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Unmentioned Highlights from Previous Quarter...

It seems that almost the entire Summer Season was just ''rain, rain, and more rain,'' which seemed to prove valuable to my papaya and hibiscus plants, as well as ''seemingly'' to my hanging strawberries, until drowned down to one final barely there struggling hanger-on. My huge concern of course was for my fig trees, as figs are supposedly susceptible to frequent exposure to water -- especially ''topical,'' and toward the end of the season my ''Chicago Fig'' leaves were developing the browning & withering damage and dropping off, although still managing to hold onto most of its foliage.

Earlier in the season saw the end of even my ''battery powered'' stringing lights, which would serve as the absolute FINAL DRIP that made the bathtub overflow with regard to my attempts to beautify & give originality to my garden in this manner, forcing me into the undesirable position of putting a full halt to any more ''gardening enhancements,'' especially where the desire to illuminate it with some form of ''night lights'' are concerned. And while my own ''landscaping beautification'' projects are being put on hold, my neighbor across from me is continually enhancing & glamorizing her little personal patch with all sorts of elaborate arrangements & set-ups! I'd be less upset by her projects if my own gardening attempts proved more successful in the ''fruit-bearing'' department, whereby I've had little to show for my efforts: barely a couple of tiny tomatoes each from two plants (burst or spotted), similarly with a pair of runty bell pepper plants, a watermelon vine which has hijacked virtually all of the ground space of my garden but still not so much as a single bulb developing anywhere, another year of no figs, and a barely hanging-on okra plant which sprouted not even a single bud before seemingly going into its death dive; with its surprising rate of growth, I'm hopeful that I'll at least be able to see a few papayas out of all of this.

And as ''gardening'' on site goes, my next door neighbors is now also contributing to the pool by adding one of their own. (I identify my nexty in ''plural'' form because I've since become not fully aware of what that apartment unit's current residential status is, as there has since been a woman-- whom I'd previously believed to be one of his ''visiting sisters'' --who appears to have taken-up ''long-term residence'' with him.)

August 31 - September 6, 2018 (Friday-Thursday)
''Sick Leave'' (week two)

Retrieved my Amazon-ordered $83 wall clock from the post office  late Friday night (Aug. 31),  which I'd placed on order along with a replacement LED flashlight the previous weekend, to replace a very cheap-ass wall clock from ''walmart'' which not only kept really $#!% time but which cracked ugly after it had hit the floor as I was attempting to remove it in order to exchange it, thus the resulting damage defeating the purpose. I set the timepiece aside until I was feeling more up to the task of assembly & set-up the following day. (I would discover three days later that the sale price would decrease to $76.)

After paying off my [actual ''physical''] credit cards  Sunday morning (Sep. 2)  I'd received an email ''alert'' from ''Capital One'' informing me of some sort of ''address changes'' to my ''TransUnion'' information, but when I called out of concern I was informed that Cap-One had merely sent ''updated'' information to them about my account and that each ''update'' was registered anew even if no actual changes in information were requested.

Taking some advantage of my improving health condition, I later spent some time in the garden with the main goal of repositioning the papaya tree further back from the walkway so that its huge leaves could be significantly cleared away from the path so as to correct & curtail any further impeding of foot traffic. It was during this time in the garden that I'd become aware that about three or four melon buds had indeed been developing, but my newer tomato plant had completely died, as well as half of the okra stalks, and the last remaining struggling strawberry leaf had essentially been completely eaten by some garden pest.

It was also during this time that I'd discovered that the ''catch bucket'' I'd been keeping under my kitchen sink, which I'd intended on using temporarily for soil containment during the papaya tree relocation, was nearing FULL CAPACITY! But with Monday being another ''holiday,'' I knew I'd have to wait before requesting (for like the third or fourth time) a ''Repair Order.''

Tuesday morning (Sep. 4)  netted me the results of the culture swab test conducted by Urgent Care, whereby I was informed that I'd had two different bacterial strains that required two different medications to treat and I'd only been given one of them, so I was instructed to retrieve the other from the pharmacy. But when I left to retrieve the newly prescribed eyedrops about an hour later I was informed that they'd only just received the order and that it would not be available to me for about the next 10-15 minutes. While awaiting that prescription to be filled, I was then informed that the originally prescribed solution was not available either at that location or at any other of the surrounding locations, so they had to contact the Urgent Care physician to get a recommendation for an alternative medication, for which I was prescribed  ofloxacin.

Later in the afternoon I scheduled a post-Urgent Care ''follow-up'' appointment with my Primary Care Physician for Thursday morning. I then contacted our Property Management staff to schedule a follow-up & fix visit for my kitchen sink issue(s), being told that they had attempted to leave recorded messages with me on a number of occasions; while on the line with the Property Managers I inquired about whether I should request ''authorization'' to expand on my garden before acting on the assumption that it would be alright based upon what everybody else was doing (which I'm almost certain had not received any sort of pre-approval from them).

