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November 30 - December 2, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

As usual, I was feeling a bit regretful that I'd agreed several weeks earlier to take on an extra day of work ahead of my normal schedule to help cover for the absence of a couple of our staff, only to discover in retrospect on  Saturday (Dec. 1)  that had I not agreed to the extra shift, then the twin set of Teenager's  Panties  I'd managed to pull out from one girl's bag of garments the previous morning  (Fri., Nov. 30)  would've been a  ''missed opportunity''  had I not been there on site to actually make the discovery. In this instance, I stole only the one of the set (a lighter ''beige'' color over a darker ''gray'' one) which managed to ''stand out'' more as a panty when viewed from a hanging distance, not because I didn't  ''want''  to take both items (I certainly did desire to do so), but I only wanted to avoid raising any needless and potentially real suspicions regarding the disappearances of BOTH panties at the same time. I'd also been given a  ''third''  opportunity from a different girl that same morning just a few yards away in the opposite end of the room, but refused to accept it as it was again another case of a ''sports panty.''

After work Saturday I took a direct detour to the ''bp'' station/convenience store where I pay my electricity bill and put on the latest bill a credit amount of $750, as calculated from my anticipated billing total covering the full two years of my renewed lease stay.

In a somewhat related issue, as I hadn't received any word from ''Mimi'' in regard to the apartment rental information I'd been sharing with her, I'd decided to text her with another ''Pussy Eating'' invitation, hoping that would generate some sort of response from her, but as of Sunday night still no return texts or email messages from her had been received.

December 7 - 9, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Thanks to another unrelenting headache that had kept me bedridden for the most part since early  Thursday Morning (Dec. 6),  I had to quickly fish my cellphone out of the toilet as I was trying again to evacuate my bowels extremely  Friday Morning (Dec. 7),  some time after 03:00, having had it fall off from the sink edge where I usually place it after I'd had my fill of playing the gem-crush game I usually distract myself with whenever I'm on the pot -- the space had been taken up with the prescribed headache medication (which I'd just taken while there and which eventually, as always, did absolutely nothing to alleviate my pain) and the bottle of water I took the medication with. I tried drying everything out as quickly as possible, hoping that the device was relatively water-resistant and that it did not have very much of an opportunity to take any of the water on, and it did seem at first that I'd dodged a bullet, but after drying everything off, and after washing all of the loose strands of  pussy hair  that I'd been collecting from the girls' washrooms at work that I would keep carried around with me by having them placed between the cellphone and its protective grip case (amazed that I'd managed to accumulate so many, considering how difficult they are to find at any given time), I found that the phone would no longer operated. After fidgeting with it for a while, I decided to try ''airing it out'' under the bed covers with the assistance of the heated blanket. After about close to an hour I found that the device still would not turn itself on. Acting on a bit of a hunch, I decided to see if I could affect anything by plugging the device into the battery charger, whereby it did manage to ''light-up'' and display the ''now charging'' icon, but nothing else would open, but after a few more times the device finally did grant me full access into everything, only I could get no audio responses from it, at least not without selecting a particular  TTY  setting which served as a temporary workaround.

By the time 06:00 or so came around, and the cellphone seemed to be functioning fully for the most part, I tried testing it out first to call my own answering machine number (forgetting that my landline phone has no ''long distance'' service, but yet still managed to connect with my answering machine's ''greeting message,'' but not allowing me to actually record a message). About a half-hour later I decided to call my mother after weeks of silence: we ended up speaking for close to two and a half hours.

About 3/4 of an hour ahead of keeping my follow-up medical appointment at (which had already been rescheduled after I'd missed the original date that had had me scheduled for Wednesday morning) I decided to check on my credit card payment schedules and found that my  ''CapitalOne VISA''  had already come due a day earlier and I'd been assessed an $11 late fee. I called their customer service number and spun a  half-lie (...I hate lying about anything...) about how my computer system had been down for repairs (true, in a sense) and that had been what had led to my discovery of my ''bill past due'' status (blatant lie). Even so, and to my pleasant surprise (since I've utilized this process quite a few times in the past already), my request to have the late fee waived was approved, and I was told to expect to see a credit on my statement within the next 3-5 days. Upon reviewing my  ''macy's American Express''  I could not locate anywhere a breakdown of my actual transaction, but because I was running so close against the clock to keep my medical appointment I'd decided that I would wait until a later time to call them directly for assistance in tracking down that information.

