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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

I've been either too lazy, busy, tired and/or depressed to feel like keeping up with the website.

My latest DVD purchase consisted of Al Franken's ''STUART SAVES HIS FAMILY'' ... based on his ''Saturday Night Live'' skit character, ''Stuart Smalley'' -- a character I had honestly never heard of until that Lying Fascists Loudmouth, ''Bully O'Liar'' (''Bill O'Reilly'') sparked my interest by constantly using that name (in a derogatory fashion, of course) to refer to Franken (who's program on ''Air America Radio'' is kicking ''The Radio Factor's'' ass in the New York ratings)! I later sent a cordial email to Mr. O'Reilly thanking him for all of his anti-Franken ass-riding which, in turn, resulted in my ultimately crediting Mr. O'Reilly exclusively for being the sole factor (no pun intended) that influenced my decision to purchase both the Franken DVD movie as well as the 'Lying Liars' Audio Book.

A letter from my mother arrived several weeks ago, in which she reported that she had experienced a ''rollover'' in her SUV. Her interpretation is that the replacement tires she received as part of a recall exchange were the main factor in the incident. Not knowing the situation, I can only speculate that there just may be some legitimacy to that attribution. But knowing how my mother drives (I still have not forgotten how scared I felt riding around with her the last time I had visited her)....

The ''G4 iMac'' has recently been causing me some problems, not fully activating or sometime blacking out while on -- usually while running any of the ''iTunes'' 'screen visuals' in full-screen mode; other times it seems like a 'hardware' problem, connected with my rotating the monitor 90 or so. I can't really be certain, as I'm trying to avoid doing those things as much as possible, but a run of ''Disk FirstAid'' may have cleared it up.

September 6, 2004 (Monday)
20:15, Hawaii Standard Time.

Went to the Dole Cannery Row cineplex to catch a showing of  ''The Hunting of the President.''  I would have gone earlier Saturday or Sunday, but I ate too much ice cream, and little else, so I ended up feeling headachy and nausiated for pretty much the entire weekend. Anyway, the movie was no  ''Fahrenheit 9/11,''  to be sure. In fact, the whole thing felt like a 'super-sized' PBS documentary. That's not to say it was bad, but it was not very well constructed... segueing roughly and leaving out what would have been further enlightening details.

September 7, 2004 (Tuesday)
22:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

Went to drop off an employment verification form at the office this morning and to pick up a paycheck ''on time'' for the first time in I don't know how many months... and wouldn't you know it, checks would not be ''ready'' until later in the afternoon. Upon leaving the office I decided to take an impulsive trip to the windward side of the Island via the Likelike Highway and returned to the city via the Pali Highway. Then, around 3-ish O'Clock I decided to attend the Bible-study at the Hawaii branch headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses, but actually arrived about 15 minutes late and a day early.

September 8, 2004 (Wednesday)
16:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

Of course, another disruption... I get calls last night & this morning informing me of a ''schedule change,'' which made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. When I finally spoke to someone at the office I was told that a request was made for my removal from the Hawaii Kai location  again  ... and the condo's resident manager refused to give me even a vague explanation. I decided to meet with my supervisor at the office, and he explained to me that there are still two or three out of over 200-plus residents who take offense that I am not always up in their faces and making them my exclusive center of attention in the universe -- the main complainer, no big surprise, being the  ''Reverend''  Gerald Gifford... a constipated old fart retired Episcopal priest with an ugly little rat of a pet dog ...never mind the fact that I tried to make it a point to put forth extra effort to acknowledge his unappreciative ass since my return. Excuse my very ''un-Christian'' expression, but FUCK HIM! I suspect I know who the other two whiny-babies were -- one of which surely had to have been the former board member who was instrumental in my removal from that location in the first place, when he chose to side with the previous alcoholic (& rumored ''Peeping Tom'') resident manager who got voted out  unanimously  when his contract expired. And the third person, I'd guess, is a long-time resident who has recently taken on the mantle of ''house rules'' cop and found me a little too ''lenient.'' I'm not at all concerned about being  re-removed  & reassigned-- even though I'll miss a large lot of them --but I am curious as to the seemingly ''coincidental'' timing of the whole schlamiel.

