chopped & condensed to roughly 15 minutes' worth of footage: the intent being to separate out the full run of the Ethiopian woman's critical commentary about American black women from the critical ''point-by-point'' breakdown challenging her criticisms -- because after having since reloaded my video commentary defending her against all the lies & bitter accusations she'd received in response to her statements, as a replacement for the original video that I'd uploaded which had gotten itself stripped off of the hosting site a couple of weeks ago as part of a  ''false flagging''  campaign from a bunch of bitter @$$#0L3$ who were angry that I'd taken up her defense while at the same time calling them out on their nastiness and two-faced hypocrisy, I've been finding myself going up against more disingenuous emotional kneejerk reactionaries who are still trying to $#!T upon her by spewing many of the same false accusations & launching many of the same broad-brushing blanket condemnations. I'd resorted to this method because her original upload is no longer available, whether that's because she took it down due to all the pressure or if she was likewise the victim of a bitter angry (and ''cut to the heart'') emotional mob who flagged her vidcom down in an attempt to ''silence'' her.

Thursday morning I'd finally made the call to ''Oceanic Cable''  (''Time/Warner Cable'')  to inquire all about & eventually place my order to receive  ''Roadrunner''  internet & ''cable telephone'' services, *officially* calling it quits with  ''The Carlyle Group'' (''Hawaiian Telcom''),  working out a promotional & regular package deal which will cost virtually identical to what I'm receiving right now through the phone line.

And the biggest surprise of Thursday night was when I'd received a call from the office asking me to return their call... I'd stalled for a couple of hours and waited until about a half-hour before 23:00 before getting back to them. They wanted me to cover a shift this weekend at a location I'd already worked, so this at least tells me that I'd still considered to be on their payroll, though it's still upsetting me that I've got to start back at ''Square One'' to try to requalify for my health care benefits, which would've been getting processed in just a couple of weeks before the phony fiasco regarding the cock-&-bull situation in Hawaii Kai.

September 30 October 2, 2011 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Got the telephone/internet service switched over Friday afternoon after first waiting downstairs by the entrance for the scheduled installation only to call the call center an hour past time to inquire why no one had yet showed up, and ended up waiting another hour before somebody came by (part of the explanation was that the installer was trying to ''call'' me rather than coming straight to the door where I'd been the entire time, another reason I'd learned later was that the installer was part of a ''contracted'' company with nothing identifying themselves as working for the cable company: I'd seen the truck pass by several times, but because of the ladders and the name of another company I'd assumed that it belonged to a construction company)..

The only problem with the set-up was that my ''Caller-ID'' system was not working, so I'd called the support center to inquire about it and let them know I'd not received any sort of documentation. They said they'd mail me the brochures & stuff, but informed me that it may take a couple of days for the Caller-ID feature to kick back in, as they sometimes required the time for everybody involved to be notified of the switch, which seemed to be confirmed by the fact that calls I'd tried to place to the secondary number that had been assigned with my DSL account would just ring without let-up and without any sort of recording indicating that the number was no longer in service.

I found myself being more impressed with the cable internet than with DSL and am somewhat miffed that I'd not tried it sooner. And now, most curiously, ''Hawaiian Telcom,'' whom I'd just tossed to the curb in favor of ''Oceanic Cable'' (''Time-Warner'')  ''Road Runner''  service, is all of a sudden offering a telephone/DSL package deal that would've saved me something like an additional $20 or so, but EVEN *IF* that were an incentive to ''go back to'' or ''stay with'' their punk asses, it would be a serious step back to play around with their bogus ''always connected'' (...that is, until you're in the middle of something and you receive or need to make a phone call!) so-called ''high speed'' internet, especially considering the fact that the better service I'm now getting is costing me not much more than what I'd already been paying for ''The Carlyle Group's'' craptastic service.

Spent Friday night & Saturday morning clearing out all of the excess wiring and rearranging all the connections into something more sensible and less chaotic.

October 7 - 9, 2011 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

I finally went to the office Friday to pick-up whatever paychecks were waiting for me since I'd started working for this company (not realizing that it also happened to be an actual scheduled payday) and to update them on the home telephone number post-cable hook-up. While there I'd strongly anticipated getting called in to somebody's back office to get reprimanded for any number of things, even halfway expecting & hoping that I'd be ''fired'' for whatever reason, yet neither of those things came even close to happening.