Upon making my doctor's appointment I mentioned to my PCP that I was still experiencing some complications with the hacking up of thick green phlegm, plus requested that a different medication be prescribed to replace the  methocarbamol  joke which was doing literally ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for my headaches. After asking me more details regarding my headaches, the Doctor conceded that what I'm experiencing are more likely to be forms of  migrainenbsp; rather than [his initially diagnosed] ''tension'' headaches, and said that he would prescribe a medication found to be effective for treating migraines. He also said he'd schedule a few ''follow-up'' appointments and another battery of tests for sometime into the next year -- unfortunately, in response to my decision to cut back on my working hours, I'd signed-up for a different ''EPO'' insurance plan through ''HealthCare.gov'' just the previous night (which, because of the very LOW-- thus ''suspicious'' --premiums which have me in the mindset of hoping I'll never need any sort of medical procedures in the coming year, allowed me enough of a financial window to sign-up for a separate  dental  plan).

Back at the apartment I did my best to ''repair'' my outside mobiles/chimes that had been damaged in the strong winds we'd experiences several nights ago. I then cleaned and made first use of my new ''deep fryer,'' utilizing it as a modified ''steamer'' to prepare my ''lunches'' for the next couple of work days (whiting fish and a mix of fresh veggies). I also made the mistake of not getting my prescribed medications right away when I had every chance, since the headache I'd been nursing for over 24-hours which I'd believed had finally alleviated came back upon me, forcing me to go into work with the constant head pain and its ever-accompanying intestinal discomfort issues.

 Saturday Morning (Dec. 8)  at work found us receiving another $50 ''holiday gift card'' for ''Publix'' supermarkets (I'm now guessing that it's some sort of annual tradition with these folks).

Decembr 10 - 16, 2018 (Monday-Sunday)
''Full Week in Review''

Stole another teenaged girl's panties from the jobsite  Monday Morning (Dec. 10) -- the irony being that it was a third item that was present among the ''less-feminine'' pairs that I'd rejected the on the  Weekend of Nov. 30  but that I'd only managed to come across this time after having made the decision to engage in a more indepth digging around inside her stuffed bags... and this one crusted with the unmistakable evidence of having actually been hugging against Her Young Sweet Pussy prior to having been discarded among her other clothing items! Also among her items I'd uncovered a  ''Victoria's Secret''  bra that was just beyond ''plain-looking'' enough that I'd debated back and forth with myself whether or not to abscond with that particular garment as well, eventually deciding to add that Intimate Article of Clothing to my collection as well.

Coming home from work, I took a route which would have me pass directly by the ''CVS Pharmacy'' where I'd intended to retrieve my prescribed medications, this time opting for the ''Drive-Thru'' service. But after being told the price of all of the items, and inquiring if those were reflective of the ''with insurance'' prices, they claimed that my particular ''Florida Blue Cross'' insurance plan was ''NOT'' accepted at their franchise... and HADN'T BEEN for about a year and a half -- DESPITE having received my prescribed meds ''covered'' there only in the past few instances.

Partially due to the UNCOMFORTABLE chill, I held off on trying to contact my PCP's office to inform them of the ''insurance'' discrepancy with the prescribed medications, waiting until  Wednesday (Dec. 12)  before trying to call with the update as to where I'd prefer retrieving my meds from, but after several attempts to connect directly to my Primary Doctor's personal assistant, I postponed again until the following day  (Thu., Dec. 13),  and after receiving yet again an ''answering'' system, reluctantly left a ''recorded'' message detailing the situation and instructing on where to place the renewed orders, along with the instruction to return my call to confirm that the ''updates'' had been made... but OF COURSE-- as ALWAYS --I'd received not a single ''confirmation call-back.''

On  Friday (Dec. 14)  I decided-- with  some  degree of hesitation --to place an order for a New (''Wide-Screen'') computer monitor... pushed on MAINLY by my desire to watch movies on a ''larger'' viewing screen.

I also on this day decided to hang my new stolen bra from the ceiling fan closest to the apartment entrance where I'd hung the others-- conferring upon the location the Name:  ''BRA-zil.'' --but still finding myself left with a couple of panties remaining out-of-the-loop due to having run out of convenient ''hanging spots'' for them. I also finally decided to utilize my deep fryer for its designed purpose for the first time, with the original ''fish & chips'' batch I'd prepared in it coming out nearly perfect; the second-helpings batch not so much, as I'd encountered a few ''mushy'' spots in the fish batter).

Then finally,  Sunday (Dec. 16)  ended up costing me more of a loss of money spent, first from a shattered jar of  furikake  which dropped from out of the freezer as I was trying to rearrange items inside in order to put away a few newly items I'd purchased after work, then after the later revelation that the new computer monitor I'd just purchase (which I thought I was getting a decent deal on with Amazon's ''additional 5%-off'' checkout coupon), which the tracking information claims should be ready for retrieval tomorrow (Monday), had now been listed first for ''$10'' less than what was originally listed, then literally only a few short minutes later had decreased again in price by yet another $10 PLUS still with the additional 5% ''coupon'' discount... WTF?!!

