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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

My gosh... where to begin? I've been so distracted & bummed out that I've been ignoring making even semi-regular entries and putting off doing anything in these webpages -- I still have yet to complete a number of review ratings on my ''DVD Movies'' pages. In fact, I've let so many details go on unmentioned for so long that I've forgotten most of it already.

In just (less than) two months my new job is driving me to the edge, not just the ''5-day'' thing, but the people I have to deal with over and over again have been pushing me to the brink of my patience.

My motorcycle is still sitting virtually unmoved, not because of the prices of petrol, but mainly because of the very close proximity of my work station, to which I ride my secondary bicycle each & every worknight.

Largely because of my going back to work when I did I've been falling furher behind in my computer filing & restructuring and housework is progressively in greater need of attention. I've still got about a score of soundfiles to edit & format and I want to try again reburning a DVD movie before I can even hope to begin a re-scrub of the PC, not to mention a considerably longer wait before I can attack the Mac again.

I'm also highly pissed that ''BSGOP'' (MSNBC) ''fired'' Dan Abrams' program, ''VERDICT'', just so they could give Rachel Maddow (of that loser excuse ''Air America Radio'' Network) her own television program... they couldn't even KEEP Dan's program on and still give Rachel ''Mad Cow'' her own show?

September 2, 2008 (Tuesday)
20:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

[[The following was posted earlier today as a "blog entry" on my largely ignored "MySpace" page and is being reproduced here verbatim.]]

Four days after being tapped as John McCain's vice-presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is receiving the full force of vicious attacks. Not only are her rabid Neo-Conservative politics and  "lack of political experience"  being sandblasted, but her  personal  life in light of her "conservative/moral values" are being used to scorch her ass relentlessly -- radio shock jock Tom Leykis is, as I am typing this very moment, excoriating Palin's "parenting skills" and "sexual abstenence philosophy" by honing in on the fact that her 17-year-old daughter is  pregnant... OUT OF WEDLOCK!!!  (What was "fair play" for Hillary, Bill & Chelsea, or for Kerry's "swiftboating" & marriage to the "Heinz" heiress, or for the attacks against Mr. & Mrs. Obama's religion and patriotism is, as Tom says, more than fair play for Palin and her family.)

But as I've already mentioned to my mother over the phone two days ago, and as I've already posted several times throughout the days preceding that on the discussion forum site I regularly participate in, it is my deeply held suspicion that Ms. Palin's selection as VP running mate is *NOT* intended to be permanent, but that it is rather a very slick, sneaky way to play political strategy until about mid- to late-September when Palin will be given the "nudge" to  "drop off"  of the GOP ticket, and in her place will be put either Mitt Romney or "Holy Joe" Lieberman.

I give very specific reasons why I believe that this is the strategy, as I've explained in the following detail:

Palin was selected to be the "carrot" to entice "independent" and "undecided" WOMEN voters *AND*, they're hoping, the many frothing-mouthed ultra-rabid "Hillary" supporters who feel TWICE "dissed" by Barack Obama (first by his being selected as the Dem. Party's presidential nominee, then by his refusal to appoint Hillary as his pick for VP running mate). Once the McCain strategists have had some success in attracting these women, as well as using Palin's radical Neo-Conservative stances to placate the knuckle-dragging Religio-Political "faithful", Sarah Palin will [[*koff-koff*]] "decide" to "drop out" of the race for "personal" reasons (read: she'll be told that her presence on the ticket is "hurting" John McCain's chances to be elected because she simply carries too much undesirable "baggage" with her, and she'll be given some 'nice parting gifts').

When every one of us who was busy pointing out all of Ms. Palin's flaws & deficiencies (as well as the explosively blatant hypocrisy of her selection) in our forum discussions, one person who was a desperate "True Believer" apologist asked if we were so genuine in our assessment over the fatal flaw in McCain's selection then why hadn't anyone offered a "better" name that "Johnny Mack" could have chosen instead (completely ignoring what I had written earlier putting forth names such as Lieberman, Romney, Kay Bailey-Hutchinson and Elizabeth Dole). So I've decided to repeat how I had responded to that question as well.

If John McCain wanted to make what would've been the very best choice for his VP pick, he would have needed someone who could not only attract all (and more) of those aforementioned "Angry Women" from the "Democratic" side and the hopeful "Put a 'Female' Face in a 'High' Place" independent and "Conservative" women... *AND* who would be able to play to the emotions of the "God & Guns" crowd... *AND* be a friend of the "Corporatists"... *AND* especially to do something that'll cause *BLACK AMERICA*-- which has a very long history of voting against "Conservative" candidates --to perk-up & take a harder look at his candidacy, John Mc could comfortably cover ALL of those bases with the selection of...
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice!

