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November 30 - December 3, 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
''Extended Weekend in Review''

Restored my wind mobiles & chimes outside on Thursday (Nov. 30) having taken them all inside prior to leaving for my out-of-state trip, but I delayed setting up the string of solar-powered LED ''flowers'' that I'd ordered which had also arrived shortly before my vacation departure: I was disappointed to learn that the flowers did not ''transition & change colors'' as I was expecting/hoping would be similar to how my ''hummingbirds'' mobile operated, but instead only allowed selection between non-alternating ''static'' colors which offered either an all-simultaneous ''blinking'' strand function or a steady ''always on'' feature... or simply switched off altogether. My most needling concern regarding the light string was the unfortunate ''timing'' of their display: being so close to the so-called ''Holiday Season'' I was certain that everyone would automatically associate them with being ''X-mas lights'' -- and because of my neighbor across-the-way, Kelly, having had decked-out her outer surroundings with X-mas decorations during my absence, I wanted even more not to give that impression (I'm already of the belief that she is and has been competing with me for the apartment complex's non-existent  ''Outside Aesthetics Award''  and is determined to ''outshine'' my efforts at every turn, so the last thing I want or need is to have her thinking that I've simply been responding in kind).

I'd been dealing with discomforting hemorrhoids for much of the week, but really flared-up Friday (Dec. 1) to the point of bleeding profusely.

Also read a return email message from ''Gracie,'' wherein she stated that she had a new phone number she was operating under and that the phone under the number which we had in our records was being assigned more or less as her email checking portal.

Tampa Bay ''Panty Thief''  raids teenaged girls' intimate undies yet again Saturday morning (Dec. 2), snatching a lacy black  ''Victoria's Secret''  solid number from an unsecured backpack while having refused five (5) other available items ripe for the taking -- again due to ''styling'' that was either found lacking in their representation of ''femininity'' or were simply deemed too bland or otherwise unappealing, including the ugliest ''stringiest'' thong (which I can't stand those things anyway -- especially when they hold not even the slightest passing hint of the scent of that delightful heavenly ''pussy essence'' that has become my ''catnip'') and a couple that were still on site which I'd sidestepped numerous times over the past several months.

Was also taken quite aback at how rapidly the weeds had been attempting to gain a foothold in my garden in such a short time of absence; I also decided to try planting a couple of more squash seeds in the mound Saturday morning, as the smallest pair of the original plants had completely withered over the course of my absence.

December 15 - 17, 2017 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Received another $50-in-groceries gift card for ''Publix'' supermarket from our employer this weekend. I also agreed to re-adopt the extra workshift I'd given up on for the sake of helping to fill-in for the oldest member of our work crew who has had to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Began experiencing problems with the replacement computer Sunday morning (Dec. 17), not too dissimilar to what I was experiencing with the previous (replaced) tower PC unit. At some point I resorted to the men's universal  ''Kick It''  repair method and seemed to rattle something into operation, and after several cycles of going this route along with searching for potential ''programming'' repair methods, I'd come to the determination that a check-&-resetting of the inner physical components would be in order, but would need to be put off until after the weekend. I also found it quite cosmically suspicious that these events occurred literally ''minutes'' ahead of my determined attempt to scrub the system and effect a complete ''system restoration,'' which I'd officially declared would be the ultimate action I'd be resorting to since ever since reloading all of my programs from the start nothing I could do would ever get  ''GOM''  media player to launch, and the attempted replacement alternative-- ''5KPlayer'' --would viciously hijack all of my other media players of my preferred ''file association'' settings and permanently hold them hostage, with no way of ''opting out'' during the installation process.

December 26, 2017 - January 2, 2018 (Tuesday-Tuesday)
''Full Week in Review''

After spending pretty much the entirety of ''X-Mas Day''  (Mon., Dec. 25)  in bed, it would not be until the following morning  (Tue., Dec. 26)  when I finally decided to try to tackle the problem(s) with the new desktop computer, first by trying to reinstall the operating system software after multiple start-up & loading failures. It wasn't until after I'd finally managed to successfully reinstall the system software then prepared to transfer my backed-up files over from the primary laptop that I would then learn that the anti-Me ''electronics curse'' would strike once again while the iron was still quite hot by revealing to me that the DVD optical drive in my laptop was now for some unknown reason no longer functional, not even being recognized by the system! This, along with the added complication of my new OS installation not ''networking'' properly in order to communicate & share with other systems on the network.

