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Unmentioned Highlights from Previous Quarter...

Toward the end of the Season I was relieved to witness the fig trees had indeed gone into a state of hibernation over the winter months, confirming that they had in fact not died, as I was almost certain had happened with the passion fruit plant which I'd uprooted months prior.

Also during the final weeks of February I'd put renewed energy into posting ''personal ads'' on ''Craig's List,'' trying yet again to find any takers for my desperate ''Pussy Licking'' offers. This time however I'd found myself receiving a veritable wave of seemingly legitimate replies (out of the ever-present ''catfish,'' online ''cash-for-dates'' prostitutes, and other trolls) which, when followed-up on disappeared about as quickly as they had appeared on my radar. The only one which continued to hold-on and keep engaging in dialogue was a Black Woman named, ''Mimi,'' who claimed to be a former ''New Yorker'' living in the City of ''Brooksville,''in the next county to the north (''Hernando'') -- we had even advanced to communicating over the telephone (which was when I learned that the supposed ''all in-state calls'' on my landline phone would be considered ''local'' (not ''long distance'') calls was either total bullshit or was an indication that ''Frontier Communications'' had done something to repeal & deny this service when they absorbed ''Verizon.''

Also, what began as a sly attempt on my part to try to entice another ''LTR-seeking'' woman on craigslist into agreeing to a ''Pussy Licking Date'' (...or ''Dates''...) had actually turned into a somewhat pleasant ''online pen-pal'' from our respective positions... with me of course continuing to drop somewhat less-than-subtle hints & mentions about my pussylicking cravings that I'm still hoping ''MIGHT'' open just a small enough of a window for her to consider a cunnilingus encounter or two... or more....

March 2 - 4, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Spent  Friday (Mar. 2)  before work restructuring my ''Amazon.com'' orders to include several new items and to expedite certain ones rather than having to wait until the  ''Justice League''  movie was officially released on home-media disc before any of the additional items got shipped out.

An important part of the new purchase order were a pair of music CDs by Tanaka Tomoyuki's  ''Fantastic Plastic Machine''  project after listening to the full track list of one of the albums extensively on ''WHO?Tube,'' having chosen the purchase of ''unpackaged & played'' media this time around, rather than purchasing ''new/unopened'' units, which was done as part of a drastic cost-saving measure.

Immediately after work on  Saturday (Mar. 3)  I stopped by ''walmart'' to retrieve the pedestal oscillating fan I'd ordered earlier in the week, and was disturbed to see just how POORLY the components were packaged, appearing to have simply been thrown into an (unsealed!) box.

Later that evening I'd gotten the opportunity to witness the band, ''Smash Mouth,'' performing on stage... and as expected I found next to nothing to be impressed with, despite liking their music enough to have bought one of their earliest albums when it was still fairly fresh back in the day. I was also put off by just how  ''old''  the performers looked, providing more contribution to my abject hatred of the ''aging process.''

I also found myself engaging in conversation with what was developing into perhaps another very likely ''Pussy Eating'' prospect with a Caucasian woman claiming to reside in the ''Downtown St. Petersburg'' area who as of yet has chosen not to shared her actual name, simply agreeing to be referred to by the initials of what she claimed was her former hometown -- DC. The thing I'm *MOST* excited about, should she prove to be 100% genuine and we actually advance to arranging an actual get-together, is that unlike every other woman with whom I'd engaged in online-arranged ''Pussy Licking'' encounters is the fact that she revealed that she sports a *FULL HAIRY* Vulva! (almost entirely IMPOSSIBLE to come by in this day and age!).

March 5 - 8, 2018 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

While at work on  Monday (Mar. 5)  I would periodically secretly sneak online on one of the company computers to try to maintain contact with ''Mimi'' who held out the possibility of a ''pussylicking'' visit to be arranged at my apartment for the following morning  Tue., Mar. 6).

While setting-up & confirming things with ''Mimi'' I was simultaneously engaging in outreach with the ''Hairy Pussy'' woman in St. Petersburg who claimed interest, but as with everybody else (except ''Mimi'') who uncharacteristically flooded my Inbox over the past several weeks with their proclaimed and seemingly genuine interest in my ''pussylicking'' offer, she too decided to inexplicably drop off of my radar screen.

On the return trip back to the apartment I made the decision to stop over into the landscaping nursery again, to try to get a follow-up on their status of bringing in ''Red Lady Papaya'' trees.

As I pulled into the parking area, the same woman staffer I'd spoken with during my previous visit was standing there and came over to again comment on my motorcycle (she had alerted me to her  Honda ''SilverWing''  during my last visit), and her interest in was so involved that I'd blurted out that perhaps we could meet-up as ''riding partners'' from time to time, which, to my unexpectation and unpreparation, she immediately approved of without even the slightest hint of sarcasm... so I decided to follow-through and pursue the idea as a legitimate leisurely activity (which I also agreed to because I was similarly viewing such a ''friendly activity'' as a possible path to eventually enticing her into agreeing to present herself as a ''pussylicking'' recipient, since during our discussion about our super-scooters I'd let it (very intentionally) ''slip'' that I'd taken creative advantage of these type of vehicles' designs to ''Eat Pussy'' while women were seated upon them.