But I did have a number of shake-up issues with my paychecks: first was that there were only  three  to pick-up, when I'd anticipated at least ''four''; second was what was listed as the ''pay period'' in which I'd begun actual work for the company (although subsequent checking of journal entries showed that this ''beginning'' date was  ''questionably''  correct, as the ''pay period'' carried over from a ''Friday Night'' into a ''Saturday Morning''); third-- and most disturbing of all --was the fact that the two later checks had no ''check statements'' attached to them -- when asking them about this, they informed me that these were pay for ''special'' assignments (not part of any ''scheduled employee'' compensation) an so had a different ''payment structure'' assigned to them... the next & loudest ''alarm bell'' sounding out for me to cut this company from my reality post-haste!

And while it may seem that the cats around here have finally gotten the message about staying off of my motorcycle seats, thanks to the ''spike boards'' I'd assembled, they're still a freaking nuisance in the area, as I'm strongly suspicious that one woman in particular is keeping the ''feeding campaign'' of these monsters ongoing, and I'd engaged in a ''waiting-out'' session with her when I'd returned to the apartment complex Sunday night, the results of which brought me to the realization that there are TWO such cats of identical appearance which have been wearing out their welcome, but my anger & bitterness over feeling the need to actually engage in this showdown of wills also managed to save my butt in that I'd inadvertently left my motorcycle key set in the ignition, so had this determined challenge not brought me back down to the courtyard there's no telling what may have happened. Just prior to the stand-off I'd asked the security guard on-duty if he'd inform the resident manager to look into setting up some traps to try to get rid of these things... not that it'll make a whole hill of difference in my case anymore, because now after all of their activity and all of my attempts at setting up any number of ill-effective ''counter-measures'', all of these things made what very little was left of my shredded motorcycle cover completely useless to me.

October 10 - 13, 2011 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

Making myself very tired and subsequently very sluggish & unmotivated for most the week, it wasn't until Thursday morning before I'd gotten up the energy and the will to go down to the office to pick up my missing paychecks, which I'd discovered very early Monday morning had not been received as part of the original pick-up collection: only two more checks were expected, but it turned out that they had an extra five still in storage... and again I'd received three more without ''statements.'' Regarding those ''statementless'' checks, I'd asked a couple of office workers about how to properly handle them regarding reporting the income for taxation purposes, and after getting the runaround from both of them (and noting how at one point the paymaster or whatever her position was with the company admitted that the company would not report these earnings to the IRS on my behalf), I'd decided that my best bet would be to take the issue up with the local IRS office in the morning and to explain the situation to them and get their input on my situation and/or to inquire about this peculiar arrangement by this company.

Prior to riding out to claim my checks, I'd dropped by a couple of the other locations where I'd submitted job applications prior to accepting this job in order to update both my contact information and to inform them of my ''currently employed'' status, but the second location informed me that my application had expired and they instructed me to retake the ''pre-application test'' (which I'd yet again explained to them had a couple of questions which were ''unanswerable'' according to the way the questions themselves were formulated in light of the ''answer'' options presented) and to fill out a new application afterward.

The only other things I'd managed to do worthwhile during the earlier part of the week was to call ''Oceanic/Time-Warner'' on Tuesday to set up an appointment to determine why my caller-ID unit still refuses to work with this ''cable'' set-up, and attempting to uncover & ''fix'' the faulty AC power supply connection in my shortwave radio which has long since served almost exclusively as my alarm clock.

Also discovered Wednesday evening, while trying to upload a half-hour long multimedia project composed on top of the  ''George Burns & Gracie Allen''  program where Gracie announced her candidacy for President, that stinking  ''GoogleTube''  had surreptitiously cut back the video-length upload allotment on one of my channels back to the basic ''15-minutes'' and would not re-extend it unless the account was ''verified'' via  ''mobile phone SMS text''... FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, ''GoogleTube,'' for treating us as though we ALL use or own cellular phones! -- COCKSUCKERS!

