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Unmentioned Highlights From Previous Quarter

Nothing Much, really... just noting the ''on-again / off-again'' nature of my urinary bleeding episodes, and the fact that after having messed around with it for all this time and DESPITE it's aesthetic appeal and greater ability to resist system crashes I have made the conscious decision to SWEAR OFF of ''Mac OS X''! The loss of personal favorites such as ''pop-up menus,'' ''platinum sounds,'' ''talking alerts,'' ''collapsable ('window shade') windows,'' ''window dragging edges,'' ''desktop themes'' and the like contributed greatly to this decision... despite having the ability to utilize some of those features and related applications in a ''OS 9'' (a.k.a. ''Classic'') environment running concurrently with OS X. (I had to end up trashing completely that OS X ''Text Edit'' garbage so I could utilize ''SimpleText'' in the ''classic'' environment.) But the FINAL deciding factors were: the ''RealOne'' default ''Real'' media player for OS X and (the backbreaking straw) the OS X version of Apple DVD Player, which, despite having several truly ''improved'' features, is actually INFERIOR in its operation & picture quality... and since OS X will not allow the ''9.2'' optimized version to operate in the ''classic'' environment, the last thing I want to do is to shutdown & restart this slow-assed computer whenever I want to play a DVD! The only things I really miss from the new OS is the ''dock'' (sometimes), the bright pretty colors, the more elaborate visuals for ''iTunes 3'' and the built-in ''screen saver'' feature.

March 7, 2003 (Friday)
19:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Rode the motorcycle out to the Federal Express distribution center to pick up my new motorcycle cover, which was sent as a replacement for the old one I mailed back to the manufacturer the same day I took James' ring to Brenda for resizing, as part of their ''limited lifetime warranty.'' The motorcycle sat covered under an old bedsheet all this time; today was the first time since then that I've actually taken it out and ridden it anywhere.

March 14, 2003 (Friday)
06:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Just got back from my new ''regular'' worksite ... again, in Hawaii Kai, not too far from the library where I had been working last month. I came dressed in the new uniform components I purchased at KFart pre-dawn yesterday. Long, rough hours and sore feet eleven hours later and I go back in for another round tonight ... THEN pull another 12 & a half straight on Saturday!

March 15, 2003 (Saturday)
08:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

(Just sent the following email message to i.e.America radio network's talk show personalities Peter Werbe & Mike Malloy....)

Only two days ago out of curiosity I visited the webpage put out
by WKRK (Detroit) radio personalities ''Kramer & Twitch'' which
purported to be a ''pro-War'' page featuring anti-Osama and
anti-Sadam propaganda images as well as compiling [quote]
''A list of celebs who are Anti-war, plus Pro-U.S. images...''

The page was listed at

Yes, I said ''WAS'' listed at... because NO LATER THAN THE
NEXT DAY (March 14) that page was NOWHERE to be found!
(It was not even cached on ''Google''!)

I would REALLY like to believe that the following email I sent to
them played a significant role in their coming to that decision:

= = = = = = = = = = =

To: kt@971fm.com
Subject: Make War on the Terrorists!
From: "Mr. Sogynist"
Date: Thu, Mar 13 2003 10:47:00 AM1000

Dear K & T ~
I found it most amuzing, considering your "pro war" stance, that you
would have posted on your webpage a miniature replica of the pseudo
movie poster, ''GULF WARS -- Episode II: Clone of the Attack'' ...
a poster which, if you had bothered to study it, is very ''ANTI'' War!
As with real movie posters, this one-- which originally appeared in
''MAD'' magazine (which is owned by AOL/Time/Warner ... better add
THEM to your list, too!) --has a list of ''production credits.'' If you had
been aware of these, you would have been aware of the following ''credits''

- ''Production designed to distract you from the failing economy.''

- ''Produced by the military industrial complex in association with Exxon, Texaco, Mobil, et al.''

- ''Directed by a desire to win the November elections.''

- ''The success of this military action has not yet been rated.''

But, of course, I can easily understand understand how you two could so
easily overlook these telling little bits of clarification... I mean, after all,
did you not conveniently ''overlook'' the fact that during the 2000
presidential elections the Supreme Court overstepped their jurisdiction
in order to hand over the highest office in the land to a man who not only
lost the popular vote but also (as the recounts proved, which you also managed
to ''overlook'') the ELECTORAL vote as well! Did you not also conveniently
''overlook'' the fact that we as a nation of citizens have effectively lost FOUR
of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Did you not also ''overlook'' the fact
that REAGAN and ''Papa Doc'' BUSH built up and strengthened Sadam's
''regime'' which our own ''regime'' under ''Baby Doc'' Bush now feels compelled
to overthrow! Did you not also ''overlook'' the fact that YOUR president
blatantly declared before the entire country less than a week after he was
''awarded'' the presidency that he WANTED TO BE DICTATOR! Did you not
''overlook'' the fact that 15 of the 19 airplane hijackers/bombers were from our
supposed ALLY, Saudi Arabia, and that NONE OF THEM were from either
Afghanistan (which YOUR president bombed in response) or Iraq (which
YOUR president is now planning on bombing)!

