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Unmentioned Highlights from Previous Quarter...

Toward the final couple of weeks of the Season I'd witnessed that one (definitely), perhaps two papayas have been slowly forming on my now (roughly) six-feet-tall tree. Some lowly form of life had also been gnawing away at my won bok plantlings, but still seemed to be holding together for the most part.

Also, a couple of weeks or so earlier I'd experienced a ''peeling away'' of part of the shoe sole on one of my ''NIKE'' shoes-- something I'd read a complaint about from one customer in the ''Amazon.com'' review forums --that I was forced to do a ''less-messy than usual'' re-paste job on, which I'd only discovered as I was preparing to put a long-overdue polish treatment onto them. So now this situation has me worrying that ''pricey'' shoes are also not exactly the best route to take when trying to find comfortable and somewhat sturdy footwear.

March 1 - 3, 2019 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

While preparing to do a bit more cleaning around the apartment  Friday (Mar. 1),  I realized that the bag of cleaning supplies I'd purchased the previous weekend could not be located anywhere, and I was almost 100% certain that I'd packed them in with my sparkling juice drinks that I'd purchased during that same shopping trip, so my only remaining rational suspicion had to have been that I'd left the bag hanging on one of the fence posts while I was unpacking and bringing everything inside and had simply absentmindedly forgotten about it until someone came across it and walked off with it, which seemed to have some support loaned to that supposition based on the fact that when I went out to conduct the oil change in my motorcycle earlier in the week I'd found a baseball cap that I'd apparently dropped outside close to my parking spot evidently during that same time frame. (I ended up having trouble recalling what else, if anything, I had in the bag at that time.)

I was also unable to wash any laundry due to having forgotten that I'd completely run out of quarters the last time I'd washed a load, and so I similarly used that as a convenient excuse to delay any of the coating work I'd also planned for motorcycle while clothes would've been washing.

 Saturday (Mar. 2)  I passed-up on the opportunity to steal another teen girl's  panties  from the jobsite, but only (mainly) because of the way they were designed I would have had a nearly impossible of hanging them limp over the edge of something and have them plainly discernible as panties and would've required them being fully outstretched, which I thought not only did not go well like that based on the print patterns, but also the possibility of that uncomfortably haunting  ''size-12'' or ''13'' - I can't remember)  being exposed because of being hanged in that fashion (again, being tagless  ''Hanes''  brand of panties).

Ironically, it was during a subsequent ''panty hunt'' at a second locker room on site that I'd managed to lock the entire set of our all-access keyring inside the same same locker room, very conspicuously. There was no immediate way for me to access any of the doors to the locker room, so I had to confess what had happened and said that I would require use of the back-up set of keys to try to get back inside, even though I was certain that none of the keys would open any of the doors, as I'd been complaining for at least the past two months about the fact that the copy of that same key that used to be on the back-up set needed to be replaced. I would end-up having to wait another hour and a half until one of the maintenance people with a full key set was on site and able assist me in retrieving the ring set I'd locked inside.

All throughout the workshift I kept attempting to reset my ''change motor oil'' indicator based on watching online instruction videos, with EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT failing! Naturally, it would reveal by the end of my shift that all of those attempts had sufficiently drained my battery to the point of causing me worry over whether it would even start the motor or not, but after a few huffs of frustration and barely sufficient enough rest breaks it finally managed to turn-over.

Found myself returning to the apartment from work days to yet another (and none-all too surprised) case of being greeted with another usurpation of my parking spot for the second weekend in a row, being once again forced to relocate my motorcycle in order to secure a locking place, this time rejecting the urge to squeeze between the same repeat pair and (regretfully and bitterly) positioning myself in between the gap next to our trash collection area, which concerns me for a variety of reasons, given the conditions of the place and the people I'm required to live around. Because of a handwritten sign in the back window of one of the vehicles-- the one which seemed to not have been moved all week long --gave indication that it belong to neighbor ''Kelly,'' who now seems to be leaving her vehicle parked in that opposing area from where she would normally park for God knows what reason; the other vehicle I'm still hesitant to speculate with any certainty to whom it might belong.