October 21 - 23, 2011 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

[Finally, after about three or four years, my ''recertification'' inspection for my lease renewal on this apartment was conducted Friday morning. During that process, one of the inspectors had (unbeknownst to me at the time) confiscated the power strip in my kitchen which I'd been using for cooking & brewing purposes, who'd unplugged it from the outlet behind the stove/oven unit, citing it as a ''hazard'' -- the ''disconnect'' wasn't so much the issue, as that particular outlet had tripped the circuit when my coffee maker's cord blew out and I'd already resorted to lighting the stove with a direct flame and used an extension cord from the opposite wall for the small kitchen appliances. (They'd reset the switch for that outlet after they left, as each floor level shares a ''collective'' circuit box.) They also replaced the burned-out mini-fluorescent light bulb in my washroom, but it wouldn't be until days later that I'd discovered that all the jerk-a-wad had done was remove the operational one from my kitchen lamp and just did a ''switch'' (even after doing this, and confiscating my personal property, they still didn't have enough decency to take the two burnt-out bulbs with them for ''proper'' disposal).

After the inspection was over, I'd planned on doing a backlog of laundry, but came to realize that the first of the paychecks I'd picked up was scheduled to be voided by the next day, so laundry was postponed until I'd returned from running off copies of the ''statementless'' checks for my own personal records then presented them to a representative at the IRS office at our Federal Building to try to get a sense of what this company was doing and how to cover my own ass. A new co-worker whom I'd met on Sunday confirmed the IRS rep's recommendation that the matter next be taken to the ''Department of Labor'': because as the new co-worker explained it after I'd informed him of what he would likely be faced with when he received his first paycheck from this company, his former employer had taken him off-schedule after he had reported them to the Labor Dept. for pulling the exact same ''tax-evasion'' scam.

And those cocksuckers at ''GoogleTube,'' for whatever their reason, finally decided to re-institute my  ''larger-than 15-minutes''  upload allotment; perhaps it was due to my removal of the video upload which they'd literally ''silenced'' because some dambed record company *FINALLY* after all this time decided they wanted to flex their bullying-tactics muscles (the loss of that particular video was not all that big of a deal anyway, so honestly there was no real skin lost in that area). So I'd used that as my opportunity to transfer the video project I'd originally wanted to be hosted onto that preferred channel back up, and deleted it from the ''back-up'' channel once the upload proved successful.

October 31 November 4, 2011 (Monday-Friday)
''Week in Review''

Received no calls for any work assignments since having called off sick Monday night, as a result of battling yet another of my strange ''phantom illnesses'' that I'd felt developing since early that morning and throughout the day but had disregarded as simply ''just being unusually tired.'' As usual, it seemed to be suggesting a link to a ''food poisoning'' episode, but I'd had nothing with which to establish any sort of connection for that explanation, since the only thing I'd eaten up to that point was a pot of rice and a freshly opened ''soy chicken'' patty the previous (Sunday) night (and that this proved not to be the source of the problem was confirmed Friday night when, as is my habit, I'd deliberately attempted to verify the connection by preparing the same dish and waiting to see if I'd become affected with the same symptoms).

In a way, I'd viewed the bizarre incident as sort of a ''mixed blessing,'' as the job assignment would've resubjected me to working in and around a bunch of companies promoting themselves & vying for status as ''military contractors,'' where they were gathered for a (at least) 3-day convention at the ''Sheraton Waikiki'' ballroom.

I've been getting all sorts of ''empty'' phone calls all week, but without me answering any of them, and without anyone on the other end bothering to record a message to the answering machine, there's been no way for me to know who's bothering me, especially since ''Oceanic/Time-Warner'' doesn't like the idea of being compatible with my ''Caller ID'' unit... so it could be the same jackasses who've been continually harassing me from the moment I'd switched to digital cable, or it's just as possible that it's the people at the office playing ''impatient'' and refusing to leave a proper message.