The list is practically endless, but I think you're beginning to see my point.
So, yes, I fully SUPPORT a war on the TERRORISTS which have risen up
against our country and our Constitution... Let's just be clear on WHO the
REAL ''terrorists'' are!

''War is NOT Peace! Slavery is NOT Freedom! Two plus Two does NOT
equal FIVE!''

Adrian T.
Honolulu, Hawaii

March 18, 2003 (Tuesday)
13:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Just included the following in the ''Yellow'' section of the ''Tropical Storm'' Homepages (as well as sharing it with the members in my regular online discussion group):

>>[[I have REMOVED indefinitely the link for ''Men's News Daily''! I shall consider reposting it when they've CEASED being mouthpieces for FASCISM! As it stands now, the site has transformed itself into little more than a Bill ''Nothing-But-Spin Zone'' O'Reilly & ''Drudge Report'' type of Nouveau-Fascist Propaganda site with an occasional splattering of a few divorce & parenting issues from a male perspective and is becoming but a mere shadow of what the site originally was or what it (seemed to be) originally set set out to do. Until the operators return the site to its roots, I shall no longer rely upon it or promote it... there are more than enough GOOD alternative sites out there in support of men's grievances.]]

March 27, 2003 (Thursday)
04:25, Hawaii Standard Time.

On the way to work last night I decided to use the final straight stretch of the H-1 freeway east bound-- a slight upgrade --to open the motorcycle full-throttle to see what she could really do. She was achieving right about 80 MPH before I shut her down. Ironic that I should do that considering the fact that I made most of the trip paying particular note to all of the various skid and scrape marks on the road and concrete dividers -- evidence of so many vehicular mishaps. Strangely, I also spent much of the trip worrying about Karen in Indiana, if I should happen to become injured (or worse) in a wreck of my own (worrying about how such a break in communication might be interpreted). I hate to think about things about that.

April 2, 2003 (Wednesday)
02:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Just spent the last several hours doing what I did a night or so ago... TRYING to ''repair'' the HTML in the various other pages so that Internet Explorer 5 -- for ''Mac OS 9'' could PROPERLY ''read & translate'' the code.

I didn't realize how much of a problem it was causing, because I still prefer to use version 4.5 of Explorer, which does not have any problems reading what I type in, unless I make an obvious mistake. But I had known quite some time ago that there was a problem when the ''Love Wars - part 2''  section in the ''Dark Horizon'' were being cut-off mid-way for reasons unknown, but I had recently discovered that the ''Former & Considered'' DVD Titles  page was likewise defective, DESPITE correct HTML tags throughout, and I spent several painstaking hours trying to understand why it was cutting out the bottom half of my input information and trying to figure out how to circumvent the problem ... all with little success. In the end, I had to cut out a major chunk of what I had originally included on that page; I then temporarily shut down the ''UltraViolet: Topaz'' and ''Amber'' pages until I could spend more time with them later. I have just gone through all of the ''Main'' pages and made several minor but painstaking corrections to them. (And now... literally just a few minutes ago, I've come to find out that it is screwing with my Journal ''archive'' pages similarly. Pissed? You bet!)

* Update - (13:45):
I just got finished assembling the heavy-assed metal & particle board shelving unit I purchased for my Bibles and language study textbooks at KMart yesterday evening, which I painfully and awkwardly lugged the entire walking distance from the Iwilei store to the edge of Chinatown! When I got into the main entrance I swallowed my macho pride and asked the building's security guard if she would help me carry it the rest of the way up three flights of stairs. I still left one shelf unassembled until I decide how exactly I'm going to arrange the books and how I'm going to rearrange the room furniture (if it can be called ''furniture'' -- think ''Extreme Bachelor Pad'').