When Tuesday rolled around, ''Mimi'' arrived on site about a half-hour later than she had aimed for (having expected to arrive at 10:00). When we finally got over our initial bit of unease and got all of the preliminaries out of the way and finally ''Got Down to Business,'' not only was I amazed and impressed at just how remarkably  HUGE  her Clit was (and how WONDERFULLY it felt in my mouth!) but I equally shocked at just how amazingly *PRETTY* her Pussy ''as-a-whole'' truly was! -- The photos she'd sent me of her vulva as email attachments really did no justice at all to the *real* Beauty of her Pussy!

I also loved how she would grab and stroke me during and in-between face-planting sessions, and was equally appreciative of the fact that she wasn't afraid to actively ''USE'' my face for her ''selfish'' pleasure & enjoyment!

Although I would've definitely loved it had she been more ''audible'' in her enjoyment, I was pleased to know that I'd managed to push her past climax at least Three (3) times (if it was more, she never gave any indication) -- the last time she came before she decided she needed to get back to her normal life routine (around 13:20), I was actually able to witness Her Orgasm staring me right in the face, as she had by this time positioned her pussy in my face in a classic ''69'' stance as she would periodically ''fuck'' my mouth with her huge hard-swollen ''Lady Dick.''

Shortly after our In-Bed ''Date'' had ended, I'd decided to order ''Pizza Hut'' and went to pick up my order with all of Mimi's Pussy still fresh all over my face.

A little later in the day I'd finally decided to re-attempt work on the ''desktop computer'' tower, opting this time, after several errors on both my and the machine's parts, to allow the system to choose its own ''default'' start-up disk drive, whereupon I made the decision to perform yet another ''full system reinstall,'' then let it sit again after getting all of the ''Windows/Microsoft'' updates installed.

Later still, I tried for one final attempt to reconnect with  ''St. Pete 'Hairy Pussy' Girl,''  this time by reverting back to using Craig's List's ''message relay'' hub instead of trying to re-establish contact directly via the email address she'd communicated with me through.

On  Wednesday (Mar. 7)  I ventured out to the nearest ''Dollar Tree'' to purchase some toilet bowl solution that I thought I'd had extras of in reserve but learned I hadn't prior to Mimi's visit, but while there I'd ended up doing quite a significant bit of ''impulse shopping'' for, among other things, more ''garden decorations'' in advance of the arrival of the new set of ''NON-SOLAR'' string lights I'd ordered. I'd also taken the time before and after setting-up the new trinkets to clear my gardening area of its remaining weeds, plus to clear it of as many of the excess leaves as I could, to plant the next group of string bean and squash seeds I'd been allowing to soak for the past couple of days, as well as to plant more carrot seeds in the remaining ''bald'' spot.

Marcth 9 - 11, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

En route to the jobsite on  Friday (Mar. 9)-- having agreed several weeks earlier to work the date as a ''double shift'' -- I retrieved all of the items I'd ordered from ''Amazon'' with the exception of one of the  ''Fantastic Plastic Machine''  music CDs which had arrived a day earlier, a new ''sexy mouse pad'' which required being shipped from China, and the BD/DV of the  DCEU ''Justice League''  movie which was still awaiting release onto the market.

I stopped into the landscaping nursery on my way back from work on  Saturday (Mar. 10)  both to inquire about obtaining a Hibiscus plant and to reconnect with ''Syd'' (sp.?) to reconfirm how and where she'd wanted me to contact her in order to try to arrange a ''riding'' date... which she told me would not be possible for the next couple of weeks anyway as she was being expected to work during what would normally be one of their most busiest times  (...and with ''Mimi'' being similarly unavailable as she said she'd be out of town/state? during the same period of time...). With the aid of herself, another representative, and the owner/operator himself, I was not only able to select a breed and style of Hibiscus, but also, upon inquiry, learned that the papaya trees I'd constantly been wanting to know about when they'd be available, had indeed arrived (of course, with nobody ever ''calling me'' to inform me of their availability, as I knew would be the case... as it is always in everything I'm ever promised to be ''informed'' about or ''updated'' on).

In my infinitely famous stubbornness and sheer determination, I'd managed to strap both potted plants-- which cost me a total of $42 + cents ($10/$29 respectively -- at least $20 less than what I was honestly expecting to pay for the papaya) --onto the rear seat of the motorcycle and successfully transport them back to the apartment, where I immediately proceeded to plant them in the spots I'd designated for them, then strung up the new ''light show'' which I would learn later in the evening worked rather well.

 ''Something''-- some sortt of parasitic bug --had been biting on me over the course of the weekend, but was not entirely certain re: the ''wheres and whens'' -- I did manage to spot and kill a flea earlier during the weekend (suspected to be linked with the next door neighbor's big-ass dog), but it seemed that all of the assaults had been occurring underneath my work clothes while on the job... and thanks to this badly-altered post-op eyesight, I'm unable to really get a focus on what might be present when.