September 12 - 14, 2008 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

The "Big" news this weekend, of course, was the hurricane that hit my old home of Galveston, Texas... and although the damage was pretty bad from all I was able to witness, I know that if it had not been for that dog-ugly  ''seawall'',  which I've always disliked, half of the city would've been scrubbed clean off the face of every map ever drawn. I was amazed that even the rock-sturdy  ''Flagship Hotel''  sustained some major damage.

As for what's been happening on the ''current'' homefront, it seems I've been trying to get myself into a little trouble in a couple of areas. First, on Thursday night I called to file a complaint against our one particular team member-- the one who (barely) familiarized me with what our duties entailed my first day on the job, in fact --who has already had a problematic history at our jobsite, because I'd determined once and for all that I've grown infuriatingly tired of fielding all ''personal'' calls coming in to him  on our company's cell phone...  which is ONLY supposed to be used for ''business-related'' matters! Then I went and REALLY stepped my foot into it when I'd decided to put a couple of new ''personal ads'' up on that  ''Craig's List''  thing again-- one for ''LTR'' dating, and another for ''NSA''  ''pussylicking''  encounters --which were actually posted a bit earlier in the week but did not see any significant activity (naturally, all of it seemingly 'bullshit-phony' interest) until toward the weekend, including one who even sustained an extended ''back-&-forth'' email exchange with me Thursday morning claiming that ''she'' wanted to get with me that same afternoon but who most amazingly dropped out of existence of the entire cosmos the very second I gave ''it'' my telephone number and asked to be contacted, uh-huh! (I'm such a dummy!)

Trying to get through a few of the half-dozen remaining DVD purchases I still have not yet ''officially'' reviewed/rated (and/or to make certain the discs are not defective), even as I've placed another order last night (Saturday) through ''sensasian.com''-- whom I've used only once before --because they are the only game going on that is actually distributing the three major Asian titles I've been waiting long and hard for (since having first viewed them all online months ago) that none of my other online markets are making available or that are not yet being marketed in the US... despite the fact that the movies themselves are already several years old!

I've also closely observed the latest  potential...  backroom political game-fixing which just ''MAY'' be coming up over the horizon.... As I've already stated, I believe that John McCain's tapping of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was purely a ''political'' and just as purely a (still held belief) ''temporary'' move in an attempt to sway primarily ''independent/undecided'' women voters over to the G[as].O[il].P[etroleum]. camp. NOW comes word that Barack Obama's Vice-Presidential pick, Joseph Biden is saying out loud that  Hillary [Clinton]  would've made a ''better'' VP candidate than himself! Spin this as the Obama camp may, but whether they actually go this route or not, if Joe Biden were to ''withdraw'' his name from nomination it would be a 'PERFECT COUP' for Obama to appeal to Hillary, now that all of the bitterness & animosities-- all in the name of ''Unity'' --have had time to pass under the bridge and it would establish Obama's, and thus the Democratic Party's, solid & sure win of the 2008 presidential election. If they were to manipulate the game in this fashion it would not only swing the whole ''woman'' pendulum back in Obama's and the Dems' favor (particularly re-energizing Hillary's base supporters) but it would also essentially force McCain to *REMAIN STUCK* with Sarah Palin as his VP pick, out of dreaded fear that any attempts afterwards to drop her off at the nearest ditch in favor for someone else more qualified would be seen as a blatant act of playing a ''Me, Too!'' political maneuver, which would only serve to damage ''McCan'tStayConsistent's'' candidacy. As a ''reward'', Biden could still be given an extremely important post in the administration, such as Secretary of State, where he'd be actively able to apply his ''foreign affairs'' chaps. I doubt seriously that the Dems would ever work together to actually try to pull something this powerfully & devastatingly effective off, but who knows?... they may just spring this as major surprise! It would be something else spectacularly unprecedented, to say the very least.

September 19, 2008 (Friday)
17:20, Hawaii Standard Time.

It's always something! Now that I'm hyper-close to getting my final selection of edited/formatted soundfiles I have to discover that quite a number of them (of the  ''radio dramas''  variety; I have yet to examine my 'music' and 'news/information' files) were encoded (or perhaps ''RE-encoded'' sometime prior to my finally having gotten around to downloading them) in such a way that they refuse to open in my ''Mac OS 9'' version of ''QuickTime'' media player! Now I've got to go through ALL of these damned soundfiles (Yet A-fucking-gain!) and ''reconvert'' these disgusting irritating demons in  ''iTunes''  in order to make them universally compatible. Included in this grouping are several .mp3 files encoded in  ''RealPlayer''  which, I'm now discovering, will likewise not open in the ''classic'' QT player, so they need to be converted over too! Shi[r]t!... by the time I ever do get finished my  ''Linux''  operating system installation disks will be all but obsolete!

