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Unmentioned Highlights from Previous Quarter...

Was relieved when it the hibiscus revived itself and filled in beautifully, including producing a multitude of large bright blooms. Similarly, the papaya which had dropped (and drooped) a number of its leaves and the yellowing of quite a number of others while stubbornly holding on to life proceeded to grow rich & full. Also, late in the season, a seemingly dying hanging strawberry plant arrangement was revived when I took what I thought was an extreme corrective measure by what I thought would've been ''overwatering'' it, not having realized until that point that there was indeed a ''drainage'' hole in the holding pot -- but only a single one which appeared well concealed, hence my cautious hesitancy against watering it ''sufficiently.'' Around the later part of April or the early part of May, I planted more seeds to expand the growth range of my carrots to help patch in some of the empty gaps in the garden, then up against the close of the season I planted a new set of mostly ''string beans'' (along with just a couple of squash seeds) both as a ''patch-in'' attempt and as replacement growth for those plants which were winding down and no longer prospering.

I'd also begun wearing the diamond ear stud that my mother had given me the last time I'd visited her, which she said she'd originally purchased for her late live-in partner, ''making'' him get an ear piercing to accommodate it. I cannot recall exactly when I first began sporting it, but somewhere in my subconscious memory I do recall that it was an ''event-based'' expression, and the best scenario I can speculate was that it was in relation to the very first ''Pussy Licking Date'' I'd established with Mimi back in March. Since whenever I'd begun wearing it I'd never commenced to removing it at all, as this was the first and only time that I've worn something in my head that hadn't eventually resulted in painful irritation after having it in for after a full day or so: at times, I am not even aware of its presence.

I've also not been keeping any newly updated records on my ''Panty Thievery'' activities as far as ''specific dates'' are concerned, but I'd ''acquired'' as part of this season's latest haul between 4 and 6 (honestly cannot recall precisely how many total) separate panties from among the resident Teenaged-Girls I work on behalf of (including two of the items that had on separate occasions come from the same young lady who had left them inside of her skirt in the first instance and inside of her trousers in the second, indicative of her having pulled both outer- and under-garments off from hugging her waist together in a single action -- the second time providing me with a panty that contained a crusty spot of her ''vaginal drainage'' which, for the first time since I've been actively engaging in absconding with women's underpants from my workplace, I'd decided not to wash out prior to displaying them in my bedroom -- although there was a similar opportunity on the same night and in the same shower room as the first find to make off with an additional similarly presented teen girl's panty, but which I'd rejected, yet again for the reason that I'd deemed it ''Not 'Feminine-Looking' Enough).

June 4 - 7, 2018 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

Work released me about 3/4-hour earlier than my normal schedule  Monday (Jun. 4) -- this put another glitch in my plans to get the front tire on my motorcycle changed after weeks of disruptions, mostly due to all of my health check-ups & follow-ups. Although I'd called them on  Friday (Jun. 1)  to schedule me in for the time immediately following my departure from work, due to my arrival about an hour earlier than expected I inquired if it might have been possible to squeeze my work order in a bit ahead of the schedule, to which, to my surprise, they'd agreed. The work on the tire also was finished quicker than expected, but they still did not have enough time to try to inspect to learn why the ''cigarette lighter'' was no longer functioning.

Mimi and I were also able to finally get around to finalizing a promised pussylicking visit we'd been trying to establish over the weekend but which kept getting disrupted and canceled for one reason or another.

It was also on this day that while tending to my garden that I'd once again observed-- and taste-tested to confirm --that someone has INDEED been pouring  salt  about the bases of my fig trees and hibiscus bush deliberately, for whatever unknown (to me) reason.

After a number of follow-up messages, Mimi said to expect her arrival sometime around 20:00 hrs., which I took as my opportunity to finally catch a nap. I woke-up shy of 23:00 and answered a text she'd sent me earlier while I was sleeping, telling me to expect her arrival closer to 22:00 hrs. During the call she'd told me that traffic from Orlando had been heavier than she'd expected and that she was helping transport a colleague whose own vehicle had fallen into a state of unreliability, but that she might arrive within the following twenty minutes.