Anyway, I've already agreed to (temporary?) reassignment back at Kapiolani Community College.

October 22, 2004 (Friday)
17:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

It's official. This afternoon I closed out my checking account at City Bank, as promised, and reopened an account at the Bank of Hawaii. I figured it was now the time to move-- regardless of the mountain of expenses I am about to get swamped with, as always occurs around this time of the year --based upon the notice I had received in the mail regarding the change-over in personal checks (from ''City Bank'' to ''Central Pacific Bank,'' to whom they sold-out after bragging that they would fight the ''hostile take-over'' all the way!) that was about to go into effect.

October 25, 2004 (Monday)
23:15, Hawaii Standard Time.

Spent yesterday evening and this afternoon & late night trying to figure out and get accustomed to this audio editing application I downloaded months ago... and keep getting crashed out on most occasions. My main concern was trying to figure out how to ''loop'' audio using the replacement speakers I had purchased for the ''Jade Succubus,'' and, by time I figured everything out, found that their purchase was again not all a total waste. My only real difficulties were that the quality of sound (of those recordings I did manage to preserve after all of the repeated rounds of fighting with the app) are next to lousy and, because of the ''G4'' iMac not coming equipped with a ''line-in'' microphone port, I had to loop sound through the ''G3'' jellybean... meaning that I have been given yet another reason why I cannot-- and should not --consider any plans to sell-off the older model, as was always my original intention. (What the hell is it with  Apple Computer???  They ''take away'' just as much as they ''give'' with every ''new'' model they produce! First, you couldn't get a new system with ''OS 9'' booting capability anymore; NOW the ''G5'' iMacs have gone back to offering the ''slot loading'' CD-ROM drive instead of the extendable tray.)

I'm especially worked up about trying to get everything taken care of as soon as possible, because, as fate would have it (as usual), I had to initiate yet ANOTHER complete scrub & reload of the ''G4'' last weekend! That problem I was having with the monitor malfunction kept returning and becoming more frequent & more severe -- and each time it would seem like a ''hardware'' problem, because it would always appear to ''correct'' itself (by ''starting up'' after repeated unsuccessful attempts) whenever I ''jiggled'' the monitor before and/or during start-up. But as the problem progressed, it became more and more evident that it was a ''software'' issue -- which became evident after three separate reload attempts. It also revealed that it was not ''third party'' related, either, because everything worked fine with each new re-scrub with nothing but all of the original factory settings in place -- the problem only returned as soon as I'd installed the  OS X.2 ''Jaguar''  upgrade disc(s). Why it took so long for it to begin conflicting with my computer after all this time is a complete mystery to me. So now I'm hoping I can avoid having to go back into OS X for anything, because many of my ''X'' applications (those which I cannot utilize in OS 9) are ''optimized'' for  10.2  -- and ''Snow White'' came pre-installed with  10.1  (...with any luck, I can hold out until the release of  OS X.4 ''Tiger''  -- because I sure as hell am not going to waste my money on that now obsolete transitional ''Panther'' stuff only to have to shuck out more money to Apple! I'm not THAT freaking loyal to their product!)

October 29, 2004 (Friday)
15:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Went to the post office to pick up what I thought would be my new set of personal checks, but rather turned out to be my latest  Urusei Yatsura  pre-order shipment (so I had to stop off at the bank to get the account & routing numbers numbers I needed so I could update my automatic deduction payment information for the credit cards, whose deadlines are just a day or two away).

Also, while there, I mailed off a letter to my mother which I started off with the following graphic & detailed prediction:

    Allow me to paint a very grim and frightening scenario:
    * On November 2nd, because of voter registration ''irregularities'' and because of challenges issued by election ''monitors''-- particularly targeting ''African-American'' and non-Cuban ''Hispanic'' voters and overwhelmingly in heavily ''Democratic'' areas and especially in the states of Ohio and ''Jeb Bush's'' Florida --you are going to hear of acts of violence breaking out at & inside various polling places.
    * After November 2nd, when the pretend ''counting'' of the votes has been ''completed,'' and when it becomes evident that the electorate has once again been disfranchised-- resulting in a repeat theft of the presidency by the same team of Fascists who successfully usurped political power unconstitutionally during the election of Year 2000 --riots will break out in the street of America, primarily & mainly in the so-called ''hotly contested'' areas. Who or what exactly will be the focus of such chaos can not certainly be determined, but there will definitely be damaged property, people injured (including some deaths) and mass jailings ... and very likely the enforcement of curfews in some of these areas.
    * If pre-election and ''Election Day'' Republican dirty tactics have likewise prevented the ''opposition party'' (Democrats) from regaining control of the House and/or Senate, the military draft, which President Bush swore up-&-down would ''never'' happen if ''re-elected'' [sic], will be instituted within 6 months after his second term begins.
    *If, by some unlikely miracle, John Forbes Kerry survives the dirty tricks and is still legitimately elected to the office of ''president,'' he will be savagely attacked by these Neo-Conservative thugs who will invent some pretense for undermining his presidency and he will be impeached within 8 months of taking office. (Unless Democrats do somehow manage to reclaim Congress, in which case the Neo-Cons will have to rely on their brown-nosing media hitsquad-- the O'Reillys, the Coulters, the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the Savages, etc. --to continually attempt to discredit him in some way.)
    Like I said, ''grim.'' Even so, I am being VERY reserved in my predictions; I honestly believe it has the potential to become something much worse! In fact, here are a few more of my predictions post-Election 2004: Some time before the 2008 presidential campaign, President Bush-- having stolen two elections --will have firmly established his own, or his party's, permanence by suspending the U.S. Constitution so that it becomes little more than a ceremonial showpiece, after which Gestapo-type tactics will be used to suppress dissent and terrorize the masses; within 6 years the country will have descended into either civil war or an armed uprising amongst the common citizenry -- America will descend into utter chaos and George W. Bush will be fully entrenched as dictator-for-life. Sound improbable? Then allow me to refresh your memory:

    ''If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier...
    ...just as long as I'm the dictator.''
(G.W. Bush, Dec. 18, 2000)
(I then proceeded to segue into how I forsaw all of these things as the harbinger of the coming fulfillment of Bible prophesy without actually turning it into a sermonette before rattling on about my current work- & financial-related difficulties.)

...And just as I said in that letter immediately following that same introduction, I'll repeat here: ''Okay... so now I'm on record.''

November 3, 2004 (Wednesday)
14:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

''Baby Doc'' Bush has retained the seat of power in the U.S. -- no major surprises there....

No (reported) violence occurred at any of the polling places -- I'm somewhat surprised by that....

Massive voter fraud, especially with ''paperless'' electronic voting machines, particularly in the ''must win'' states of Ohio and Florida, took place -- this was ''old news'' going in....

But what surprises-- no... what shocks me (even though, given recent history with Democratic statesmen, I really should not be all that amazed) --was Kerry pulling another  ''Al Gore''  and CONCEDING the election to the Dictator Bush!!! Despite mass voter disfranchisement, despite irregularities, despite proven cases of outright fraud & harassment, the Dems allowed their candidate to tuck his tail between his legs and scamper away whimpering -- and they themselves followed suit, without a single uprising (unlike Republicans would have done)!

So, like I've been saying for the past five years already, Democrats ("Liberals/Progressives") as a whole are totally SPINELESS! -- whiny, abused co-dependent CRYBABIES! And regarding ''Johns'' (Kerry & Edwards) speficically, it would appear that  ''BartCop''  was likewise correct all along, referring to them as  ''Pink Tutus!'' 

And looking at this election's ''electoral map,'' the country looks like it could have been drawn up in the late 1850s, early 1860s! Even so, I feel forced to back away from those earlier predictions about any sort of ''civil uprising'' in this country.... Instead, I foresee an even WORSE scenario: The United States citizenry are all just going to ''behave'' like  ''Good Germans''  and just let this Fascist hate-machine run all over them and trample their liberties, their dreams, and their lives for the remaining time this country-- and this Satan-induced & seduced world --has any breath left in its collapsing lungs! My other predictions about the reinstitution of military conscription, the suspending of the Constitution, the establishment of a Bush and/or ''Republican'' Dictatorship and the undignified death of ''representative democracy'' in America still stand!

