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March 13, 2002 (Wednesday)
11:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Just got back from running around doing the things I really wanted to put off 'til the last minute (grocery shopping, cashing checks, post office running, paying phone bill), especially because I'm dizzy and hurting from lack of sleep.

I'm particularly pissed that part of what I was doing today was losing money on the extra copy of the ''Invasion of the Body Snatchers'' DVD I was sent because I was staying true to form and not paying particular attention to what the hell I was doing when I was price comparisoning between Amazon and Tower. In trying to get rid of it I set its asking price at $8.50 in the Amazon Marketplace -- because the next lowest price it was being offered for was $8.69 and my extra copy would be competing against eight other sellers. So that was taking around a 40% loss right there. Then I had to purchase one of those special padded little envelopes for the damned thing-- another $1.29 --then another $1.79 for the dog-damned postage (which Amazon covers as a ''credit''), plus Amazon's ''commission.'' All in all, if their payment system transfers the funds like they say they will, I will have recouped just barely under 5 and 1/2 bucks for a DVD which cost me over twice that! (The price I pay for my ignorance, I suppose.)

Last night at work was interesting: The neighbor lady in the property in back was again prancing around totally nude in her well lit bedroom with door window curtains raised high enough for a full inside view -- there's a new twist, though ... She's Pregnant ... very pregnant. Surprises never cease.

March 17, 2002 (Sunday)
01:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

Rode the pedalcycle out to ''Cheepo's'' (formerly ''Jelly's'') new & used shop at Puck's Alley in the Moiliili/University area around ten o'clock in the evening or so last night, hoping to find a reasonably sufficient size used DVD section, met with great disappointment, and would have left empty handed were it not for the used J-Pop CD Single rack staring me in the face upon entering the store -- picked up Nakanishi Keizo's ''Ticket To Paradise'' for just 50.

March 20, 2002 (Wednesday)
22:45, Hawaii Standard Time.

Rode out to Pearlridge to pick up my spectacles prescription, and wouldn't you know that what I viewed in the optometrist's office is NOT what I see through these lenses (again). This time, however, I'm not going to just sit back and make the best of a set of badly carved lenses: I'll be making a return visit to the examiner and we're going make sure that this thing gets corrected, because I'm not going to keep putting this kind of strain on my only set of eyes. The last couple of nights were the coldest I've had to endure this entire winter season, and were pretty much the only ones where I really could have used my black cotton-lined jacket, mostly because of the high winds. (This has been the mildest winter I've experienced since I've been living on this Island, to my knowledge -- not even once have I had to shut the windows entirely.)

March 26, 2002 (Tuesday)
15:15, Hawaii Standard Time.

Returned to my regular worksite last night.

Monday was also my first time using ebay since selling my blueberry iMac on it last year and since trying a few months back to bid on an iBook and losing miserably on all attempts. I searched this time for out-of-print or non-U.S. release DVDs. I managed to find ''Urusei Yatsura'' Movie #5 (''The Final Chapter'') had been released as a DVD in Asia (why am I not surprised) and that there was indeed a DVD release of George Lucas' ''THX-1138,'' contrary to earlier beliefs ... unless the ''seller'' is conducting a clever and convincing fraud. I just sent in my payments for both winning bids ($21.50 for ''UY''; $19 for ''THX'') through PayPal about an hour ago, so I guess I'll know soon enough if I was the victim of a scam by either of these sellers or not. (I've still got my eyes set on the single copy being offered of the Korean film, ''Joint Security Area,'' and I hope I can come away with that one as well ... plus I'm still hoping to snag one of the many copies of ''James Bond 007 - GoldenEye'' being offered on the site, since they can't be had at any of the online stores anymore.)

Barnes & Noble claims to now be stocking copies of the original release of the anime feature ''Project A-ko,'' which is like murder trying to find anywhere in stores or auction sites -- so as a just in case (so I could avoid shipping charges) I ordered two additional DVDs known to be available. I should get some sort of shipment notice regarding it by the end of the week.

April 3, 2002 (Wednesday)
02:50, Hawaii Standard Time.

It seemed like I hit the jackpot yesterday, when most of my remaining DVD order arrived all at once. And, as I suspected, the seller on ebay offering the ''THX-1138'' DVD sold me a "pirated" copy, burned onto a disk with a DVD burner. Bastard! I'm going to do some Internet research regarding copyright laws and see if I can have his ass busted.

But I am happy with the ''Joint Security Area'' DVD. I had to back away from the Korean edition, because it was developed as a 'Region 3' DVD, so I opted instead for the Hong Kong licenced edition, which is 'Region 0' and appears to operate in my DVD player okay. I have yet to watch the film.

Last night got bone-chilling cold all of a sudden; the windiness only added to the misery. It was less severe once I came down off of the mountain and back into the city, then it warmed up again over the next couple of hours. Weird.

April 10, 2002 (Wednesday)
09:40, Hawaii Standard Time.

My 4th pre-approved credit card just arrived in the mail (3rd different company) -- this time it's MasterCard (like there's really a difference).

Stayed up to bid on the second box set of ''Urusei Yatsura'' on eBay and just barely got in the winning bid ($110 -- A Fantastic Deal!) only seconds away from closing. (Two other parasites were also crouching in wait until the final ticking seconds of the auction ... somehow mine got through on the second attempt.)

Made my return appointment with the optometrist before leaving to pick up my paycheck.