It wasn't until somewhat shy of  Midnight/Tuesday (Jun. 5)  that Mimi finally arrived. As I'd promised her over the phone, I supplied her with a full-body massage, using the cocoa butter lotion she'd provided, prior to my moving my mouth to her vulva. After a couple of hours of pussy eating activity she decided she needed to get some sleep, and I had told her earlier that I'd have no problem with her spending the night if she'd wanted.

After telling me she was feeling hungry, I decided to whip-up some mix and make us a couple of waffles. During this time she had gotten on her phone and began engaging in angry bickering with her baby's father in Georgia, with whom her son was staying for the week.

Before she departed, I tried yet again to persuade her out of her panties (to help validate my excuse for having them hanging all over my room), but again to no avail.

Later in the evening I finally decided to stop putting off trying to get my desktop computer tower reloaded, transferring all of my backup files from the laptop, during which I was to learn that the system is still reverting to experiencing ''blanking-out'' issues, so I've no real clues what keeps causing these disruptions, but I've grown tired of letting it dictate the terms.

Wednesday morning (Jun. 6)  I kept my MRI appointment, during the seemingly unnecessary Q&A right before the procedure where I was expected to describe symptoms I couldn't produce, it was explained (from the paperwork the technician access to *ALL* of the information he was asking of me) that the term used by my post-blood testing scheduler for my initial ultrasound was elevated ''LFT'' levels, which the MRI tech explained stood for, ''Liver Function Test.'' The MRI was simultaneously relaxing but physically uncomfortable... and ''painful'' to the pocketbook, as my designated ''financial responsibility'' amounted to almost a full month's apartment rent.

Immediately after returning to the apartment I had every intention, and attempted, to take the kayak out onto the river by the park, but equally as soon was curtailed by a heavy rainstorm.

After a long nap I spotted a key safe hanging on Ariel's outside doorknob, confirming what I'd expected to happen following the past incidents involving her baby daddy, meaning that they're both out of here -- after a small amount of uncertainty on my part when I'd learned that she had come out of hiding after the events which led to him getting locked away and both of them ultimately getting evicted. My suspicion is that she will be taking-up space with her Mom in the interim, but that's only a guess on my part.

In relation to this latest eviction (a surprising number of tenants have found themselves being evicted from these premises since I've been a resident here), I've decided to break my promise to Mimi that I'd inform her when the apartment became available, because envisioning the bigger picture I've determined that IF by chance she (and her small child) were actually able to move-in almost directly across from my apartment unit it would have all-too-much potential to develop into one huge cauldron of drama, which I could DEFINITELY do without.

June 8 - 10, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

This week's work schedule had been altered again, resulting in yet another early release at the end of my workday on  Saturday (Jun. 9),  so I had no idea if ''Syd'' (''Sid''?) would be on site at her job at the landscaping nursery when I stopped by on my way back to the apartment-- or even if the business would be open at that time --as I'd planned on handing her a note with my contact information so she could get in touch with me whenever she wanted to try to set-up a ''riding'' date on our maxi-scooters. She wasn't due to arrive on the job, according to one of the other staffers, for about another hour, so I left the note with him instead to pass along to her. While there, I inquired about ideas for decorative plants that do well in limited sunlight, and at some point he'd interested me in something called  ''Spathoglottis'' (commonly called ''ground orchid''),  but I said I might need approval from the property managers to extend my garden to accommodate it. Syd/Sid came into work earlier than expected, just as I was about to leave the site: we chatted briefly about my med issues being behind my long delay in trying to set something up with her; she then announced that she herself would be taking a month-long absence to get training on some sort of medical device that would supposedly help her with her arthritis.

Immediately after work on  Sunday (Jun. 10)  I rode out to ''Home Depot'' as it had been my intention for the past several days to acquire a pair of new pepper plants to help fill in some of the garden areas, but while there I'd opted instead for a single pepper plant and supplemented it with my second attempt to grown an okra plant, along with a second tomato plant, one that was supposedly designed not to vine out so much but to grow in more of a straight & upward pattern.