December 17, 2018 (Monday)
16:15, Eastern Standard Time

Took advantage of the brief solitary time I normally have toward the end of my Monday workshifts to call the ''Amazon.com'' customer service hotline (after being unable to determine the specific contact information I'd required via their ''online'' features, only managing to uncover their direct phone number via the ''GetHuman.com'' website) in order to inquire about the possibility of receiving a ''price match'' for the computer monitor I'd ordered on Friday to reflect the lower price that it was now being listed at, even though I thought it might be a bit of a long-shot and that I might've had to resort to simply returning the unopened item for a refund and just reordering it again at the lower price. After doing some asking around, as he explained that he would not be authorized to, or would not be capable of, handling any such transactions himself, he connected me to somebody who actually did approve of the price adjustment in the form of issuing me a $20 ''store credit'' (''gift card'').

I'd also received a text from my mother about an hour later, informing me that my grandmother had finally given up the ghost in her long struggle sometime around 02:00 or so.

After work, I rode directly to the ''walmart'' on ''Florida Highway 54 @ Little Road'' for a fresh pack of t-shirts, then straight on to the ''Walgreen's'' where I'd requested my prescription orders to be sent which I was expecting NOT to be there... and once again being proven right... only in this instance my Doctor's Assistant did place the medicine order to ''Walgreen's,'' as instructed, but called the order in for the ''Florida 54'' location, rather than at the ''Massachusetts St.'' location I'd emphatically specified (i.e., STILL batting a ''1,000''). Also, the prescription order came up one item short... and I was uncertain WHICH medicine's information was not passed along until I was reduced to conducting research into each of the other medications and-- as if right on key... and with absolutely NO SURPRISES at all --the prescription that got left out was, OF COURSE, the pills to treat my  MIGRAINE HEADACHES!!!

Not long after arriving back at the apartment, some raggedly dressed man was knocking at my door but would not acknowledge my verbal responses. I was about to ignore him after several minutes had it not been for his fiddling around with a tape measure, indicating to me that he was the contractor who had come to get more details about my sink replacement. I asked him if he had heard me calling out to him at all and he claimed he had not (perhaps explaining why no one else ever had in the past either). After taking a new set of measurements and taking one of the counter drawers with him, he said he'd be back to work on the problem the following morning.

After a few more wasted hours, I decided to go retrieve my computer monitor, not prepared at how really lightweight the item was.

It also seems that somebody here is allowing their animal to do its ''dirty business'' out in our grassy areas again... just can't win, can I?

Also finally came to realize that I'd not set up a new ''seasonal archive'' journal page until readying myself to type out this date's entry.

December 18, 2018 (Tuesday)
19:00, Eastern Standard Time

The work team arrived to replace my sink cabinetry just shy of 10:15. While they were working, I turned my attentions to arranging and setting-up my computer station(s) only to discover the same or similar issues I'd been having with the ''custom'' system were now being experienced on the ''replacement'' system, after seemingly working flawlessly the previous night after a ''Windows System'' update.

At first I was concerned that the problem might have involved a defect in the monitor's ''DVI cable,'' which would've royally pissed me off. After enough frustration of not being able to access either of my hard drives either through pre-start set-ups or even via the Operating System installation disc, I angrily reverted back to the single hard drive which contained the latest system configuration, only to find myself regaining access to everything again without any problems! Now thoroughly pissed, I searched the Internet to see if there was any sort of an explanation to this problem and was surprised to learn that there indeed is an issue which arises sometimes when connecting an additional blank hard drive into the system configuration which-- supposedly --could be rectified by tweaking the ''BIOS,'' but which (after a bunch of struggling & searching trying to uncover the tweaks necessary to access the BIOS) did nothing to permit my desired hardware configuration, forcing me (for the time being) to leave the system configured with only the single hard drive connection until I can figure out how to successfully incorporate the alternative drive so that it can be utilized as my ''back-up'' drive.

The crew finally completed the work with the sink cabinets about two hours later, having replaced the entirety of the structure with the exception of the actual counter top.

Called my PCP's office assistant early this morning, prior to the work team arrival, to inquire about my missing medication, being forced again to speak to the ''answering machine,'' and of course I still received not a word from anyone confirming that the order had been placed.