On  Sunday (Mar. 11),  in a desperate attempt at trying to procure more  Pussy  to eat, I tried posting to the ''Lesbian'' listings on ''Craig's List'' and, of course, promptly had my listing ''flagged off'' for ''posting violations.''

March 16 - 25, 2018 (Friday1st-Sunday2nd)
''Weekend-to-Weekend in Review''

Even though I'd begun typing this entry at roughly 10-minutes 'til Midnight on  Monday night (Mar. 19),  with the original intention of posting it as a ''Date-&-Time'' entry, I'd both deliberately and unintentionally postponed on typing much of anything concerning this particular entry until well into  Friday (Mar. 23),  because I'd just come away from having had gotten involved with the absolutely most ''interesting'' (read: ''bizarre'')  ''pussylicking''  date that probably ever could've been!

It began with a response to one of my several (about a half-dozen total) active ''personal ads'' that I'd posted to ''Craig's List'' requesting ''pussy eating'' encounters with a  ''Pillow Princess''  with absolutely NO CATCH!

For about the past two months-- when I'd begun actively reposting back onto craigslist for that very thing --I found myself getting inexplicably heavily swamped with responses to my various personal ads requesting ''Pussylicking Only'' dates, and I did not believe it was necessarily due to my increased ''posting'' volume.

Even so, I was naturally beginning to feel quite ''lucky'' (and ''desirable'') with the influx of new interest I was receiving, only to have my spirits completely dashed upon the rapid realization that every single one of them (with the exception of ''Mimi'') turned out to be  ''some''  kind of fraudster for whatever purpose -- whether they were just some shameless attention-whoring cock teaser who got her kicks by leading sexually frustrated men on, or were ''online prostitutes'' or ''cam whores'' trawling the site for ''clients'' and ''members,'' or if they were ''curiosity dippers'' who would quickly run scared and get cold feet (and cold everything else) when they realized that ''shit was getting real'' and they actually weren't prepared for that outcome, or if they were just straight-up identity-misappropriating  ''catfish''  who were just being dickhead trolls because they either liked torturing people or because they simply couldn't find a better use of their time.

And so I suspected much of the same was happening here, especially when an investigation into the ''name'' of the respondent pulled up several images on several publicly accessible Florida ''mugshot/arrest'' websites. That was enough to immediately raise suspicions and ''red flags,'' as I'd learned since using craigslist in Florida that some ''catfish'' or other trolls will ''adopt'' the name of local persons who have a ''public'' arrest record.

But this person did feel fit enough to actually include a ''texting number'' with their ''first contact'' reply to my ad, which had been delivered to my inbox some moments just shy of 11:45  ''Late-Saturday Morning''' (Mar. 17).

So after my brief investigation into the proper identity of the respondent who was claiming to be this woman, I followed through with a ''return text message'' of my own (via my email account through the cell phone provider's ''SMS gateway'' address), requesting more information to try to establish the ''truthfulness'' and genuineness of the person at the other end. To my surprise, the replies were coming back with information and details satisfactory enough that I'd continued to delve deeper into dialogue.

It almost came to a head when during one of the responses the person on the other end asked me if she could expect me to  ''tip''  her. -- ''Oh, just phukking GREAT!...'' I thought to myself,  ''...ANOTHER! 'You Gotta Pay Me for My Time & Company'  ONLINE 'gimme-munny'  PROSTITUTE!''

Even though that was the conclusion I'd reached, I still decided to string it along, just to see how long it would take before she'd completely ''flake'' off of the radar scope... so I played ignorant, making it seem that I thought she was asking if I'd be expecting her to ''Tip''  ''Me.'' -- To my surprise, she didn't take the ''bait,'' and so we continued texting each other.

Then came a subsequent text, asking me if I was [quote]"the one with  'molly''' [unquote]. Again, I feigned ignorance and declared that I didn't know anybody named, "Molly."

But the next phase of ''suspicious'' behavior would come when she would find times to completely quit text exchanges for seemingly no reason while we were discussing trying to set-up ''public meeting'' arrangements.

After going through this several times between Sat. & Mon., we'd  FINALLY  agreed to meet Monday afternoon at the ''Burger King'' on the corner of ''US Highway 19'' and ''Moog Road,'' where I told her to expect me first around 16:30. A while later however, I'd explained to her that because of having gone without sleep for about 16 or 17 hours straight and having had only ONE meal in that entire time I'd more than likely be stopping off somewhere in route first, just so I could grab and down to something to eat. So as a result of my impending ''Pit Stop,'' I'd suggested that we ''readopt'' the meeting time we'd agreed upon in our original plan, which was for around 17:30 (where, originally, I was trying to meet her at a ''halfway point'' by trying to get us to meet in front of the ''Dollar Tree'' in the shopping plaza at the corner of ''Congress'' and ''Massachusetts that same Saturday-- despite the fact that I was terribly tired and hadn't gotten any rest up to that point --but which tanked anyway when she failed to return text to confirm the time and place). But yet again, I found myself WAITING for a text confirmation which NEVER came -- especially when I'd impressed upon her several times throughout our exchanges that there would be a ''deadline'' as to when I'd last be able to engage in communication with her, as I'd been making sporadic ''unauthorized'' use of someone else's Internet accessing devices... and when it became evident that I would not be hearing back from her within that frame of time, I considered it a bust.