Made the official decision late-Saturday evening to begin my 1/2-week to 1-week-long  ''dietary fast''  (in reaction to my desire wanting to see this encroaching ''Middle-Age Spread'' stalled and receded), thinking now would be a pretty ideal time to start, as I've few if any concerns about any perishable or other ''time-sensitive'' food items in my supply stable. The toughest aspect I'm anticipating from it will be in confronting my aversion to regularly drinking a steady supply of just plain water, being incapable of thinking of other alternatives or methods to keep my hydration levels up without it including any additional sugars or other caloric intake.

March 4, 2019 (Monday)
20:30, Eastern Standard Time

Somewhat reluctantly made the decided to take a hiatus from my starvation period early, as I'd been feeling tired, lethargic, an periodically weak since early Sunday evening, but I'm less convinced that most of these experiences were due to the lack of food intake, suspecting the complications, whatever they would've been normally, were being exacerbated by a migraine that stayed with me up to present typing (which almost seems to confirm that it has not been ''dietary triggers'' of any kind that were responsible for inducing these headaches).

Even after having decided, after several failed attempts throughout the day, to ''force myself'' to expend the effort to prepare and eat SOMETHING significant, I was still not feeling any actual desire to do so, and I found myself repeatedly clashing with myself to back away from the activity and continue the course, not because of trying to set/meet originally set goals, but because I genuinely was not feeling any real physical urges to break the fast: in fact, had it not been for the migraines being consistently on my back complicating the matter, I'm certain I could've easily gone an extra day at least.

My commitment to regular ''fluid intake'' I'm sure was also playing SOME considerable role as well, as it was difficult getting myself to drink just  ''plain''  water all the time without some other ''stimulant'' to aid it along, managing partially over the course of the work day with the assistance of three spaced-out ''bite-sized'' chocolate bars, and back at the apartment with a brewed ''broth packet'' (soup base) which I'd had an extra leftover from an earlier ramen pack which had been left unused and set aside for a later time.

Prior to all of that, I'd only nibbled on (literally) a couple of smokehouse almonds prior to going into work, and four more sometime after having returned from work.

So eventually, with much effort simply to get me to ''just do it,'' at around 18:30 or so, give or take, I'd decided to prepare a couple of pseudo-burritos, mainly for the purpose of working thorough the remainder of what was left of the lettuce and half of the remaining tomato from my garden. Admittedly, after consuming the items  with SOME unexpected degree of struggle  (and I'm not certain how much of than I can simply chalk-up to the migraine/bowels complications which normally interfere with my intake of food whenever I'm experiencing those symptoms), the tired and lethargic feelings did somewhat subside, as I suspected they might.

So hopefully, the next go-round will not be complicated by another migraine attack, so I can better gauge what effects are real and normally expected in these situations.

March 8 - 10, 2019 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Saturday (Mar. 9)  granted me another  ''Teenager's Panty,'' which had been left inside her pant shorts from when she'd pulled them both off together. They were of a type which ''normally'' I would've bypassed, considering the fact that (1) it was absent of any ''waistband'' and (2) it was of a ''thong-type'' design -- neither of which configurations I've any particular fondness for. However, I was enthralled by the ''rear portion'' being composed entirely of a ''hot pink'' lace. And despite the very conspicuous evidences of significant Vaginal Dripping (which I found somewhat discomforting, but not enough to make me want to wash it off), the panel area did not exude any  ''pussy smells''  at all, which I found to be odd.

I had also intended on conducting a second round of "fasting" to begin on  Friday (Mar. 8)  but another migraine resurgence insisted that simply was not going to happen on its watch, so I yielded this time around.

It also became evident that as long as Kelly keeps insisting on taking up the adjacent parking space next to the space where I've always parked my motorcycle since Day One of my living at the apartment complex, it appears that my being inconvenienced out of my established parking spot is going to be an ongoing  ''Every Weekend''  irritating disruption from what I'm assuming is some ''weekend shack-up'' that may or may not be aware that (s)he's been blocking me out of my normal spot ... and itís not like I can just order Kelly out of the area and make her return to where she'd always been parking her car, as there are no ''officially assigned" parking spaces at our location.