June 15 - 17, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Tried to continue the reinstallation process on my desktop computer system again on  Friday (Jun. 15),  expecting to update a couple of third-party programs and transferred personal files, only to be confronted with a complete refusal of the system to access the user account beyond start-up ''welcome'' screen, and no amount of pre-start variations I'd tried could break past that barrier, including numerous attempted ''repairs/rollbacks'' of the installed system I'd conducted throughout the weekend! (Everything had worked almost perfectly until after I'd shut down the system for a few days following the installation of the complete ''security'' suite I normally run on all of my systems.) Completely defeated, I once again succumbed to the pressure and decided on  Sunday (Jun. 17)  to attempt yet another full system reinstallation, trying to install again on the hard drive I'd intended to erase of an older reloading attempt to use as the back-up drive. I'd also made the decision (uncertain if it might have been responsible for any of the issues or not) to conduct the reinstallation without any sort of ''ethernet'' or ''Wi-Fi'' hookups.

After the installation, the option for a choice between  two  hard drives, instead of just one, as had been the case, showed up at the ''boot'' menu. At first, I thought the completion was another failure, as it produced the same result as what led to the reinstallation in the first place, but another forced restart and the selection of the  first  option (listed at top) showed that the boot order listing had thrown me off, having me assume that the ''newer'' HD device would've logically been placed ''lower'' down the list. I only completed the initial ''user registry'' set-up procedure before shutting the system down completely until a later date.

Also happening on Friday, I was confronted with yet another revised work duties list that seemed to come straight out of the ass of poorly thought-out ideas, only to come away with the belief on Sunday that this ''idea'' had actually been proposed by another co-worker who seems to always want to brown his nose into trying to present himself as something more valuable to the system, which keeps coming across as a still underlying resentment that he had been passed over for not only the chief supervisory position but also as the #2 man (the latter of which seems to me, based upon info about him I'd been hearing from others in our crew who'd actually worked with him when they were still working under the former supervisor, was his actual position until our current supervisor took over and appointed another for the ''understudy'' spot). I'd arrived at this speculation based upon how he was trying to answer ''authoritatively'' a series of questions my regular working partner and myself both raised (for our supervisor's eyes & the for the purpose of his feedback) as concerns in need of possible readjustments during our first couple of days' worth of test runs through the new ''routine.''

As a bit of an observational side note, I'd begun noticing that the resident orange feral cat that would normally be hanging around on property had been conspicuously absent -- I'd realized this almost right away, and it's been about two weeks now since he'd last been seen. Not missing him at all, especially since Kelly's regularly feeding him seemed to be keeping him tied to the area, but his absence still feels awkward.

June 18 - 21, 2018 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

While discussing the tampering of our worksite duties for my specific schedule with our supervisor on  Monday (Jun. 18),  he confirmed my suspicions about whom the culprit responsible for planting that seed into our supervisor's brain was in the first place. (The manipulative prick is always sticking his conniving paws into trying to find new ways to disrupt our supervisor's scheduling assignments, which given the nature and expectations of our jobsite makes his job difficult enough as it is.)

Called my ''Primary Care'' office  Tuesday morning (Jun. 19)  to receive the results of my MRI and was told that they had discovered a couple of small  hepatic cysts,  which I was reassured during the office visit later that same day that there was very little to be concerned about, as these things tend to be both common and benign.

This ''same day'' office visit (the time slot for which had somehow miraculously been available) was established as part of my request for a possible diagnosis to try to explain the week-long persistent tender-spot pain in the palm of my right hand at the base of my middle finger, which I'd suspected might've been indicative of having cracked a bone or tendon as a result of violently jerking on the stubborn handle of a door at work I'm almost always getting into stubborn conflict with. Dr. did not believe it to be bone break but likely had more to do with a tendon: in any event, he had me schedule an X-ray for the following day.

Toward the end of daylight I would discover quite by accident that the one of the ''lawn care'' crew had taken a weed-whacker along my garden enclosure and in so doing had clipped the wire to my remote control decorative string lights -- which I only knew about when I'd spotted one of the ''flower'' bulb covers lying off in the grass a few short feet away. With a bit of difficulty and discomfort, I was able to splice the connection back together... shock of all shocks, not a single mosquito had molested me during that time.

My X-ray appointment had been scheduled for 08:30-- with a 15-minute early arrival request for processing --(Wed, Jun. 20),  and it felt as though I'd been thrown a last-minute dipping curve ball as I was in-&-out in almost no time flat... I hadn't even had the chance to even begin reading the first paragraph of a newspaper article before I was called into Radiology.