Still trying to stay up on the goings-on in Galveston... apparently things are much worse there than I had originally been led to believe. I feel so conflicted about all that took place there, but I also cannot help but feel very fortunate to have not been living there to experience the nightmare. All of the reports are saying that it is truly a disaster area and that the Island has been reduced to near ''Third World'' conditions.

September 24, 2008 (Wednesday)
15:25, Hawaii Standard Time.

I've been putting this off again, which seems to be becoming standard operational procedure for me lately, especially now that I've been burdening myself with a new mountain of distractions, including in particular putting up personal ads or dating and/or sex back onto ''Craig's List'' -- thanks in large part to my one-time job partner, Mike, always telling me about a former zoo employee he stays in contact with who's never been pussylicked and who has been looking for something more out of her sexless, loveless marriage, and every damned time he calls me and starts going into all the sexual talk & innuendo in their conversations and repeatedly talking about how bad & loveless & sexless this woman's marriage is and how horny & lonely she is I keep telling him to give this woman my phone number and let her decide whether or not she wants to contact me or not, but he never does this for me, so I'd simply reached the point where I'd gotten tired of waiting on him and decided to try my luck (bad, though it is) online again.

I'd gotten a couple of responses to the ''pussylicking'' ads I'd posted there in ''Craig's'': one from a known BS-er I'd dealt with before back when I was doing this initially, so I tested her out over a couple of emails before I dropped off the radar screen by mentioning that I was all concerned about the folks in my old home of Galveston after this  ''Hurricane Ike''  phenomenon and was too distraught to engage in anything intimate like that. The response from another woman I'd determined was very likely an insincere ''tug-along'' game being played by a ''Hawaiian/Samoan'' who claimed she was  not ''Local''  but was from somewhere in ''Tennessee'' (born & reared, supposedly) who came here after her divorce was finalized to stay with her mother until her mom was to be deployed to Iraq the second week of October. Even though she gave me her phone number and we kept somewhat in contact, this woman's repeatedly begging-off from trying to arrange some sort of a ''public meeting'' someplace mutual began to send my doubt meters quivering, along with the ping-pong ''Phone-Call Tag'' game I felt she was playing, but it was not until she mentioned that she was arranging a ''swingers'' orgy with a number of  ''African-American''  couples (BIG ''B.S. Alert'' siren right there) in the ''area'' (ANOTHER Big ''B.S. Alert'') that she personally ''knew'' (''Run for Shelter! Run for Shelter!'') that I'd determined that nothing but more gameplaying, excuses and running around was to be expected from this one. I found it VERY, VERY, VERY QUESTIONABLE behavior for someone who claimed to have been living in ''Ewa'' only since April and claimed to know very little about the Island outside of that general area! So just yesterday I gave this woman the same spiel about my concern for the Galveston homefolks, sprinkled in with the main tagline I had posted in my ad, namely that the ''Girlfriend'' I had made up out of whole cloth who had ''temporarily separated'' from me in order to ''find herself'' had been spying on my email account and had ''returned'' to try to 'play nice' after having read my email exchanges (the fact that I mentioned that I already had a girl in-waiting was probably the ONLY reason I had gotten any responses to that ad at all, since none of the others I'd posted have even received curious nibbles... and, of course, like roaches coming out of the woodwork as soon as the lights go out, the whole flock of ''meetoo wannabees'' began flooding the category with ''I Want to Lick Pussy'' ads of their own too... all while showing pictures of their *cocks* -- lying bastards!).

I had called my sister in Missouri right after I had gotten off work Sunday; we talked for about four hours. I finally asked about and understood the details surrounding her incarceration for a murder she did not commit. And, of course, more news about what such a selfish hoe my mother has truly always been -- things I'd always known but wanted to keep covered over in self-denial, causing me to lose considerably even more respect for her.

And Monday became OFFICIALLY my very LAST time of ever purchasing ANYTHING from ''Pizza Rut'' -- I had purchased several of their  ''Big New Yorker''  pizzas expecting something... well, I got ''something'', alright: The NASTIEST tasting pizza I'd ever put in my mouth! That fakey-ass (so-called) ''cheese'' is what finally did it in for me! So ''Domino's'' won't take checks anymore, ''Pizza Slut''-- just like I manipulated the name --is just plain nasty, so all that leaves (national chain-wise) is''Papa Johns.''