But then, the strange thing had occurred where I found myself unexpectedly being granted a bit of extra free time wherein I could've actually kept the ''earlier'' time schedule... but I was already convinced by this point that I was dealing with yet another (and this time, an exceptionally ''clever'') ''CATFISH,'' so I gave no more thought to any of it and just decided to go my own way, trying to locate a ''Church's Chicken'' in the area on my way back to Town from the ''Town 'n' Country'' region, just so I could make use of one of their coupons -- and being disgusted with the overall impression of the place with its cramped, dirty, and rundown interior, and I was almost just as much unimpressed with the taste and texture of their food (although I was quite impressed with how ''HOT'' the temperature of the chicken was when it was served).

Upon returning to the apartment and accessing my email account I found several more texts in my email from this person who was identifying herself by a rather unusual spelling of the name, ''Crystal,'' having been sent around the time of 17:00, not only indicating that she indeed had received the ''updated'' time (meaning she had chosen yet again to ignore my requests for a prompt response acknowledging the change), but also containing a new bit of information on where she'd expected me to meet her, having given me ''additional'' directions to a location  in the vicinity  of Burger King rather than ''at'' Burger King, as agreed (which once again ignored my requests of her to finalize our dialogue by no later than 15:00, as I would no longer be able to respond to anything she'd sent after that time).

By this time, I'm beginning to believe that I'm just dealing with a troll who's getting a kick out of leading somebody on for kicks. But in continuing to maintain communication and to see where this would ultimately lead, I answered those messages and asked her if she'd still be on for a pussy licking session that evening, and when she'd confirmed that she would be, I'd instructed HER to be the designated ''decision maker'' this time around and select the time and place where SHE would want us to meet. At this suggestion, she replied with a quick note indicating that she'd wanted to throw that responsibility back into  my  lap, by responding that she was [quote] ''mobile'' [unquote] -- a term which I'd learned in rather quick fashion was a common code word used by ''Craigslist Prostitutes''... so once again, VERY ''questionable'' behavior and use of language. Refusing to play along, I'd again insisted that she make the decision and I'd meet her wherever she'd specified. At this, she settled on our local''Wendy's'' on Florida Highway 54, to which I'd agreed, saying that I could use that trip as an opportunity to check on my post office box and grab a few items at the ''Dollar Tree'' in that area, which was all true enough, as I did not want to head all the way out there only to find out I'd been ''stood-up'' and played for a fool.

I arrived on location at ''Wendy's'' around ten-minutes after 19:00, as promised (at least, on my end). After sitting in parking lot for several short minutes, to my surprise, someone actually did show up from out of the restaurant and began walking towards me. We sat in the lot for a while, as I'd [re-]explained why all the confused running around and missed connections had been occurring.

It was also during this time that another mention of "money" came from her lips -- this time expressing that she was expecting me to cover the costs for her having hired a "babysitter" for her children. I sat mostly silent, not offering up any sort of comments that might even slightly be construed as my agreeing to offer even the smallest amount to help her out in any way.

We had to leave together on my motorcycle because she did not drive out herself but said she'd had a friend in Town drop her off at the restaurant. During the ride back to the apartment, upon nearing the turn-off onto Main Street from Rowan Road, she again brought the subject of ''money'' up again -- this time in the request that I purchase something for her (I cannot recall if she'd even told me what she'd wanted) at the ''7-Eleven'' on the corner. It was during this time that I'd informed her that ever since I'd gotten fed-up with constantly being accosted for money from ''beggars'' when I was still living in Hawaii I'd refused to carry cash on my person (which was 100% truthful); but when she assumed that I'd have had a ''card'' on me, I gave her the same answer (which, in this instance, was a fabrication, but I was beginning to see where this was all going).

At the apartment I was pleased to see that she had, in my opinion, a Very Pretty Pussy, despite having very loose ''Labia Majora.'' And although she did not have a full-hairy display on her vulva, she was covered in a significant amount of dark ''regrowth'' stubble, which I still found particularly nice... (anything please, but a ''shaved/waxed'' pussy!).

Whenever I'm working my ''Mouth Magic'' on a woman's vulva, it's a pretty standard routine that I'll be so deeply involved in focusing all of my attention on the activity that I'll quickly and effectively lose all track & concept of ''Time,'' as so I did here... the only thing I was managing to ''track'' to some degree was how so-into  ''enjoying''  the experience she was, and that I'd managed to make her orgasm really hard several times.

I'd already observed that she'd had a series of blood-red splotchy bruises on her left leg, which I thought looked unusual and suspicious, but I tried not to give it too much thought -- but it was toward the very end of our session that I'd noticed a line of large circular "pock-mark" like scars lining the inner part of her left arm. Having seen nothing like that before, I thought they might've been perceived as something that had been self-inflicted: they looked like some weird sort of ''cigarette burns'' but with a larger & hotter cylindrical-shaped object.