I'd also used the early runabout time to  finally  establish a ''local'' (or more accurately, ''locally accessible'') checking account with ''CHASE''-- the same company whose credit card usage I'd discontinued due to their online antics --primarily driven by their ''$300-bonus'' coupon incentive (never say ''No'' to 'Free Money'). While in the same location, I jumped on over to then ''Trump Supermarket'' (''Publix'') in order to finally place those ''special orders'' for my  ''Pasta Roni: Angel Hair Primavera''  (which apparently NOBODY sells ANYWHERE) along with another order of my  ''MorningStar Farms'' imitation frankfurters  (another item which nobody cares to stock & sell anymore... it's always got to be the stuff  I  like & fall in love with).

Throughout the week I took small incremental steps each day to try to re-establish a working & stable operating system on the desktop, reloading onto the alternate 2TB hard drive (the original device that came preinstalled with the complete unit, if I'm not mistaken)....

June 22 - 24, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

I had decided that I'd finally had enough with the  unauthorized  couple inhabiting the apartment unit next to the laundry room letting their large dog defecate anywhere it pleases in our common yard area without them retrieving its mess after I'd stepped in a fresh pile-- wearing nothing but my flip-flop sandals --as I was going through the process of trying to get my work-clothes laundered  Friday morning (Jun. 22),  so after I'd completed with washing my clothes I placed a call to our property management office with the complaint, making sure to let it be known that the people responsible who were currently residing in the unit were not the original occupants we were initially familiar with -- trying to drop the hint without actually making any [potentially unfounded] presumptive accusations that the current couple might not actually have any lease agreement or other authorization to be inhabiting the unit. The woman whom I'd spoken with at the office did affirm that there had been no lease agreement made for the apartment in question that allowed for a dog to share the premises, and she also gave me the impression during our conversation that the couple occupying the unit might likewise be residing there in violation of having no lease agreement. The representative informed me that she would pass the complaint and other related information along to her supervisor and assured me that the situation would be ''looked into.'' If the end result of my complaint and subsequent investigation should see the eviction of said couple and their mutt-- especially if it should be determined that the original leased signer has been allowing these people to occupy his apartment in his absence --I shall feel not even the slightest twinge of misgiving about it, as I was more than willing to keep minding my own business and not make any [potentially in-error] waves had it not been for them being the irresponsible pricks they'd decided to be with that animal of theirs.

Then suddenly, upon my return from work on  Sunday (Jun. 24), ''like magic'',  the pick-up truck of the ''officially authorized'' tenant of the disputed apartment just somehow ''miraculously'' appeared parked out front for the first time following MONTHS of a conspicuous absence! (My suspicion is that the initial part of the property management's ''inspection'' involved calling his personal contact number and inquiring of his apartment's residential status, and so his ass-saving response was to make certain his okole-- at least for a time --had an actual ''physical'' presence on property in an effort to avoid any ramifications for whatever the hell it's been that he's been doing with his apartment in his absence.)

Also Sunday, just a couple of hours prior to end of workshift, I had my first ever come-across of an  Io Moth  resting on the outside wall of one of our buildings. I had no idea which type it was upon initial observation since she had her wings completely folded shut, only to be surprised at what I'd found when I gently tried pushing her wings apart carefully enough to hopefully not disturb her into flight and observed the characteristic ''owl eyes'' pattern underneath. Until this discovery, I'd always believed that Io were among the  ''large''  moth breeds and, while still of decent size, not so much on the ''smaller'' end of the scale. As I'd not been bringing my camera to work with me since last sometime around last autumn, the only image I could record of her was with my cell phone's camera in a poorly lit situation from a distance at a considerably awkward angle.


June 25 - 28, 2018 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

Spent the entirety of  Wednesday (Jun. 27)  tweaking my desktop system interface preferences back to how I'd painstakingly ''personalized'' them, then spent all of  Thursday (Jun. 28)  reinstalling all of my multimedia playing programs and web browsers, all while deliberately avoiding downloading/installing any of  ''Microsoft's''  updates & patches, as I'm almost convinced that they'd likely played some significant role in causing these months of problems and headaches! I also used the opportunity to take updated snapshots of the entire restoration process as I proceeded through each step, rather than relying on my forever tried & ''untrue'' method of getting everything established first then returning to the step-by-steps at a later date, only to leave it almost entirely untouched on the back burner -- although, due to time constraints and an unwillingness to keep pushing my luck with all of the potential to ''catch'' something unwelcome throughout the whole reinstallation ordeal, I left a couple of the media players and all of the web browsers to stand by until after I'd run a series of security programs and rebooted into my modified ''selective start-up'' mode, as personalized configuration of those programs would prove to be the most involved and time-consuming of the lot reinstalled thus far.