April 3, 2003 (Thursday)
14:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Installed the download of Internet Explorer version 5.1 for Mac OS 9 and accessed the affected ''Tropical Storm'' pages. Everything looked promising at first, when the ''InfraRed'' archive pages appeared whole ... but ''Love Wars: Part 2'' in the ''UltraViolet'' section are still being affected by whatever problem version 4.5 is not having in displaying them. On top of that, I've discovered the silent ''talking alerts'' on Internet Explorer version 5.2 for Mac OS X is not just an ''OS X'' problem, but it's apparently a MSIE ''upgrade'' problem as well; I could be trying to access a webpage or download something, then walk away from the computer and not know there is a problem or that the site is trying to get me to accept a 'cookie,' because the designers in their eternal 'wisdom' saw no need to have me be bothered with ''AUDIBLE'' alerts -- ''talking'' or not! (And why do I insist  on retaining and USING my OLDER  applications and program whenever & wherever I can, you wonder???)

April 8, 2003 (Tuesday)
05:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Karen sent me an email informing me that she paid a visit to my ''Hate Mail'' page, which prompted me to read what she was reading (since I hadn't been there in quite some time) and I thought I was going to die. I kept saying to myself, ''If what she reads here doesn't shatter her dreamy-eyed infatuation with me, the only possible thing I may have left in my arsenal is our huge age difference.''

At some point, I realized that I was viewing the page in version 4.5 of Internet Explorer, so I had to make the switch over to the later ''upgrades'' (sic) of Internet Explorer for Mac OS 9, and sure enough they ripped the page apart! So that makes four pages that have to go up on the ''fix list'' to see if I can get them viewed like they should be. (I'm not even going to bother trying to work with the Journal Archives -- I'm chalking those up to a lost cause.) I also took that incentive to check through all of my remaining pages which I did not get to last week and reformat the text portions so that they can be displayed properly in version 5.0 of Explorer for Mac. (I'm just now getting done with going through that agony, which lasted the past five hours or so ... and I still have yet to examine them in Explorer 5.2 for Mac OS X.)

It was during this review-&-repair session that I was reminded why I had established the ''hate mail'' page in the first place, and why the first ''diss piece'' I posted and ''responded'' to set my trigger off so badly. As a result, I was overwhelmed with renewed infuriation that such a sleazy, slimy, devilish, dishonest BITCH could actually exist in this world! I can't remember if it was Mindy or Tina who had so severely twisted my words around even as she was reading everything I said that showed that I was either (1) presenting sources for the information I was espousing and/or (2) expressing fairness and objectivity, then posted her sickening DISTORTIONS up on a public discussion group website. Sadly, her sort of tactics are not all that uncommon. She could have easily taken issue with me on ANY of the points and viewpoints I've expressed in my homepages-- many of which reek of controversy and admittedly lack ''tact'' --without having to resort to this sort of conniving underhanded smear campaign.

April 10, 2003 (Thursday)
00:40, Hawaii Standard Time.


Riding back into town, just coming off from work, some shithead fucking ZOOMED past me just about a foot or less away from me ... IN MY  FUCKING LANE!!! I was traveling a steady 50-55 MPH in the center lane, and this turd-sucking son-of-a-bitch flew past me on my right side doing WELL OVER 70 MPH! I don't know if I just happened to be on God's ''special protection & care list'' at that moment or not, but if I had pulled over any closer to the center of the lane I would very likely be a dead man right now!

* Update - (15:15):
Just finished reviewing the homepages in Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac OS X), and, for the most part, everything looks okay: had to make a few tweaks on a number of the pages, and I still have to find a way to correct the ''Love Wars - Part 2'' pages which, hopefully, I can have done by the weekend.

April 17, 2003 (Thursday)
02:35, Hawaii Standard Time.

On the way back from work I stopped by Sam Sung Plaza on Ke'eaumoku Street (next to where I used to work before Mrs. Holt died) to see if Ike was still working as a security officer there. We talked story for maybe an hour or so before I had to run off to the state building to drop off my Hawaii State Tax forms.

April 22, 2003 (Tuesday)
23:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally transferred my remaining personal files from the ''Jade Succubus'' over to the ''G4,'' then I spent about the next four and a half hours trying to figure out how to ''upgrade'' the green vampire to Mac OS 9.1 (unsuccessfully) before I took a chance to see if I could ''skip over'' 9.1 and possibly load 9.2 from my collection of discs (which, for some reason, loaded without too much of a problem), then, subsequently, attempting to install ''OS X'' to complete da kine. At some point I managed to get version 10.1 loaded, but now, for reasons inexplicable, the ''upgrade'' to 10.2 is pushing my patience. At first I thought it was a bum disc (and it still might be, for all I know), but it seemed to operate with no problems when I inserted it into the G4, so something's up.

April 23, 2003 (Wednesday)
02:15, Hawaii Standard Time.