By the time she absolutely insisted that we had to put an end to festivities, it was pushing toward 23:00. It was during the prep-to-leave phase that she started up yet again on the whole "babysitter" routine, going on about how the babysitter (with whom she was allegedly speaking with over her phone while getting re-clothed) was angry that she'd been stuck watching the kids for longer than expected and would be demanding ''additional compensation'' for her extra time, which was, all-total, supposedly amounted to ''150-dollars,'' according to ''Crystal,'' who kept trying to hit me up and ''guilt trip'' me into paying the expense on her behalf, lamenting how she had no idea how she was going to come up with that amount of money.

As we were heading toward the motorcycle (as I was planning to return her to her home, which she'd told me while at ''Wendy's,'' was just a ways down on the aforementioned ''Moog Road''), she for one last time put the pressure on me to give her the money she said she needed right then & there and couldn't scrounge-up otherwise, whereupon, hoping to finally get her off of the subject entirely, I told her that I couldn't be expected to do that as I [quote] ''live paycheck-to-paycheck'' [unquote] and had no discretionary income to part with -- a total fabrication, but it was the last dart thrown that had finally burst her balloon, causing her to storm-off alone out toward the main Downtown strip in an angry rant, screaming about how she was now going to be kicked out of her place because she wouldn't have enough money to cover her ''babysitter'' and still be able to pay her rent, and how I shouldn't bother texting her ever again.

Almost immediately after her Huff-&-Puff, I decided that I didn't want to take any chances of her returning and trying to cause a scene or sabotage my wheels in any way, so I decided to ride-off into Hudson both as a way to catch my breath from the whole bizarre episode and as a convenient opportunity check & see if ''Our'' ''Kmart'' had been among those which had gotten the bankruptcy ax (...it had).

On the return trip, with a bit of a clearer head, I finally came to the realization that I should not have been feeling much-- if any --concern for ''Crystal'' and her supposed ''financial woes,'' as I'd allowed myself to come to the conclusion (after having analyzed and weighed everything that had led up to and manifested during & after our encounter) that her whole ''babysitter needs money'' shtick was simply just a new take on an old standard street hustle... the obnoxious  ''My baby needs formula and Pampers''  scam. -- And even *IF* any of what she was telling me about a babysitter was legitimate, it still took a lot of gall for her to presume that somebody who ''advertised'' himself as wanting to  ''GIVE''  women what they themselves wanted in a ''MUTUALLY Pleasurable'' sexual experience would somehow be responsible for ''reimbursing'' her for expenses SHE HERSELF had incurred UPON HERSELF in order to make a conscious ''personal'' decision to make an arrangement with someone to satisfy  HER OWN  ''selfish'' desires!

Upon returning back inside, I'd decided to conduct a ''topic'' and ''image'' search to explain those moon craters in ''Crystal's'' arms... and sure enough, a suspicion of mine had been confirmed, as medical and rehab webpages described the condition as,  ''skin popping,''  which confirmed that such scars are evidence of intravenous drug abuse. -- (The shit just keeps getting scarier all the time!)

Because of how embittered ''Crystal'' had become, I'd remained paranoid that she might decide to show up unannounced sometime during the week and at least do something to sabotage my motorcycle as her form of ''payback.''

My newest tree purchases are continually showing signs of withering and possibly dying -- I want to blame all of the cold, chilly and high-windy weather we'd been experiencing earlier and throughout the week.

I'd also encountered multiple spots in the remaining ''bare'' section of my garden where a resident pain-in-the-okole squirrel has habitually been digging around in. This latest incident caused me to suspect that perhaps this was the reason I hadn't been seeing any new string bean plants sprouting forth -- that maybe the little snot had been uncovering and eating the seeds? So in reaction, I'd decided to plant about a dozen more in the area, this time skipping the preliminaries of ''pre-soaking'' them overnight. -- (the specific day of replanting having escaped from my memory)

On  Thursday night (Mar. 22)  I was in the Craig's List personal ads section again on yet another of my  ''Please Give Me Some 'PUSSY' To Eat!''  hunts. I'd especially wanted to begin promoting a ''New'' concept of comparing a pussylicking date with me as a clash between the  ''Energizer Bunny!''  (my mouth ''just keeps going... and going... and...'') vs. the  ''Timex Watch!''  (for the girls who think their vaginas have such an over-abundance of endurance that they can ''take a 'licking' and keep on ticking'') ... but I would hardly even get the chance.

While peeking back in periodically to check on any newly listed personal ads posted by other women (...or what were ''claiming'' to be women), it was just a few minutes shy of 23:00 that attempts to access personal ads were being redirected to ''error'' pages, and then in a matter of a couple of short minutes afterwards switched over to a standard ''explanation'' page containing a three paragraph notice concerning a new bill passed by Congress regarding something called ''FOSTA,'' because of which ''craigslist'' was announcing that they were indefinitely deactivating their  ''Personal Ads''  section... although there was very little doubt in my mind that the virtual takeover of craig's personal encounters section(s) by trolls, sex-for-money whores, camsite redirects, etc., etc., no doubt had a heavy decisive influence on the drastic action. Its demise only means that I'll no longer have free and ''open'' access to a website where I can put out the call for ''Pussy-to-Eat'' without any subtle ambiguity or careful innuendo.