(Also an update on ''THX-1138'' ... I think I was wrong in saying that the seller of the pirated copy I received was responsible for producing it, based on a number of personal observations -- although I'm still not certain who's responsible for the misleading ''DVD disk case'' picture he included as part of his auction info page; Not that any of it matters anyway: I tried to access MPAA's anti-piracy information and it seems that their major concern is for ''mass production'' facilities which fall into specific guidelines they've established. So much for having a conscience.)

April 23, 2002 (Tuesday)
18:10, Hawaii Standard Time.

The 'impossible' just occurred: I just got ''Sally'' involved in a traffic wreck a little over an hour ago! I rammed into the back of a ''Ram,'' as it were-- a big-assed Ram 1500, solid black and tinted rear window --right on A'ala Street, just mauka of Beretania. I had this nudging in the back of my head telling me not to go that route tonight, but do I ever listen to myself? Traffic was backed up like crazy, more than usual, and my mind wasn't entirely focused, either. Add into the mix that I've gotten to the point where I, too, have also begun showing disregard for local ''speed limits'' myself, ever since our legislature and governor all turned pussy on us and repealed the traffic monitoring cameras and vans simply because a vocal outcry from all the maniacs who wanted to retain their ''RIGHT'' to drive like bats outta hell....

April 28, 2002 (Sunday)
05:05, Hawaii Standard Time.

Took ''Sally'' out to Waipahu yesterday morning to have her looked over in order to get a second repair estimate. The insurance representative came by the preceding day and estimated repair & replacement costs around $430-ish; Pfeuger's people jacked it up to around $1200 before I disputed some of the things they were trying to ''tack on,'' like including a couple of minor scuffs and scratches in some areas as an excuse to replace an entire unit which was totally fine save for the barely noticable boo-boos. I'm still very suspicious about their claim that the entire headlight unit(s) need to be completely replaced -- I suspect they are just trying to ''sweeten the pot'' since they're expecting an insurance company to shell out for the bulk of the repairs. I had them take the insignificant ''repairs'' off of their worksheet, which still placed their estimate just over $1K. I may not know very much about the real costs involved in replacing a plastic motorcycle fairing unit and realigning a couple of headlights, but still I'm no fool!
I took the time I had the cycle sitting in Waipahu to head on over to the City's ''Weed & Seed'' event they were holding at Aala Park, watched the skateboarding competition for a while.

May 9, 2002 (Thursday)
15:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

Finally managed to track down Hiroshima's CD, ''Odori'' (which I was having difficulty finding anywhere else) earlier this morning at, of all places, WalMart.com -- and damned if they didn't ship it out just a few short hours later!

Spent a little time refining the ''Jump [index] Page,'' which was really a secondary concern, as my original intent was to upload a few more images which were not able to be received, due to some bug in the system that won't accept them.

May 10, 2002 (Friday)
20:10, Hawaii Standard Time.

Brought home a small lizard creature I found trapped in a sink at the worksite last night because I had never seen anything like it in the Island, so I was unsure if it was a native species or an 'out-of-town' cargo hitchhiker. I stopped by Bishop Museum, as recommended by someone in the Department of Zoology at the University of Hawaii, to have someone there take a look at it and identify it for me. The woman who assisted me informed me that the reptile was called a ''Moth Skink'' (Lipinia noctua), which she says is an established species here in the Islands but is not very common, and the one I brought in was the first one she said she had seen from around the area where I found it. I set it loose on the museum grounds outside, instead of letting it become a non-living display specimen (I figured the poor thing had been subjected to more than enough trauma with me keeping it inside of a stinky plastic bag for nearly 12 hours and having it flail around in the wind on the motorcycle handlebars on the long trips home from work and getting lost on my way to the museum).

Since I am unable to find any photographs of them, I will try to give as accurate a description as I can: The one I found was small (about 3-4 inches in total length), a dark coppery metalic color with two spotty black stripes running parallel down the length of its back beginning from an almost solid black spot atop its head, had a lighter colored very scaly underside, tiny feet with fairly long toes of dissimilar length, tiny side-mounted dark eyes, a short snout and a forked tongue. It looked and behaved more like a true lizard and almost nothing like a gecko. It was very docile and remarkably unafraid.

After those events, I rode out to Waipahu to get the motorcycle worked on.

May 13, 2002 (Monday)
14:30, Hawaii Standard Time.

Picked up my 'girlfriend' from the repair shop this morning, then stopped off on my way back to pick up my second readjusted set of spectacles.

May 29, 2002 (Wednesday)
17:40, Hawaii Standard Time.

Motorcycle battery came up dead last night as I was trying to leave for work. Ended up riding the bicycle up the mountain instead, and went through torturous hell doing it. Took the battery in to the Suzuki shop for a recharge. Turns out that wasn't the problem, as the engine still whines and refuses to turn over, requiring me to pedal up the mountainside again tonight. I wonder if the problem is somehow accident related, or if perhaps somebody is sabotaging my system.

May 31, 2002 (Friday)
23:00, Hawaii Standard Time.

The mechanics at Waipahu confirmed what the mechanic at Cycle Sports - Iwilei suspected -- that what appeared to be problems with the battery were actually due to a bad component within the motorcycle itself, suspecting that there was problem with either the stater or the rectifier. I was told that they are going to have to hold on to her until the ordered part comes in, which may take about a week, which will also affect my work schedule something fierce.

I then spent the better part of an hour or so battling to do a seemingly simple assembly job, trying to piece together the bookcase I bought at the Waipahu Daiei mart before returning to Honolulu. I ended up breaking one of the shelves in one of the corners.


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