Got every bit of my remaining laundry (current and the stuff that had been sitting the longest, for months!) finally out of the way today! Washed the motorcycle in between that and discovered that what I thought were the last bits of chicken fat I was scrubbing from my windshield because of that trash-out-the-window tossing bastard was in fact protective coating!

September 27, 2008 (Saturday)
22:35, Hawaii Standard Time.

Well, I'm still seething over my first ''bitter experience'' with my new employers. I had arrived at the jobsite last night four-- count 'em --''FOUR'' stinking minutes ''late''. A minute later I'd gotten this really nasty call from the scheduling manager tearing into my ass over my not having called in to inform him that I was going to be arriving late even by so insignificant an amount of time (which he made worse by the fact that he had also embellished the ''actual'' time by several of additional minutes). His temper flared even more as he soon realized that I was not allowing myself to be intimidated with his ''power play'' antics, and he was especially infuriated that I deliberately refused to address him as ''Sir''. It was enough to cause me to begin rethinking either how much more time I might want to devote to this company (at least ''locally'') or how much longer I want to commit to working this ''5-day'' work schedule. Considering how things are about on the verge of imploding at that particular site anyway, I may just ask for a transfer out of the place entirely and let them deal with an even more of a huge mess.

But I did not realize just how out of bounds this whole incident was until I returned to the apartment today and saw the flashing lights on my answering systems, with the caller-ID numbers time-stamped ''ONE'' minute, then ''TWO'' minutes after I was supposed to have started my shift. I was intending on erasing the accompanying messages, but in an attempt to review a different message I'd accidentally listened to one of the two he had left, and it infuriated me to hear him going off about it having been ''FIVE'' minutes later than it truly was -- as if calling for someone who might have actually been running ''five'' minutes late were not bullshit enough! If this is the kind of cat piss I've got to deal with, I won't be with this company very long: I've got my health care reactivated -- maybe I'll just use it for a few visits while I've got it then drop this dead dog.

October 10, 2008 (Friday)
13:35, Hawaii Standard Time.

Went to the post office to send my defective copy of the  ''Hotaru no Haka'' (''Grave of Fireflies'' -- the televised live-action performance)  DVD I'd ordered from ''Sensasian.com'' (clearly an ''unauthorized'' commercial product) back to the distributorship in Malaysia for a replacement, and claimed what will be my last ever order from ''Gethsemani Farms''.

The stink over ''Gethsemani'' related to what I thought was at first a mix-up with my order (the size and shape of the box suggesting something other than or in addition to the fruitcakes I'd ordered mainly so I could send one to my Father as I had promised) which required ''postage due'', causing me to think that maybe it was due to ''additional'' weight beyond what was originally allotted for. So I paid the ''difference'', as I had thought, and intended to give them a call once I'd opened the box and figured out where the mistake was made. It turned out, however, that the box, despite its uncharacteristic size and shape, did in fact contain the exact order I'd placed. In other words, I ended up paying postage on a shipment which, according to the catalogue and past experiences, was  ''included''  in the total cost of purchase. Both their website and the actual physical catalog state that shipping charges were ''included'' for all U.S. states and territories and military bases, but the website kept tacking on an additional ''shipping'' charge whenever I'd try to finalize my order (apparently unaware that Hawaii has been a ''U.S. state'' since 1959), so I waited until the catalog came so I could sidestep that ''computer error''. Turns out somebody either doesn't know about the paradox or doesn't care. Either way, I find it disturbing enough to motivate me to discontinue ordering from them.

November 17, 2008 (Monday)
15:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

An almost entire day of running about spending money has come to a close. It began last night with my intention to purchase a  ''Samsung''  digital camera the ''Sears'' Sunday newspaper flier had advertised for $100 (which was supposedly a  ''before instant rebate''  of $20 price), and of course rather than going early in the morning I'd opted for ''rest'' and made the decision to venture out to the ''Ala Moana Shopping Center'' store location where everything about the place (especially the 'layout' of their floor plan) was utter chaos (which caused me to decide never to step foot in that particular branch ever again), and naturally all of the available units were already pau. So I decided I'd check out their ''Pearlridge Mall'' store this morning and met with the same disappointment over the unavailability of the specific advertised unit and was made aware that no additional shipments would be forthcoming (...I had actually ridden out there twice: first having arrived about two hours prior to opening time). Deciding to stick around to view some of their other items, I decided on a $100  Nikon ''COOLPIX''  model, which I'm already somewhat familiar with handling as it is the same model we'd been given to use at our jobsite. From there I went over to ''Radio Shack'' to look into their advertised webcam sale item, having absolutely no idea why I'd even think I  needed  the spongin' thing, but I figured I'd see what it would be worth performance-wise for $30. I then stopped off at our local ''Safeway'' supermarket before returning to the apartment to do a bit of grocery shopping -- including purchasing (which someone  finally  had for sale in the display case) a lobster tail to go along with my king crab legs I purchased last night at what used to be ''Daiei'' on Kaheka Street.