I'd informed both ''Dawn'' (an email 'Pen Pal' I'd connected with via CL when her ''Not-In-Violation'' personal ads kept getting ''flagged & removed'') and ''Mimi'' about the sudden and complete shutdown of the popular section shortly after it had happened.

Mimi had also informed me earlier that same day that she had already arrived back in her Town (Brooksville) after her two-weeks business trip out of state (I had actually been expecting her to return on Friday.) And confirming my gut suspicion, she'd informed me that she was indeed on her ''bleeding cycle,'' and so would not be able to take advantage of my free-&-clear upcoming ''Monday'' for another Pussy-Eating extravaganza, but would probably be available for the following Thursday.

I'd also informed another ''Dawn'' about the shut-out: this second person also supposedly named ''Dawn''-- who claimed to live in Port Richey --was someone I'd also began dialoging with halfway through the week  (Wed., Mar. 21)  who'd quickly established SMS text communication with me, but still someone whom I had to ''pressure'' a bit in order to be supplied with a ''gmail'' address. But curiously, EVERY time I'd ever bring up ANY mention that we should either use ''live chat'' or ''meet in public,'' such requests would IMMEDIATELY be followed by a ''vanishing act''... not entirely, for conversation would indeed resume if I gave it a rest for about a day, roughly. It was really starting to concern me when a ''chat invitation'' was left unapproved throughout the entire 2nd weekend. The whole thing seemed to suggest that something very ''sketchy'' was taking place with regard to the person on the other end, other than the claim about having a ''live-in boyfriend'' who ''worked too much'' and was thereby ''neglecting her needs,'' as it were.

I continued on directly to ''walmart'' immediately after the end of my workday  Sunday (Mar. 25)  to purchase bottles of (not-then really essential to have at the time) dish washing liquid, chlorine bleach, and a new  pillow -- which I'd wanted to supply mainly for ''Mimi's'' comfort in anticipation of a ''return visit'' from her (I'd eventually wind up purchasing a pair set).

I would also discover after my return from the store, as I was clearing debris from the garden bed and trimming away the dead leaves & buds from the two new trees, that there were indeed a couple more new ''bean'' plants that had just pushed through to the open air -- (I still refused to let it entirely dissuade me from my ''invasive squirrel'' theory).

Sunday was also when I'd realized that I hadn't tried to verify ''Dawn II's'' identity this whole time, so my investigation began on ''fakebook,'' whereupon I'd found all of the confirming self-provided personal information and details that anyone could've asked for, so by all appearances, ''Dawn'' is actually legit... but that STILL raises the question of the ''odd'' and seemingly consistent behavior. But packed with this knowledge, I sent her another email explaining that I'd just reviewed her ''facebook'' profile, and used that as my springboard to try again at convincing her to have an open & public meeting with me the following day -- since now I knew exactly what she looked like, in case all of her ''flaky'' behavior might have been the result of having ''self-esteem'' issues relating to her size, appearance, and/or age.

March 27, 2018 (Tuesday)
23:20, Eastern Daylight Time

Retrieved the final part of my  ''Amazon''  order, including new electric frypan (ordered in response to the ''non-stick'' coating of my original  ''PRESTO''  brand flaking off) and  ''Blu-ray'' optical drive  for the laptop (of course, in response to the techno-drama the ''desktop'' unit has been putting me through, as well as for the fucking necessity of it, thanks to fucking  ''Warner Bros.''  FORCING the format upon us yet again re: their  ''DCEU''  fare by loading all of the ''special features'' onto the ''Blu-ray'' disc and continually fucking us in the ''DVD'' crowd over again and again! Everything came shipped together in one huge-ass box which I had to strap down onto the back of the motorcycle.

Attempted to test out whether the old ''coupon code'' I'd been accustomed to using for ''Pizza Rut''  (one ''3-topping'' medium-sized pizza for $6)  was still workable, in light of the ''no code required'' special promotion they've been running  (one ''2-topping'' medium pizza for $6) : at first, it appeared it would no longer work, but then, whether because of a programming oversight or just a glitch in the system, a ''workaround'' was uncovered which allowed me to continue using the old code.

April 2, 2018 (Monday)
20:10, Eastern Daylight Time

Stopped into the garden nursery on my return trip back to the apartment, hoping to simultaneously run into ''Sid/Syd'' again and inquire as to why my hibiscus had fallen into such an on-the-edge-of-death state, and was only able to achieve the latter. While asking mostly speculative questions I'd spotted a hanging  strawberry  plant bundle which I fell instantly in love with and decided to purchase before leaving, which left me with the challenge of trying to figure out exactly where and how to visibly and securely display it.

After completing the plant hanging I headed back out to pay my share of the  ACA insurance premium  for this month (a day late).