November 8, 2004 (Monday)
22:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Mailed off a follow-up letter to my mother after covering again (for a 2nd day in a row) for someone else who decided not to show up for work at their work station after my own scheduled work hours had ended. The letter contained the following  modified  ''Post-Election 2004'' prediction:

After the 2000 elections ended and I saw how Democrats responded, I began referring to them as ''spineless.'' Two years later, after the congressional elections, Democrats validated my claim of their total spinelessness. Democrats began to look like they were starting to develop a little bit of a spine when they showed themselves rallying behind Howard Dean for their presidential nominee ... but one little scream of jubilation later and they reverted back to ''jellyfish'' form and nominated John Kerry. I let it be known that Kerry was not the choice of a nominee Democrats needed in order to go toe-to-toe with these nasty, vicious Fascist psychopaths of Bush/Cheney/Rove, because he could be too easily cut down. Then Kerry picked John Edwards as his running mate, and I knew it was over, and I let everybody know. The ''Spineless Democrats'' were batting a 1,000.

But then something remarkable happened: voices were being heard, challenges were being made, rallies were being held, protests were being staged; Democrats were, by and large, getting angry! Angry at this administration, angry at all the lies & propaganda, angry at the ''lap dog'' media, angry at all of the death, violence & bloodshed -- genuinely angry! They also became observant of the fact that once again their votes would not matter because their votes were systematically being stolen from them or prevented from being counted -- even before debates between the can[d]idates got underway! Republican dirty tricks were being exposed as they were happening, and Democrats were getting infuriated by it all and swearing that they would not let what happened in 2000 & 2002 happen again in 2004.

So I honestly thought that Democrats this time around had finally had it with the Right Wing thieves & murderers and were on a short fuse, ready to ignite on or immediately after election day. But Democrats, proving ever consistent, revealed to me once and for all what they're really made of: ''All Bark; No Bite.'' They scream a good game, they know how to rally support for their various causes; but in the end, when these Right Wing thugs bitchslap them real good they NEVER strike back! In other words: they're SPINELESS!

So the fistfights and the riots I predicted, as well as the ''crackdown'' which could only follow, never materialized. In a way that's good, because nobody in their right mind would want to see a situation like that unfold. But I honestly thought that Democrats had finally come to the crude realization that they could not fight against someone in an ethical, fair, ''sportsman-like'' manner when their opponents-- the Neo-Cons --had no honor, no scruples, no sense of fairness, no respect for rules or ethics: Their only desire & motivation is to utterly destroy you at all costs and by any means.

So now that the Democratic Party has thoroughly revealed to me who they truly are and (I'm convinced) always will be, I am forced to make an even scarier prediction: No matter how much they yell & scream, no matter how many ''challenges'' they raise, no matter how many conspiracies they uncover, Democrats will keep getting slapped, kicked & roadblocked and they'll just continue to take it until at some point in the very near future they'll finally just ''sit down & shut-up'' and become ''Good Germans'' and let the Fascists in this country do whatever the hell they want!

This will all be facilitated by the following events: (1) - seeing how well Tom DeLay's ''early'' (and ''creative'') redistricting worked in Texas-- giving the state more ''House'' seats to Republicans --other states will follow DeLay's lead by redistricting early so as to give Republicans an even greater majority in the U.S. House in 2006; (2) - the ''mainstream'' news media will become even more impotent than they are now; (3) - the media's compliance will be further assured, due in no small part to the greater degree of corporate ownership & consolidation which is guaranteed to take place.

''Roe v. Wade'' and ''school prayer'' are (and always have been) ''red herrings'' just to manipulate the voters. ''Homosexual Marriage'' (also a ''red herring'' issue until recent years) will be banned nationwide by the adoption of a new amendment to the United States Constitution (the only policy proposed by these Neo-Con monsters I actually agree with). Also look for ''flag burning'' to be similarly outlawed by Constitutional Amendment. And speaking of the flag, the ''Pledge of Allegi[a]nce'' (complete with its divisive reference to ''God'') will be made mand[a]tory in all public schools.