Of course, after giving it some thought, there could be a third possibility... they could just as well be waiting for me to come in with the ever-bothersome ''doctor's note'' in order to be placed back in queue. But I've a more sinister suspicion: this seeming ''Silent Treatment'' is  ''payback''  for informing the scheduling manager Sunday night about my concern over not receiving regular tax record statements with my paychecks and that his ''explanation'' wasn't sufficient and that I'd be going around 'asking some questions,' as it were. Initially, my plan was to keep working a little bit longer to build up my reserves to somewhat comfortable levels, then make some inquiries with the  ''Department of Labor''  to have them check into matters, but since they're slow about wanting to see me back at work I've decided to give it another half-week, and if I've still not heard anything by then, it's on... especially since after I'd asked the scheduler to explain the conflict and he said all I'd have to do was file tax form ''1099'' which, according to my research on that tax reporting form and whom is ''properly qualified'' to file it, suggests that this company is engaged in doing some dishonest & shady ''tax-juggling'' activities and labor law violations.

November 5 - 6, 2011 (Saturday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

After all of the deep and progressive inquiries I've been receiving from the woman in New Jersey who began interacting with me through ''[Who?]Tube'' who keeps insisting that she wants to establish an intimate bond with me, asking especially recently for details about my former relationship with my ex-wife, I'd decided that it was perhaps the best time to transition the discussion into the ''Big Reveal" that I'd hoped to prepare her for these past several weeks in advance... that is assuming of course if her seeming interest was genuine and legitimate.

Having forewarned her on many occasions not to place too much of an ''emotional'' investment on what could quite easily be an uncertain thing, and to think more clearly & objectively about what she would be taking upon herself if she were indeed serious, I'd began recording in front of the webcam late Friday night with expectation of having everything completed and uploaded as a ''private video'' submission in just a couple of hours at most wasn't completed until around 04:00 Saturday morning, followed by more-or-less 4 hours of rendering/processing time, then followed by an equally-long upload attempt followed by two more -- all of which failed or had to be aborted (the first attempt falling off somewhere near or within the 80% completion range), which forced me into another 4-hour-long reprocessing attempt, this time with the intent of saving the finished project as a (slightly) smaller file, then something like yet  another  four hours to ensure that this newly rendered file was properly uploaded & processed online. By the time everything had FINALLY come together properly and completely, almost an entire 24-hours had elapsed.

The stress of all I had to go through in order to get the thing uploaded in a timely fashion was perhaps a foretaste of what could be expected to be felt on the ''receiving'' end of the discussion, again assuming that all feeling and emotions were genuine -- because if they were valid, and if what she'd described about herself was all true, then how can such a person not be completely devastated when you've got to inform them that if they are to ever become intimately involved with you they run the risk of contracting a sexually transmissible infection (herpes/hsv2).

The reaction Saturday night (Sunday morning, her time) was to be expected; its ''delivery,'' no so much. The ''reaction video,'' from my perspective, looked contrived and so I'd had my suspicions, though there did appear to be a hint of ''redness'' to her eyes, so the seeming discrepancies pretty much kept me in ''static'' mode until everything could be better scrutinized during follow-up interactions. Put shortly after she came back saying she was a bit ''calmer'' when she realized that it was nothing severe or deadly serious like Hep-C or some such, though still cursing my ex-wife for (future possibility) indirectly ''contaminating'' her. I'd tried to include as much  accurate  information (both personal and general) as possible about the infection and its behaviors and its chances for ''spreading'' in hopes that if she had indeed been serious all this time that she would make an ''informed'' (and again, unemotional) decision about where she might want to go from here. She said she really had no one close to her that she could discuss it with, whether family or close friend, and suggested that she'd be given the ''Third Degree'' if she suddenly began asking so many questions relating to sexuality.

All of her expressed personal interests in me seemed to be confirmed late Saturday night or early Sunday morning (cannot recall which) when as a result of an originally unintended oversight on my part-- from during the time when I'd designed a companion ''GoogleTube'' channel for her so that we could establish ourselves as a boy-girl ''tag team'' (inspired by other similar type ''partnerships/associations'' on the site, but establishing ours as sort of as a counterweight to what is overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, a "co-captain" [inside joke] / "go-to guy" team-up between same-gendered individuals) --whereby an unintentional ''residual'' exploit presently still exists which allows me to observe some of her channel activity, I'd come across a confidential discuss she was having with another online participant where she was expressing many of the same thoughts and feelings, along with much of her reviewing history which showed her investing deeper interest in wanting to learn more about the dynamics of ''older man, younger woman'' relationships.


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