April 6, 2018 (Friday)
16:10, Eastern Daylight Time

Tried to schedule an appointment with a local ophthalmologist this morning, after having been reassured yesterday afternoon that I could schedule directly without being required to first seeks a ''referral'' from a ''Primary Care Physician''; however, when I called to make such an appointment I was told that for the HMO plan I'd adopted this time around as part of Obama's ''Affordable Care Act'' mandate I would indeed be required to obtain a referral first -- which I'd NEVER been required to receive any other time anyplace else I've ever lived and used health care -- so not only did I have to make an appointment with a PCP, but I was also informed that I'd need to choose a different PCP as the one I'd originally requested was no longer practicing medicine, and that I should handle the switch with a direct representative of the health insurer rather than requesting the change online in order to avoid having a record of the changeover DELAYED for a month, which could risk my not being covered under my ''Plan'' if the appointed medical office had not received confirmation of the change by the time I went in to keep the scheduled appointment. (Fucking OBAMA and his refusal to even consider  ''Single Payer''  after assuring us of his ''support'' of it as Senator of Illinois, only to stab us in the back by taking it ''off the table'' as President of the USA! -- Lying Asshole!!!)

Also, out of concern (read: ''paranoia'') after the pussylicking session I'd engaged in with that I.V.  Junkie Whore,  I'd finally taken some time to conduct a bit of research into the risk levels involved in potentially contracting any form of  hepatitis  through the act of performing  cunnilingus,  and it would seem that I've little to worry about overall, but I still have it in mind to get myself tested for it and other sexually-passed infections sometime within the recommended 90-day window.

April 7, 2018 (Saturday)
20:10, Eastern Daylight Time

Detoured to walmart   on my return trip after work to acquire some pillow cases for my new pillow set, plus a couple sets of new sheet for the mattress, then returned to an apartment that I would learn had been sitting  unlocked  the entire time I'd been away since leaving for the jobsite.

I also proceeded to immediately string-up the new set of garden lights that had arrived in the mail sooner than I'd expected.

April 26, 2018 (Thursday)
18:25, Eastern Daylight Time

After over a month and a half of trying to entice her into a repeat pussylicking date, twice delayed due to menstrual periods happening during what would've been optimal times, Mimi affirmed the previous night that she would come by for a visit around 10:00 this morning. I enthusiastically serviced her despite the fact that I was still feeling the effects of a migraine that had been with me since the previous morning: the pain seemed to subside, but later, as the evening wore on following Mimi's departure, the tightness & throbbing returned.

After Mimi departed following our session, I went to the post office to mail a package to my mother containing a couple of boxes of my imported specialty teas and, as a late afterthought, the first  ''Anubis''  figurine I'd ordered from ''Amazon.com'' when I thought it would've been larger in size; I then did a bit of grocery shopping after the package drop-off -- all while wearing Mimi's ''fragrance'' still smeared all over my face.

May 9, 2018 (Wednesday)
21:20, Eastern Daylight Time

Kept my appointment with my assigned  ''primary care physician''  this morning -- after waiting 'til the last possible minute to begin filling out my medical history, etc., information that had been in my possession for about a full month prior. My main purpose was to get a referral for an  ophthalmologic  examination, but I'd also felt ''nudged'' into bringing up my ''suspected''  Asperger's  condition, eventually agreeing to accept a referral to subject myself to obtain a ''proper'' diagnosis to officially put it to rest one way or another. I'd also felt compelled, with some naturally expected discomfort, to bring up the circumstance involving ''Baby-Sitter Bullshitter'' ''Crystal'' and my discovery of her history of intravenous drug usage and expressed my concerns about any risks I might have had in possibly contracting  hepatitis and/or HPV  from the encounter, so the PCP also included STI/STD screenings as part of the ''cholesterol'' lab work he'd recommended that I have performed.

May 14, 2018 (Monday)
[entry postponed: May 15, 2018 (Tuesday), 09:25, Eastern Daylight Time]

Had to be released from work early in order to keep my appointment with the bloodletting lab, which I'd ''in error'' set-up online three days earlier (Friday) after refusing to jump through all those laid-out stupid hoops of their telephonized ''Zero-Human Contact'' automated scheduling system. I say, ''in error,'' because after ''confirming'' my appointment date & time I'd realize a short while later that I'd unintentionally scheduled for ''Monday'' (which would conflict with my work schedule), rather than during one of my more open available times. Upon discovering this, I'd tried REPEATEDLY to ''reschedule,'' but the online registration system utterly refused to grant me that request, so I ended up stuck with the original obligation, thus needing to cut my workday short in order to get the services requested.

On the way back to the apartment, I took the route that would lead me directly to the property management office, which allowed me to in-person inform them of the leaking communal spigot where we keep the garden hose attached and of the leaking drainage system of my kitchen sink.