Even after what had  appeared  to be a successful reinstallation of the OS (despite the ''networking'' issue(s) at the time), my examinations of the related hardware features in the  ''devices manager''  section, etc., seemed to suggest that I had accidentally loaded the fresh system software onto my spare  ''400-GB''  hard drive instead of onto the dealership-provided  ''2-TB''  device. So I commenced to stripping down the internal components of both desktop systems both for confirmation of which systems had which devices contained within and as the incentive to fully configure the new system with everything I'd wanted it to reflect.

Learning (with more than a little confusion) that I had indeed installed onto the ''new'' 2-TB drive, I decided to determine what might have gone wrong by trying to reinstall the system software onto my ''original'' 2-TB hard drive (which still contained my old replacement  ''Windows XP''  OS from those crooks in Virginia, which I now felt the need to scrub completely, since system would consistently shut down if it attempted to load that particular operating system).

After this latest and equally difficult reinstallation process, I came to the realization that my initial gut reaction about the HD size might have resulted from a misreading of the  ''partition''  information and improper ''formatting'' of said partitions prior to OS installation. Driven by both this knowledge and continued booting failures and other system shutdown issues, I decided on  Wednesday (Dec. 27)  to give the ''new'' 2-TB another go, nervously but properly ''formatting'' the drive this time around, and eventually managing to reload the system software and packaged ''drivers'' and company ''updates'' -- even to the point of eventually managing to transfer my ''personal files'' folder onto the fresh system.

All seemed to work ''relatively'' well until I made the attempt to install the first program from my backed-up files-- my  antivirus  service --during the installation of which made my system go to complete $#!T again. It was around this time that I'd come to my own determination that perhaps the largest culprit in many, if not most, of these functionality problems stemmed from any additional installations of the numerous software programs that came bundled in the  ''chipset''  drivers package that had been included with my system purchase, as I was under the belief that most of those programs were  necessary  for the system to function either ''properly'' or ''optimally.''

But seeing how a huge part of the booting/shutdown and freezing/crashing problems I was encountering seemed to stem from any adjustments and/or disruptions of anything relating to any of the computer's I/O ports, and upon observing that nearly everything (for the most part) seemed to function just fine without the installation of any of the ''extras'' contained on the companion disc, I decided to test out this new theory by yet again trying to reinstall the operating system to the ''original'' 2-TB hard drive, taking especial care this time around to deliberately eschew installing any of the ''chipset'' programs contained on the companion disc, even though it would become evident later that an exception would necessarily have to be made for any ''drivers'' that were absolutely ''required'' for the functionality of the ethernet network.

After seeing a ''certain'' amount of success with this new configuration (with the only major issue still being the inability to properly interconnect everything together on the network), and with me still being determined to make use of the ''newer'' 2-terabyte unit as the primary system drive, I decided on  Thursday (Dec. 28)  to yet again try to reload the operating system upon the new unit in what I'd hoped would be my final reinstallation attempt. When that process succeeded in managing to complete its task smoothly, I proceeded to again install ONLY those ''chipset'' drivers absolutely necessary for ethernet operations along with downloading/installing all of the requisite  ''Microsoft''  system updates.

But still finding myself against a wall trying to get all of the computers on the ''network'' to fully communicate with one-another, I finally managed to solve some-- perhaps ''most'' --of the networking issues by resorting to the attempt to connect to the home network through use of the  ''Wi-Fi''  adapter that had been included as a standard part of my computer purchase, and by tweaking/matching the  ''HomeGroup/WorkGroup''  sharing services (which I don't believe was ever an issue before with any other system I've ever used in the past, though I could very well be mistaken as a result of lack of any careful observations at those times).