Thursday night, while letting malware/adware scans run on the desktop (currently, as of this typing), the ''outsider'' laptop (which I'm still hoping to try installing  ''Mageia Linux''  onto, hopefully not way too far in the distant future) the display screen began engaging in some weird periodic ''pulsating'' from very dim to it's normal ''not-so-dim''... something it had also experienced to a lesser degree the previous night. Although I suspect somewhat that the pretty-much out of commission battery may have been playing some role in the incidents, I still decided to take it as a precautionary alert, whereby I made the decision to back-up onto my USB ''thumb drive'' storage device any and all ''editing'' work I've been engaging in on the secondary laptop, where I had the intent of transferring those ''completed'' files over onto my primary machines, and from here on out insist on continuing any and all editing work involving use of the ''unofficial'' machine directly from files that have been first saved & stored to the USB stick.

July 2 - 5, 2018 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

Took an early leave from work  Monday (Jul. 2)  due to feeling tired & fatigued from a bout of illness since the previous night.

Later in the day I'd proceeded to effect another round of preferences tweaks on the remaining multimedia replaying programs, first with the intention of pulling up some of that information from the copy of the old system that still resided on the 400-MB hard drive I'd installed in the refurbished  ''HP/intel''  machine I've been planning on converting over to a  ''Linux''  system, only to learn that here too, for some unknown and curiously suspicious reason, the hard drive would neither boot or, during various diagnostic attempts, be ''found'' by the system at all -- not even removing and testing the drive using the primary system board could pull anything up. WTF?

So after putting off doing anything further with the ''secondary'' system and returning my focus to the main system, re-establishing personalized function commands playing it by ear, more or less, everything seemed to be going good up until the time I'd decided to shut down the system for the night right after running malware scans ahead of later plans to try running driver software for my  ''Blu-ray''  optical drive in hopes of repairing whatever issues it was having for not being able to be recognized as an installed component during system start-up.

So when  Tuesday (Jul. 3)  rolled around, all of the old ''blank-outs'' and ''start-up smack-downs'' returned with a vengeance, and the whole ''trick it by USB thumb drive'' tactic had zero effect.

After failure upon failure following a random number of false-hope loading & breakdowns throughout the day & night, eventually falling back on making spontaneous spot checks, I finally decided to go the ''physical breakdown'' route  Wednesday (Jul. 4)  and began stripping & manipulating the internal workings of both machines.

It was during these hands-on moments that I'd posited the theory that perhaps what was at issue (or at least partially so) might have been related to ineffective ''CPU cooling'': I came to this speculative reasoning based on a number of experiences, namely, [1] - I'd observed during the ''strip down'' process that my system would shut down in only a few short seconds after I'd loosened the fan/heatsink from the CPU (which was a requirement in order to wiggle the hard drives in or out of their slots), [2] - the tech geeks at my workplace eventually got around to ''officially'' instructing us to cease closing the door to their main ''server room'' as it would interfere with air flow and cause their electronics systems to malfunction, [3] - it reminded me that ''AMD'' brand microprocessors supposedly have a notorious reputation for ''running hot,'' and [4] - I figured this might perhaps be  ''opposite''  of what Gracie's ''HELL'' laptop's issue was, in that in her case the inner circuitry actually had to be made ''hot'' in order to get the piece of trash to boot. I tested this out by placing the room fan directly in front of the open computer's fully exposed cabinet and blasted the additional air current on the fan's fullest setting -- which APPEARED to be working for the most part, until (due to yet another mysterious ''vanishing'' of any records of any previously installed operating systems... on either hard drive, when an OS had been present on BOTH units!) I found myself ultimately being forced YET AGAIN to perform a another FULL fresh reinstallation of the operating system, and the system experienced another ''blank-out'' moment during the first install attempt. I again decided to shut the machine down to rest for a few days after installation of all repository updates.


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* ''5-Year Archive'': Winter 2006 - Winter 2011 *
* ''5-Year Archive'': Winter 2011 - Winter 2016 *

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