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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

This period of personal economic crisis (due in part to my unceremonious removal from my former work station I'm still extremely pissed about, and in part to my rash, emotional closing & subsequent reopening of my personal checking accounts without much thought or planning, and in part to the fact that this is the time of year when nearly all of my major expenses come due) I have been putting a tight squeeze on normal operations like grocery shopping, to where even my most avoided food reserves are now down to their bare minimum.

I also spent the last three weeks writing a piece-- then a follow-up --to the resident manager of my current worksite (who, by the way, was resident manager of my former site when I was first assigned out there) regarding the issue of whether Christian involvement in politics or the military was appropriate for a professed follower the Faith. Unfortunately, the time I spent on both of them-- especially the 24-page-long follow-up to some computer printout ''rebuttals'' --had caused me to misuse much of my worktime, and may possibly have some effect on my already shaky job footing.

December 6, 2004 (Monday)
00:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

Spent the past week setting everything up in the  G4 iMac  and mirroring everything between the two machines as best as I could, just in case that should I restart back into Mac OS 9 with this cursed whatchacallit I'll still have a complete back-up system to switch back over to.

This is the most involved I have ever been in the  Mac OS X  environment... so much so that I have almost become accustomed to it. (It's like I've said before, if it were not for its numerous ''weaknesses'' and ''difficulties'' and ''inconveniences'' as compared with OS 9, I'd have no problem whatsoever working almost exclusively in this environment. If this machine decides it wants to hold out long enough, I'm still willing to give OS X 10.4  ''Tiger''  a fair shake when it's released next year.

And what else could possibly happen to screw up my world? Well... after spending nearly three hours correcting html & fixing bad links in my journal archives, the first page that was the beginning of my online journal entries showed the old ''Weather Underground''  ''time & temperature''  banners I used to use until they stopped working, making it seem that the service was being discontinued, were once again working as beutifully as they originally had. This, as I also find out while fixing these pages, that the banners I replaced them with are now reporting that they are changing the access & display code -- which means I'm going to have to alott more time to waste  ''RE-'' replacing  all of them all over again!

* Update - (04:30):
So now I'm going to see if I've wasted all of this time for nothing... I'm going to shut down OSX and (attempt to) restart in OS9. If it works, I'll update and go to sleep with some streaming OTR programming playing in the background. If it doesn't work, I'll just go to sleep, then learn about switching my internet access over to the G3 and leave it at that.

* Update - (04:45):
Well, I guess it's obvious the transfer took, which means, I guess, that I can relax a while. Just how long it will continue to hold stable, however, is another matter entirely. Still hoping for some cooperation, though.

December 7, 2004 (Tuesday)
13:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

A headache almost all day/night Sunday which carried into yesterday culminated into severe fits of diarrhea all this morning. Probably not a surprise since, due to my extreme niggardliness these past couple of weeks, all I had to eat in the last couple of days were the remnants of some leftover breakfast cereals (eaten dry), two cans of mixed vegetables, some nori (seaweed) strips, some leftover crushed pineapple, a few pinches of previously frozen shredded cheese, and some dry (uncooked) beans... any number of which (if not a combination of all of them) could've been responsible for setting my colon on hyperdrive -- there was literally nothing but liquid streaming out of me, so much so that I'm shocked that I haven't fainted and shriveled up (...maybe that comes later).

During my run-around to pick-up & cash my paycheck and get my motorcycle serviced, I did manage to get a Vietnamese plate lunch inside of me, hoping to offer my entrails something a little bit more ''solid'' to work with. Because of the issue, it was partly responsible for my not scheduling an appoint to take my ''Class 1'' driving test today as I had originally planned.

The switch back into OS X seemed to go smoothly enough. The big test will come when I try to switch back over to OS 9 again.

December 20, 2004 (Monday)
22:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally went in to schedule my driver's license test this morning... something I had originally planned on doing last Monday (Dec. 13), but I was still pretty much worn out from that preceding late Saturday night and all day that Sunday when my intestines finally began eliminating almost a week's worth of food out of my system, but having accompanied with it the worst headache attack in memory -- I don't know if the events were somehow related, but it was enough to ruin my original plans.

A new shipment of Asian Cinema DVDs arrived today, also... and, sure enough, one of units (Korea's ''FACE'') had dislodged during somebody's shipping process and had become severely scratched all to hell in the process so that it will not play through like it's supposed to, forcing me, yet again, to go through the entirely painful process of ''returns & exchange requests'' -- Damn It!

I had also received a package from my mother containing a new scent called  ''B*Men'' -- she also says my grandfather, whom she's caring for, is apparently getting very sick ... I sent them a box of jasmine tea a few days ago, the same day I went and finally got the headlights in my motorcycle replaced.

December 22, 2004 (Wednesday)
15:35, Hawaii Standard Time.