After learning on  Friday (Dec. 29)  that I was still able to manage gaining full uninterrupted access to the newly established operating system-- while still taking the uneasy precaution of  disconnecting  any and all I/O port peripherals prior to system (re)boot --and that the ''sharing networks'' were still seemingly configured properly, I finally made the decision to transfer my back-up files to the new system, not realizing until the process was almost halfway completed that I'd originally intended to load my personal files folder directly to the main  ''users''  folder rather than to the  ''desktop,''  where I'd transferred it to in haste. Even still, copying to the ''desktop'' still prevented the  ''file name too long''  error alerts I likely would have received as a result of the overly-lengthy names of quite a few of my  ''Mozilla''  browsers' ''user profile'' folders I'd backed-up.

It was also during this time that I begin to suspect that part of the problems I'd encountered with networking functionality might have been laid at the feet of the fact that on my final two program reinstallation attempts the activation/registration process in a default action assigned the incorrect date to the system software, causing the new system(s) to identify a day in advance of the actual calendar date.

I'd allowed the system to rest undisturbed for the entire remainder of the ''holiday weekend''  (Sat., Dec. 30, 2017 through Mon., Jan. 1, 2018)  before trying to attempt anything else with the new set-up, with the exception of a ''test start-up'' on Monday to determine if I could actually gain access to both program-loaded 2-TB hard drives plus to correct the system date on the fully installed/updated account and to activate the  ''Japanese''  keyboard layout function (making no attempts whatsoever to connect to the network, whether by ethernet or Wi-Fi) before sleeping the entire day & night away.

January 5 - 7, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Because of the bitter cold snap that came through the area, I remained in bed and under covers for the entirety of the week (with the exception of bathroom functions and daily meal preparations) until I absolutely had no other alternative but to break out from the condition when it involved the necessity to prepare for work when Friday (Jan. 5) arrived -- I had not even bothered to continue working on the desktop computer fix and just let the entire situation sit unmolested for the entire time.

As it turned out, I was not the only one so heavily affected; in fact, due to it being so cold & blustery, we had an uncannily  quiet  weekend as the club ''Dulcet'' on the corner performed absolutely NONE of their standard every weekend ''outside'' music (live band or DJ) for the very first time since all the time I've been residing here, save for when  ''Hurricane Irma''  swept through the peninsula.

Having my first look at my garden on Friday caused me a considerable degree of concern, as it appeared that would likely be taking some losses with many of the plants' leaves wilting and falling off: my Passion Fruit vine-- always of great concern --having me the most concerned (I'd already lost my ''okra'' about a month ago, and the few ''squash'' plants that came up and had managed to struggle on seem to be headed for yet another failure).

Because of one of the over-assault of ''GAY-co'' roadside billboards I'm always trying to avoid hatefully burning my eyes with, I was reminded while riding to work Friday that I'd unintentionally allowed my motorcycle insurance to lapse, having gone past the renewal deadline. This also reminded me to track down my first billing statement for the ''Marketplace'' health insurance plan I'd enrolled in.

I felt less concerned about the motorcycle insurance missed renewal date, especially when their latest renewal notice still tried to give me the whole song-&-dance about how I've been a ''Progressive'' customer for [only] ''TWO-motherfucking-YEARS'' ... when I've been with these Mo-Foes UNBROKEN'' since ''19-fucking-99''!!! (As George W. Bush so famously said: "Fool me once, shame on... shame on you... [...] You fool me, can't get fooled again.")

January 17, 2018 (Wednesday)
19:00, Eastern Standard Time

Went on a bill-pay run this morning, dropping a remainder-of-the-year advance (estimated) payment of the electricity bill now that the previous credits had expired, then stopped into the local ''CVS'' pharmacy to pay my first (tardy) installment on my new  ''ObamaCare''  Health Care Marketplace plan. I finally closed out my errands with a sizable grocery shopping trip at the local ''Publix,'' where I finally made the decision to redeem the first of the $50 gift cards I'd received as ''holiday gifts'' from work on a $96 total purchase (accidentally forgetting that the total I was racking up would require the usage of  both  cards, resorting to paying the balance with credit card after my confusion had subsided).