All my efforts at  ''Pussy Hunting''  still seem to be going absolutely nowhere, except for this one heavy, rough-looking (and self-admittedly seriously physically symptomatic) Caucasian woman in her mid- or late-40s (I can't remember and really do not feel like checking) who has a thing for  ''sexy black men''  (...don't they all?). It's gotten to the point that I am so very tired of the games all of the others are clearly playing that I'm very seriously considering "making a date" with this woman just to experience and give to  some-one  if not just  any-one.  I did manage to start what has been becoming thus far a very engaging dialogue with another overweight older white woman, only add to that she's a divorcing mother of several adult children plus one live-in teenaged daughter and that she is infected with the  herpes simplex virus, type II.

November 19, 2008 (Wednesday)
15:27, Hawaii Standard Time.

So I went and kept with that ''appointment'' with  ''Sue,''  the ''overly hefty'' woman I'd mentioned earlier, arriving just after 2:10 in the a.m. yesterday morning and going at each other until sometime after 6:00, and of course she expressed pretty much the same thing that everyone I've ever ''been with'' has, that I proved to be a bigger and more pleasant surprise than they had initially anticipated  (...or, in other words, for everyone else who'd either ignored me or strung me along with a bunch of half-heartedness or game-playing, ''their'' loss was definitely ''her'' gain -- even if I was not entirely happy about the situation myself).  Anyway, since a sexual ''full plate'' was on the menu (although I'd disappointed her when I'd informed her I don't engage in anything ''anally'' related), the experience was enough to wear me out to a point where I went to sleep right after taking a shower yesterday morning some time after 7:00 and did not wake up again until about a full ''24-hour'' day later (not even waking up to go to the bathroom), and even then I had to literally force myself to wake up (I had even totally ignored my alarm clock when it went off at midnight). I'm still somewhat woozy and my muscles are still a bit achy.

Watched the Hong Kong movie  ''Rule #1''  online before taking the risk of ordering it as the replacement for the defective  ''Hotaru no Haka''  DVD I sent back but was told could no longer be replaced since the title was  'no longer in stock'  (probably meaning 'pulled from the market' for ''piracy''); the movie was interesting enough... until the ending, where they pulled the stupidest, most illogical move on an already somewhat confusing story, so I was so glad I'd decided to see exactly what I would be getting myself into rather than taking a blind leap of faith.

November 26, 2008 (Wednesday)
18:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

Rushing to re-register my motorcycle ahead of what I thought would be a four day ''weekend'' I was informed by the woman handling my registration that my ''safety inspection'' had been expired since February and that I needed to have that renewed before I could get registered again, so I took  ''Lynette''  to the mechanics right afterward and got that taken care of so I could have that to show ''Friday,'' when the vehicle reg-renewal person informed me that they would reopen after the Thursday ''holiday.''

On my way back to the apartment complex to grab my vehicle I caught up on the street with my neighbor who stays down the hall from me (whose name I believe is ''Kate'')-- and to whom I have been rather explicitly letting it be known that I'm actively on the prowl for ''pussy licking'' dates and have not-so-subtly been trying to 'entice' into letting me ''go down'' on her if she ever wants it --and I asked her why the Police were at her apartment last night: I had overheard from her screaming that someone who does not live here but visits often had assaulted her but that the police were there to consider arresting her instead. She explained a short time later, after we had arrived inside the apartment building's courtyard together, that the man who had struck her had called the police on her after she chose to ''defend'' herself quite ''forcefully''.

It was also during this time that she informed me that our resident manager was being removed (according to her) for accepting bribes and then supposedly pocketing the while still penalizing the persons he took the bribes from for the violations of the rental agreement he was supposedly going to ''overlook'' in return for the payments. That much, as far as I'm concerned, is merely  ''hear-say''  ... but I just heard only a few moments ago as of this writing from listening in on the conversation between my next-door neighbors to both sides of me that at least confirms that this resident manager is out for some form of misdeeds and complaints lodged against him.


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