December 20, 2018 (Thursday)
20:45, Eastern Standard Time

Received a text from ''Mimi'' early in the pre-dawn morning (just a couple of minutes after 04:00), offering to lay herself out for another  ''pussylicking''  session later in the evening, which out of concern for cracked sores and rashes around my mouth that I'm still recovering from, and due to the still post-renovation (kitchen) & progressive set-up (electronics) disorganized state of all areas of the apartment, I sort of begged-off.

Later in the afternoon a ''holiday package'' was delivered to all of the units, to which I was surprised-- and appreciative --that they did not involve the standard ''dinner platters'' I normally pass on, but instead consisted of ''household care'' items... a number of which I'd been planning on acquiring at part of a shopping errand, allowing me to save myself both the trip and the expense, not caring so much that most if not all of the items appeared to have been purchased at the ''Dollar Tree.''

I let the practically all-day-long rain prevent me from going out to  ''physically''  check on my migraine medication, but I had no good excuse for not  calling  the location to confirm whether the order was even placed or not.

Also starting to become (eventually) concerned about the large painful swollen knot that had developed under my left armpit since having shaved there about three weeks prior when the issue first arose, which I thought would be something that could've just been ''waited out'' for about a week or two, but the swelling has not seemed to subside and the area is becoming a sore-colored red.

December 21 - 23, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

 Friday Morning (Dec. 21),  while clearing away the debris from two days of rain and heavy winds, I picked off one of the few  figs  that had developed this year as I saw it was the only one ripening and I'd wanted to preserve it before some blamed squirrel or bird sabotaged it... especially since I'm convinced that there had initially been at least a couple more than just the present three, and that I haven't been confusing it with the new bumper crop of tomatoes I was surprised to see coming along from a damaged and seemingly dying vine.

I also called about my prescribed medication, after two days of not receiving any sort of ''confirmation'' calls from anybody, and of course, yet again, NOBODY WAS LISTENING TO ME, even AFTER I'd reasserted that I'd be claiming the item SPECIFICALLY at the ''Rowan & Massachusetts'' location, even RESUPPLYING the doctor's assistant with the pharmacy's PHONE NUMBER!!!

Very early  Saturday Morning (Dec. 22)  I sent a text to ''Mimi'' informing her that I'd be passing on the opportunity to eat her pussy until my mouth sores healed; she responded back that it was alright and that she'd be spending the remainder of the year in Virginia and would get back in touch with me after her return.

After work I did a brief bit of grocery shopping, using the ''gift card'' I'd received from work, then stopped into the local bank branch to inquire about how to go about closing out my ''Bank of Hawaii'' account and have those remaining funds transferred over here, then went to retrieve my medication, before finally stopping by the Post Office hoping to retrieve the remainder of my ''Amazon.com'' order and instead found the books I'd forgotten I'd ordered from ''Barnes & Noble'' waiting on me.

Due to a ''spillage'' mishap with the frozen pizza I'd ''custom-prepared'' after I'd arrived back inside resulted in motivating me to FINALLY get around to effecting some long-overdue anyway oven cleaning.

January 11 - 13, 2019 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

I received a message on my answering machine around Noon  Friday (Jan. 11)  from our shift supervisor informing me that he had made a ''last-minute'' adjustment to the day's schedule, requesting me to come in to work an hour and a half earlier than what was originally posted; because of the late delay I'd decided to disregard the request and went in as per the what was initially expected.

The altered schedule had already included (a couple of weeks in advance) that I was expected to work through the shift on the opposite end an additional four hours before pau hana time to help out with a special event that is held annually. A few hours prior to any activities to finalize preparations and begin attending to the big event, I'd managed to make a scope of some of the girls' clothes lockers and managed to come away with another teen's panty.

Saturday afternoon (Jan. 12)  I'd finally decided to attempt to transfer my personal files over from the laptop onto the ''replacement desktop'' system only to yet again be thwarted by some outright REFUSAL of the system to boot into anything, causing me to wonder why I should've even been surprised at all for the blatant back-handed ''Fuck You!"

Sunday (Jan. 13),  immediately after arriving back to the apartment from work, I'd decided to wait patiently no longer and fired-off a text message to ''Mimi'' letting her know my desire to Eat Her Pussy was again building within me, since she never did specify when she would be returning from her stay in Virginia. (I don't mind Eating her Pie, but my face is still craving a bit of ''variety'' of Vagina, and it's really pissing me off that seems there's going to continue being very little if any hope at all of me eliciting any sort of interest in my ''Licking Hobby'' through the multiple requests I've been posting in ''reddit'' forums, which I've been attempting to use as a post-craigslist  ''Pussy-Eating Dating Service''  since  October 27!


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* ''5-Year Archive'': Winter 2006 - Winter 2011 *
* ''5-Year Archive'': Winter 2011 - Winter 2016 *

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