* Update - (from Tuesday Night, April 22):
Sure enough, no sooner than I finish writing and posting the previous message about the hell I was going through trying to install new system software on the ''Jade Succubus'' and how my efforts were constantly being rejected that the cursed thing finally accepted the disc and proceeded to install the ''upgrade.'' It just completed loading both OS X.2 discs a little over five minutes ago -- the first  disc, which was causing me all of the problems, took about two and a half hours to load completely! Now I'm just going to shut the damned thing down and come back to it at a later date.

(All of this headache for something I don't even want in the first place ... the main reason for installing it in the first place is so I can test my third-party application software on it to make sure it's compatible with the OS before attempting to install them on the G4, so if they screw-up on the G3 I don't have to worry about losing or damaging any already established files.)

April 27, 2003 (Sunday)
17:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

Last night through this morning was another severe pain in the posterior for me. Since late yesterday afternoon I was loading and experimenting with installing ''3rd party'' software on the G4, testing as much of it as I could first on the ''Jade Succubus,'' which I had updated with the Mac OS 9.2/X software packages a few days earlier. I had already installed dejikame software on both machines sometime mid-week, which worked well in the G3, but I had unthinkingly cleared the camera memory out before I had a chance to test it out on the G4.

I went at a deliberately leisurely pace yesterday test-loading software and reformatting the Vampire's new system folder and preferences and playing around with some ''new toys'' like several screensavers I had downloaded from the internet (I ended up keeping two of the original four -- one for each computer) and the World Book Encyclopedia CD which came as part of the software bundle for OS X.

Everything seemed  to be going well ... EVEN with the Anti-Virus  software installation and subsequent downloaded ''updates.'' THEN  hell unleashed it's furious wrath as I tried to perform a ''disk optimization.''

SAME  operating system, SAME  loaded software, SAME  utilities disk to perform the SAME  tests and repairs ... then the world came crashing to a halt (pun & play-on-words not originally intended & unplanned) around 9:30 in the evening when, after having been psyched-up by the ease & success with which everything loaded beautifully on the G3, the G4 did EVERYTHING it could to reject the utilities disk! I had few problems loading the anti-virus software from the same disc because, before I could realize what I had done, I had fortuitously discovered that I could do a ''direct-install.'' But the ''disk utilities'' function could ONLY be accomplished by starting-up from the disk  ... which meant having to shutdown, restart, disengage extensions, etc., and run the program from a non-active system folder environment.

I spent the entire time from that moment into the pre-dawn hour trying everything I could imagine in an attempt to get this cursed machine to recognize the start-up disk -- including installing an earlier version of the system folder onto the hard drive, which caused the computer to lock-up during restarts before even getting past the introduction screen, which almost caused me to go into near panic trying to figure out how to get back inside the system and trash the sumbich (trashing the remnants of the replaced system folder in the G3 pretty much suggested to me that the presence of an earlier OS was probably not the reason for its acceptance of the disc.

At about 5:30 in the morning and at my final wits end, just as I was determined to just throw up my hands in cold defeat and despair, I decided to try one last radical procedure ... to see if I could ''network'' between the two computers while in a ''non-active'' environment on the G4 and access the loaded utilities disk from the G3 and perform a crossover operation. Much to my amazement-- and cautious relief --the crossover operation proved successful, though I had to run the program twice back-to-back in order to get my G4 hard drive ''optimized'' (which graphs revealed to be 33% corrupted).

Later this afternoon I attempted to [re]install the previous DVD player software which came with OS 9.0.4, but for some reason, unlike my Internet browsers, the system simply will not allow me to retain two different versions of DVD Player within the same system folder. I may try to find out later on if I can place separate system folders on the hard drive and, thus, a separate version of DVD Player in each.

April 30, 2003 (Wednesday)
14:55, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally, out of frustration over not finding this story reported in either of our local fishwraps, I sent the following email request to several of our local television news networks:

~ April 29, 2003 / Tuesday ~

Dear News Staff ...

My apologies for burdening you with this sort of a question, but I do not own a television and am unable to watch televised news broadcasts, so there is no way for me to know whether or not it has been reported on by our local networks. But I am terribly uneased by what seems to be an unreported incident that has just somehow vanished off the radar screen.

Friday evening (April 25), around 6:00 P.M. or so, I was traveling east-bound on Kalanianaole Highway into Hawaii Kai. Traffic was heavily backed-up, but I just attributed it to unusually thick ''Pau Hana Friday'' traffic. But in the vicinity of East Hind Drive there was a MAJOR automobile wreck being attended to by HPD, HFD and several EMS units! At least two vehicles were involved, and based upon the damage it appeared that very serious injuries had resulted.