All of the rain I was expecting and hoping for yesterday decided it wanted to show up this morning -- and my crazy ass deliberately decided to get out in it (but only because I knew I had a package waiting at my P.O. Box that I did not want to put off, and, no, it was not the fruitcake I had ordered, but the last couple of Asian DVDs of my regular order). So, dressed in nothing but my shortest shorts and a tank top and a baseball cap and sandals, I rode out to the Post Office and then on to Lex's to put some much needed fuel in my gas tank.

While exiting the Post Office parking lot I saw for the very first time (in real life) one of Honda's hyped  ''Silver Wing''  super-scooters, parked in the motorcycle parking area, and I must admit I was a lot more impressed with its design & features up-close & personal than I had been from viewing it in picture form which, in photo presentation, I've always considered to be quite ugly. The thing which amazed me most about it was the fact that the Silver Wing is no larger than my ''Dark Princess,'' which is classified as a  400 cc  engine, whereas the Honda is categorized as a ''600 cc'' ride.

After returning I changed clothes and went back out again to have lunch at To Chau pho shop (...since going through my pseudo-famine period I've actually been repealing my ''land animal flesh'' aversion -- which even included *gasp* ''pork!'' in the form of SPAM!)

January 7, 2005 (Friday)
16:15, Hawaii Standard Time.

My fruitcake finally arrived today, after I had informed their customer service rep that a mix-up had occurred where what I had received a week ago was not the 5-pound fruitcake I had ordered but a one-pound box of their bourbon fudge which I had not ordered. They were nice about it and did not require me to return the fudge, so I got like a little compensation for the inconvenience.

January 31, 2005 (Monday)
20:15, Hawaii Standard Time.

The only thing I never fail at is failing.... When it comes to 'failure,' I am always a success. Thanks mainly to a couple of impatient @$$holes (one illegally parked, which pushed me too far to the left of the driveway I was instructed to exit; the other using the extra space on my right-hand side to squeeze in between, in essence driving his right tires over the curb portion of the driveway) I fell short of passing the driving portion of my ''Class 1'' vehicle operator's license -- requiring me to submit another testing fee nbsp;and  to wait yet another entire month before I can ''scheduled'' for a retest. Other than that, the only thing else I was debited for was not doing a ''head check'' prior to changing lanes. It took about a half-hour before the reality of it all really started to sink in. So there goes my ''job promotion'' put on delay for at least another month.

As per ''Phase-B'' (which I had indicated would be a pursuit regardless of whether or not I had the driving test), I returned to the office and requested a reassignment of work locations: 25 hours/week just isn't going to cut it, and the schedule of where I am at now is so irrational that I cannot even ''pad in'' extra hours from elsewhere without causing scheduling conflicts.

February 9, 2005 (Wednesday)
16:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

I'm kinda ashamed to admit this, but I've been mulling through a stack of ''nudie-girl'' magazines I recovered from our trash dump last night -- more for nostalgia than titillation. They were comprised mostly of several of the ''milder'' (almost entirely absent of any ''pink spreading'' shots), most widely known titles. All of them dated from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s ... a time period when all of this insane obsession with ''pubic shaving'' was still pretty far outside of the radar scope, which was the main reason I wanted to spend some time going through them (I practically despise shaved vulvae, despite the ironic fact that I try to keep my own pubic region shaved) -- I wanted to enjoy those early visual reminders that women are naturally furry down there and admire from afar just how beautiful & lovely it all looks. The  marketing advertisements  from the past were also a kick ... seeing all of the fashion styles, electronic equipment, cars, etc., reminding me of how unsophisticated we really were, when we thought we were at the pinnacle, but viewing many photos of celebrities from the time and recalling how they appear today (those who are still with us) also showed me just how cruel time truly is to us as we age -- we deteriorate oh so rapidly. :(

I have suspicions about which apartment they were removed from, just a huge hunch. I'll be tossing them back out tonight.

February 27, 2005 (Sunday)
((Previous Week In Review))

Tuesday and Wednesday nights afforded me a couple of extra furnishings I scavenged from an intended trip to the dump -- a very tarnish-damaged shelving unit for my still growing anime DVD collection and an oscillating fan with a half-cut cord near the base of the plug respectively.

And the most angering thing occurred to me pre-dawn Saturday morning when, for the first time (and I suppose inevitably), I laid my motorcycle down. I was returning to the apartment after work and, rather than taking the H-1 Freeway as usual, I decided I wanted to take an alternate through-town route, and at the corner of Wilder and Punahou I had to come to a stop at the traffic signal -- but I had the misfortune of stopping dead center on one of those cursed white direction arrows they paint on the pavement, which is bad enough, but when those things (along with manhole covers) get any amount of wet they get extremely slippery, and despite the fact that I had pretty much come to a complete stop there was still no kind of traction on the damned wet thing and I could not maintain control of it as it fell on its right side. Amazingly, I was both able to lift the heavy thing back up on her wheels and came out of it with very minor, barely noticeable damage. It was still infuriating as hell, though, as I still have not finished paying it off.


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