January 19 - 21, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

The latest ant invasion nuisance gave itself away Friday morning (Jan. 19) when they'd decided to swarm over a post-meal plate I'd left resting at the head of the bed while getting myself lost in laptop computer-related activities: it required me to move several major items of furniture out of the way before I'd finally located where they had established their nesting place somewhere inside the floor's baseboard which was accessible via a thin running gap between the board and the floor's surface. The disruption gave me the opportune excuse to clean out from behind everything where all sorts of dust, strands of hair, dead skin, etc., had accumulated to eyesore proportions.

While skimming through my emails on Saturday (Jan. 20) I came across a ''survey'' from  ''Progressive''  Insurance asking me to relay to them my reason(s) for discontinuing coverage with their company. Not finding anything ''pre-listed'' with any answers that addressed my situation, I'd included the following screed in their supplied text entry field:

I've decided to discontinue insuring my motorcycle through Progressive because DESPITE having been a "PERPETUAL" customer with Progressive (always on-time "Paid-In-Full" policy renewals; NO-LAPSES in coverage) ever since Year *1999* with the purchase of my very first motorcycle, I have REPEATEDLY received policy renewal notices NEVER ACKNOWLEDGING this fact but which had instead consistently kept "RESETTING" the length of time of my status as a "Loyal Customer" any/every time I've either registered a replacement vehicle and/or changed my State of Residency -- nor has ANY of these notices & announcements ever indicated that I'd achieved any "Preferred Customer" status beyond "GOLD" Level, which is where said status has been perpetually stuck for nearly TWO DECADES! Several calls made to Progressive's telephone representatives at various times regarding these issues had continuously ended with the assurances that these issues had been corrected during each of the discussions and that they would reflect "accurately" online and in subsequent policy renewal notices... yet and still, NOTHING'S CHANGED AT ALL! Initially, it was the result of my own absentmindedness which had resulted in this lapse in policy renewal, but after taking into account the latest "rate increase" for coverage for such an old motorcycle, before even factoring in my MANY years of safe non-eventful riding, and compounding it all with the previously mentioned disregarded treatment which never saw any satisfactory resolution, I deliberately made the conscious decision to take advantage of the "No Insurance Mandate for Motorcycles" policy which exists as an allowable option in the State of Florida and have chosen to forego carrying any insurance on this vehicle at this time. Should the time ever arise that I feel the need or desire to reapply insurance coverage upon my motorcycle, it DEFINITELY WILL NOT!!! BE WITH "PROGRESSIVE" EVER AGAIN!
[[close quote]]

February 8 - 11, 2018 (Thursday-Sunday)
''Extended Weekend in Review''

Was visited by a representative from the property management company  Thursday morning (Feb. 8)  as part of some supposed ''routine inspection'' of the rental properties in their charge, whereupon I'd mentioned the seepage of water emanatiing from the base of the toilet unit requiring it to be resealed: I received a call the following morning  (Fri., Feb. 9)  scheduling a repair date for the upcoming Thursday afternoon.

Retrieved a letter from my mother en route to work Friday, and still, despite my years of protestation, she insists on using these as opportunities to express ''birthday/holiday'' wishes, even now going as far as including cash ''gifts'' ($20 in this particular instance). She had similarly mentioned that she had not been hearing anything from ''Gracie'' as of late, as I had myself sent her an email message Thursday, having not heard back from her since the prior message I'd sent exactly a month earlier.

On my way back to the apartment after my workshift had ended on  Saturday (Feb. 10)  I'd decided to stop into the plant nursery where I'd purchased my chill-killed passionfruit vine last autumn to inquire about the progress of bringing in any  ''Red Lady'' papaya''  trees, and I was informed by one of the staff members that the owner (was not on site this time) would not likely begin to stock them until after the following two weeks.

Rode out ''walmart'' directly after work  Sunday (Feb. 11)  to acquire a few items I'd been planning on purchasing over the previous couple of months: I would've liked to have given my business (for the first time ever) instead to ''Target,'' but they lost me just as quickly as they could've had me by pissing me the #@$% off by assaulting me with one of those obnoxiously annoying obstructive ''overlay'' pages on their home webpage! (Thanks, but go phuque yourself!) I then swung by into ''Home Depot'' for a couple of new bell pepper plants as well as finally giving in and purchasing a tomato plant, all of which I set up in the garden almost immediately after returning to the apartment.


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