But now, over a half-week later, I have STILL yet to read ANY sort of report on or reference to this tragedy in EITHER of our main newspapers (which is how I come by most of my local news). So my question is 'What happened to this story?' If the local papers did not report upon it, I am left wondering if any of our television news sources mentioned it at all? If so, what can you tell me about the accident beyond what I witnessed in passing?

The fact that I've not heard anything about it is ferociously eating away at my mind. Please fill me in, if you can. I don't want to think I just hallucinated the whole thing!

Thank you very much....

Someone from our ABC affiliate (KITV-4) answered back with the following email:

Injuries sustained in this accident were not life threatening so we did not do a story on it.... It was one of those crashes that looked worse than it was.


May 3, 2003 (Saturday)
20:05, Hawaii Standard Time.

Last night-- for almost the SECOND night in a row --on my ride to work, someone has tried to change lanes into my lane as I was literally pulling up right alongside of them while in the process of surpassing them! In both instances I was traveling in the left-hand ''passing'' lane and the riders in both cars were riding alone. I didn't pay any particular attention to the details of the first culprit other than the fact that it was an Asian woman, but in the second incident I made note of these telling factors: Haole male, BMW, yakking into a cell phone with one hand on the steering wheel ... oh, and a ''SHOPO [''State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers''] Supporter'' bumper sticker!

Attempted to reinstall the previous version of DVD Player on the ''Jade Succubus'' this morning with zero results. I guess I'm just stuck with the 2.7 version for ''9.2'' and the ''X'' version.

May 6, 2003 (Wednesday)
17:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Received my ''Gamera'' (1995 remake version) DVD early yesterday evening. SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED! -- Not only with the movie itself, but especially so with the fact that many American marketers of foreign films STILL do not understand the importance of the concept of LEAVING SHIT ALONE! (Rather than leaving the ORIGINAL Japanese titles and in-film explanatory texts alone and simply supplying subtitles at the bottom, ADV  ruined an already bad film even further by replacing the original main title sequence and ''covering over'' the remaining various Japanese language title credits and explanatory texts ... and all of this was done with more of those cheap ''TV/video-produced'' type of titles which not only look hokey as hell but are also totally incompatible with the overall display of the presentation! Assholes!) As if it wasn't bad enough that my latest ''Urusei Yatsura'' box set contained an extra copy of Volume #19 and leaving me without Volume #20 as was supposed to be the case.

May 8, 2003 (Wednesday)
06:20, Hawaii Standard Time.

Set my alarm clock WAY wrong yesterday, and the folks at the office had to call to find out why I had not reported in from the job site! Ended up arriving over an hour late. Despite that fact, I still took along the ''Jade Succubus,'' as planned... and as long as no one gives me any pilikia  over it, I shall continue to do so, at least until I've successfully formatted, edited and transferred all of my personal files over to the G4.

May 19, 2003 (Monday)
19:40, Hawaii Standard Time.

Quite a bit has been going on with me over the last week which I have either been too worn out or too lazy or too both to bother reporting on ... including almost rear-ending another vehicle and/or wiping out on the road -- this time on the WET H-1 Freeway eastbound (and my stupid ass was more concerned about trying to keep it all under control so as not to damage the computer  I had strapped on the back of the motorcycle).

I've also been playing around and experimenting with the workings of the ''G-3'' at work, learning (by accident) how to translate some sound files into different types; At home, I'd decided I had had enough of those damned annoying-assed ''pop-up'' windows that after having conducted a futile search for free 'pop-up stopper' software for Macintosh systems I downloaded and installed Opera's  internet browser which can (and does quite effectively) block ''pop-ups,'' but for the most part the browser itself works like crap. Still, it's good for those sites I regularly visit where I know I am going to be confronted with the cursed things.

Today was interesting enough, I guess.... I picked up my paycheck from the office, then my state tax refund check at the post office, along with my 'Volume #20'  ''Urusei Yatsura'' DVD (which was sent as a replacement for the duplicate '#19' that got sent to me by mistake which, ironically, as I was picking #20 up I was dropping off the extra #19 in the mail to right at the same time). I took in the new ''Matrix'' movie right after (which was long as hell, but helped me to understand and better appreciate the original story) then rode across the Pali to Kailua and back. Back home, I put four of the nixed DVDs from my collection up for auction on eBay ... I hope they get sold so I can get them out of my sight.

May 28, 2003 (Wednesday)
15:40, Hawaii Standard Time.

Back from my urology appointment; set up appointments for follow-up tests (ultrasound and internal bladder examination).


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