Had not been aware of the ''time switch-over'' until I'd expressed confusion and disbelief at the displayed time on a device I was working with and noticed a discrepancy on my cell phone, upon the discovery of which I searched online for the confirmation. (HATE all of this annual  ''ST/DT"  switcheroo BULLSHIT!!!)

March 12, 2019 (Tuesday)
23:45, Eastern Daylight Time

Was watching one of the backlog episodes of  ''LIVE-PD"  when they got to a segment where neighbors in an apartment complex were reporting and complaining about an obnoxious ''chemical smell'' drifting into their units from outside, and that caused me to recall my own experiences back Home in ''Hawaii'' where we'd had to deal with a similar issue for a long time with some stinging burning overpowering chemical smell that no one seemed to be able to trace but which seemed to clearly be emanating from one of the other apartments in the housing complex (though not being familiar at all with the scent, my suspicions was that somebody was probably cooking-up some homemade  meth.  But ever since watching that segment, and having those memories come rushing back to my mind, all throughout the rest of the day/night I've been  ''smelling''-- and even experiencing the associated ''physical sensations'' of, and ''physical reactions'' to --that irritating spicy-acrid odor as if it were right in the very room with me! (Even as of this typing, it still has not ''dissipated.'')

Thought I might've actually been setting-up a genuine, bona-fide  ''Pussylicking Date"  with a ''reddit'' user who had responded ''semi-positively'' to one of the several ''personal ads'' I'd posted to the site offering my ''Cunnilingus Services,'' but it ended after a couple of exchanges as she was insistent upon the use of a  ''dental dam"  if we were to have ever gotten together.

While engaging that conversation I decided to review my backlog of other seemingly ''interested'' parties, and finally decided to respond back to one that I'd initially ignored not only because she claimed to be ''19'' but also because of how she'd described her ''bodily proportion'' stats. But having since posted a photo of herself (which  ''appears to be"  legitimate), and seeing that she didn't look nearly as unappealing as her self-description made me envision, I decided to text her back to see if her interest was still there.

March 15 - 17, 2019 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Got my hopes up a bit toward the end of the week when it seemed as if  ''neighbor Kelly''  might be reverting back to her previous parking spot(s) back on the alley side of the complex, which of course were dashed on  Friday (Mar. 15),  forcing me yet again into a parking conflict because of the other person's refusal to respect ''my'' parking spot.

I'd also spent much of the day Friday finishing-up reconfiguring my original earlier computer systems-- the ''custom-ordered'' set-up and the original ''refurbished'' unit I'd brought with me from Virginia respectively --and continuing to do testing and final-phase software update runs on the former unit, satisfied that it  still  seemed to be holding stable. But testing on the latter unit the following morning  Sat., Mar. 16)  seemed to reaffirm that there was a failure problem with the hard drive I'd removed from the main configuration, as it was not being recognized in either the  ''Linux Live-CD''  environment I was mainly operating in or during a solid boot attempt.

Saturday also introduced me to an issue with my ''Royal Burgandy'' string bean plants, as while I was watering and attempting to ''straighten'' them their ''flimsy'' young stalks kept ''snapping'' -- an issue I do not recall ever having had with the  ''Ferry-Morse''  variety (this newest planted batch having been from  ''Burpee,''  as I was unable to find the ''FM'' brand when I purchased these ones)Ö so I took most of what I'd still had in reserve of the ''FM'' seeds and set them up in a ''sprouting'' array.

Set up the  ''Old-New''  computer system in order to further test the ''problem'' hard drive  Sunday (Mar. 17)  and found that it seemed to be working perfectly fine within that configuration, causing me to suspect that  perhaps  I'd been experiencing a ''wiring'' issue in the  ''Roanoke Refirb''  (to be checked & determined later) and leaving me yet again in another uncomfortable position regarding how to set-up & establish the systems if all should prove to be working well, because I really do not wish to keep going through these hassles.


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