As I was about to pull out of the south parking area, where I'd decided to park temporarily until it was around time for me to make my appointment, Kelly (my ''gardening neighbor'' across the way) called out to me and asked if I'd been around late Friday night when the ''shooting'' occurred behind my row of the apartments. When I revealed that I hadn't been on location at that time, she revealed to me that ''Christopher,'' the Jailbird Baby-Daddy of the tall overweight super-tatted barely-outta-school trashy white woman, ''Ariel,'' whose apartment is on the south-end of Kelly's row (and right next door to Kelly) was arrested and thrown back in jail again after an incident Friday night that involved him shooting someone just in back (west) of the property, and that Law Enforcement had taped-off the entire alleyway, eventually finding the firearm used in the assault inside the apartment with Ariel and her [barely?... not even?] one-month-old baby! And to think that Fool had just BARELY gotten his ass back ''out'' of his latest stint in the slammer a little over a month or two ago! And supposedly Ariel is ''hiding out'' (if that's the case, she and the baby are probably staying with her mom, Jodie, in Tarpon, which is where I believe Jodie said she'd secured her own apartment).

About six vials of blood later-- which required, upon my passing suggestion, being tapped from my hand, as no prominent veins would appear in either of my arms --I rode straight back to the apartment in the rain to take the rest of the day to dry-out and eventually sleep virtually the rest of the entire day/night away, completely forgetting that I'd told the motorcycle servicing department before the weekend to expect me to bring my ''two-wheeled sports car'' in to have its front tire replaced.

While back at the apartment I'd also set-up my next visits with  ophthalmology  (for ''Friday Morning'') and  ''psychiatry'' -- the latter of which, as it was explained to me, required an initial ''walk-in'' review prior to any other recommendations being made, but that such ''non-appointment'' appointments could ONLY take place on Mondays prior to 14:00 (or 14:30 - I cannot recall exactly), which required me to inform my jobsite supervisor that I'd need to do a ''repeat'' of my disrupted work schedule again in order to fulfill that requirement.

May 16, 2018 (Wednesday)
19:25, Eastern Daylight Time

In trying to do a little straightening-up inside the apartment, while gathering some of the unsorted transactional documents together, I decided to examine the most recent credit card statement I'd received from  ''CHASE''  and discovered a $20 & change charge to the account for a purchase made through ''walmart.com,'' for which I could find no record. So in order to assess what might have transpired, I called the ''800'' number listed with the transaction data on the credit statement and came to discover that I had indeed (not to any recollection of mine) used their card account for a purchase transaction since ''swearing to swear-off'' using their services back in November, having used it for the house fan purchase. Upon that revelation, I immediately placed a call to ''CHASE'' and explained the situation of what had happened and requested if it might be possible to have the ''late fee'' which had been assessed against the account waived, to which they surprisingly agreed, as well as deducting the remaining amount from my bank account for which they'd asked for my authorization.

May 17, 2018 (Thursday)
11:20, Eastern Daylight Time

Was roused from sleep some time after 01:00... it turned out to be Jodie, trying to get the attention of her daughter who was inside the apartment, confirming that she had returned from her brief absence, but it was still not clear whether or not she had been staying at her mother's apartment during any of that period of time.

Spent much of the morning trying to establish the rest of my medical exam schedules, beginning with running around trying to get my  ophthalmological  needs met after having received a message on my answering machine from the clinic I'd scheduled with informing me that they would not accept my insurance plan. At that, I decided to engage in online chat with a representative of my insurance provider to get an up-to-date list of plan accepters, then called one of the local  ''ophthalmologists''  only to be told that their facility did not have a ''retinal specialist'' (Huh?) and then provided with a couple of locations where I could be seen by a specialist. I then had to jump through several additional hoops in order to get the ''referral'' in order to be properly seen. In each instance, it irritated me whenever I was asked why I needed to be seen, and when I would tell them they would behave dismissively and ask who had ''diagnosed'' me, and when I would tell them that I had assessed my own diagnosis they would react even more dismissively, as if by my having gone through all of these related complications and associated surgeries for two decades that I wouldn't know when things were amiss and required specialized medical attention!

I also responded to another medically-related call asking me to set up an appointment for ''imaging.'' When I called back to inquire what this was about, it was explained to me that my ''Primary'' had sent them a referral that I'd not been aware of in any of my prior documents. It was eventually explained to me that my Primary had just faxed the referral to them, as it turned out that he had already received the results of my blood work and it was determined that I had ''elevated levels'' of something or other I cannot recall but was a series of letters somewhat like ''LTP'' or some-such (which, of course, I'm concerned may possibly be indicative of a  hepatitis  infection), and I agreed to get the examination done tomorrow (Fri., May 18) in place of the canceled eye exam -- I was told to expect to cover a bit over $180 as part of my out-of-pocket expenses for the procedure.

May 18, 2018 (Friday)
17:00, Eastern Daylight Time

Kept my imaging appointment (which was done by ultrasound) but there was a mix-up re: the time scheduled: I recalled being told to arrive before 09:15 when setting-up the time; I was told at the reception office that it was scheduled for 08:15 -- in either event, I was able to be seen immediately after being checked in. My imaging results came back to my PCP around Noon, and I received a call from his office asking me to call back, but after several head-butting incidents directly involving their stinking automated ''answering'' system it finally registered that ''normal office hours'' not only consisted of a one-hour gap between 12:00-13:00 for ''lunch,'' but also did not constitute ''Fridays'' (so why they'd decided to leave me a message urging me to call them back at those two specific times-- especially without advanced clarification on that issue --is truly beyond my comprehension).


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