So as I'm sure you clearly see, I am merely modifying my earlier prediction in light of the fact the ''Election Day'' violence I said would occur did not come to pass, so the ''crackdown'' scenarios related to it must likewise be scrapped. But make no mistake about it, I'm STILL ''on record'' with my other predictions: The ''war'' in Iraq will continue and will get bloodier; the military draft will be reinstated within 6 months of W's ''second term'' (i.e., by June 2005); another major terrorist attack-- or a number of smaller ones --will hit the United States; George Bush (or, if not him personally, the Neo-Conservative Party he represents) will assume permanent and, eventually, dictatorial control over the United States government within the next eight years; elections will be ''called-off'' in 2008 and the Constitution will be suspended somewhere around that time (if some piece of legislation like the ''PATRIOT'' Act does not outright render it null & void before then).

And, once again, I postponed picking up my paycheck, as well as keeping to my plan to take the written examination for my Hawaii ''Class 1'' vehicle operator's license, which I have been postponing ever since I was removed from working at the unappreciative housing complex in Hawaii Kai. It also means that I am literally two or three days away from having absolutely no food whatsoever inside the apartment, except for some condiments and sauces.

November 9, 2004 (Tuesday)
19:05, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally picked up my paycheck this afternoon and, sure enough, these bastards informed me that because of a brief hiccup in scheduling (due to the other bastards in Hawaii Kai forcing my transfer) I have once again been disqualified from my medical plan! This now makes four times that I have had to endure this sadistic bullshit!

November 15, 2004 (Monday)
14:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally went to the motor vehicle licensing place to knock my written exam out of the way and acquire my ''semi-licensed'' status, followed by obtaining a driving abstract, which I then presented to the heads at the company office in order to get this ''driving position'' ball rolling: Next I'll need to set up a date & time to take the actual ''driving'' portion of the test, because the folks at the office won't allow me to do my ''training'' with only a ''pseudo-license.''

After submitting copies of my newly acquired documents, I then went to the movie theatre to catch the day's first showing of the Sam Raimi remake of  ''JUON'' (as ''The Grudge'')  and sat thorough the entire film being extremely disappointed, not quite believing that  Shimizu Takashi, who directed all of the earlier original versions, also directed this tub of mess! This thing reeked of ''Hollywood!'' -- gone was the subtleties, the gloominess, the ''atmosphere,'' and the slow-paced tension; all replaced with high-contrast brightness, gobs of human activity, loud ''jump'' music... it was all an overload of the senses. The only scene that made a good impression on me was when the ghost-boy, ''Toshio,'' jumped out from behind the bed, which I thought was much better executed here than in the original theatrical release.

November 27, 2004 (Saturday)
16:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Early this morning God showed me where I had misplaced an uncashed paycheck a couple of months ago, which is only two weeks away from being considered ''void.'' (This would explain the missing ''check stub'' I could not account some weeks ago when I was getting my bills and other financial papers organized.)

On the downside, this piece of rot computer is causing me problems again, and I have not as of yet reloaded that crap  ''OS X''  upgrade software, nor loaded any other weird ''3rd party'' software. It showed me problems early on after I had reinstalled everything when I viewed a DVD movie in ''fullscreen'' mode... since then I had avoided doing that, but now, these last few days, it's beginning to show a ''pattern'' again -- and I'll be damned if I'm going to shuck out any more money trying to ''repair'' this S.O.B.! I'll trash the b!+c# and buy a ''Windows'' PC first!

November 29, 2004 (Monday)
19:40, Hawaii Standard Time.

I'll probably wind up committing computicide, but with all of my files pretty much backed up I'm going to chance reinstalling this update software for Apple's infuriating  ''OS X''  -- being how there are several apps that I can run only in the ''10.2'' & above environment... otherwise, I would not even bother.

November 30, 2004 (Monday)
08:25, Hawaii Standard Time.

After a number of jack-me-arounds and uncooperative disruptions as a result of first installing the system software upgrade then downloading security and application ''updates'' which kept crashing repeatedly, I finally managed to get everything loaded and, so far (after several restarts required to install all the new stuff to the hard drive, and ONE restart back into ''OS 9'') it seems to be holding up. Also, rather than go through the motions of transferring apps back over from the G3, I instead elected to reload everything afresh, either from earlier downloaded installers or directly from the websites. Now, all that remains is to get my ''preferences'' in order, which will take some time... but that's for ''another'' time... then we'll see what results.


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