As a result of my Primary Care follow-up the following morning  (Thu., Sep. 6)  I was prescribed  methylprednisolone.  Also, per my request for migraine relief, Dr. gave me a prescription for  methocarbamol  for what he supposed, based on how I'd described my ailment symptoms, were more likely  ''tension headaches''  rather than classic migraines -- yet even he was stumped as to why these would almost invariably come in conjunction with intestinal upset issues. I retrieved these prescriptions as the final stop of a town run in which I'd paid my co-pay share of my ''behavioral assessment'' visit, took a brief detour to scope out the location and meeting times of the local  ''Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses''  (finally), and dropped-off documentation for copying regarding information about my past colonoscopy which my PCP had requested, as he wanted to recommend that I have a follow-up exam. The new tablet prescription again required me to take each (multiple) dosage with a meal of some sort, which frustrated the hell out of me, as it meant that I would be required to continue consuming several meals each day, rather than my typical ''One-per-Day'' + snack.

During my town run I'd also finally received my  macy's ''American Express''  credit card which I'd immediately registered when I'd gotten back inside.

September 9, 2018 (Sunday)
13:50, Eastern Daylight Time

As a result of my motorcycle U-Lock malfunctioning to the breaking point while I was trying to leave for work on-time yesterday, I was determined to purchase a replacement for it this morning. This was already a long time coming, as its faultings & failings had been an incessant thorn in my side almost from the moment of my purchasing it, which drove me to the determination that I'd from thenceforth adamantly REFUSE to purchase any more so-called ''security devices'' from  ''KRYPTONITE,''  which I'd been a loyal supporter of even before my very first maxi-scooter purchase, when I'd also occasionally used ''Kryptonite'' as my  bicycle  lock -- all because of my putting my faith & trust in the many  ''Consumer Reports''  reviews which would consistently speaking glowingly of how great & wonderful their locking products were, only for each and every single one of them I've ever owned to resort to failing or falling apart in some form or fashion, which would eventually lead to their continued use being either no longer optimally effective or simply no longer functional at all. So for all of my years of pouring good hard-earned money down the drain over the years by purchasing their costly-assed products on ''good faith,'' I did a bit of research and decided to drop around $140 on a product from ''Germany'' called,  ''ABUS.''  For this purchase, I'd also made the decision to break my promise made to myself not to use''Amazon's'' credit card because after some back-&-forth debating with myself I'd thought it wise to try to build-up some of their ''cash back rewards'' credits in advance of when I ultimately decide to make an electrical heating blanket purchase prior to this upcoming winter season.

September 14 - 16, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

During my  Friday (Sep. 14)  post-illness ''disinfection'' laundry & house-cleaning spree I discovered that my kitchen sink still had a leaking issue even after Tuesday's (Sep. 11) ''repair'' visit, as it became evident that the ''corner cracks'' in the main basin near the capacity level would actually allow fluid to bleed through and into the cabinet below.

Was also faced with the disappointment that my watermelon plant had since first discovery been reduced to just a solitary fruit bulb, as I'd discovered one of the other remaining fruits had been rotted or consumed by pests and no others could be found anywhere else on the vine. There was however a smallish surprise in that several figs were taking shape on the  ''Brown Turkey''  variety (the ''Chicago'' fig tree had been shed down to only two remaining-- and withering --leaves)... but of course, given the past & current track records of most of the other items I've planted & tried to cultivate, I'm either expecting them not to fully ripen or quickly become ''voracious pest magnets'' before they even have a chance to get started on the ripening process.

Retrieved my new u-bolt lock en route to work, was appreciative of the built-in ''flashlight'' in one of the keys, but felt cheated that the same feature was not also standard on the ''spare'' key. Included among this mail delivery was my latest electricity bill which showed that I'd finally consumed through all of my ''advance credit'' reserves.

The following day at work  (Sat., Sep. 15)  I managed to uncover and absconded with a couple more items of teenaged-girls' ''intimate wear'' in the form of a semi- ''Plain Jane'' pink panty from one young lady and a white lacy  ''Victoria's Secret''  bra from a different young female.

On the way back from work, I made the decision to begin the transition of utilizing my ''macy's''  ''American Express''  credit card to begin accumulating ''rewards points'' on their card, as it would offer slightly better ''returns'' in several key ''routine purchasing'' areas than just relying on the 1.5% ''cash back'' reward offered by my  ''CapitalOne VISA.''

Returning to the apartment from work  Sunday (Sep. 16)  I'd gotten hit with a rare ''soda beverage'' craving, and I'd decided to detour to the in-town ''Dollar Tree'' first, in case they were open at the time (which I'd already and correctly doubted) for a 1-litre bottle of either  ''Pepsi'' or ''Dr. Pepper,''  then next door to ''Winn-Dixie'' for whatever I could find on sale related to those brands, winding up going for 12-pack cases (God only knows why) of  ''Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale'' and peach ''Crush''-- which were two ''new'' gimmicks that sparked my curiosity --along with a 12-pack of  ''Cherry Pepsi,''  which tastes almost NOTHING like it originally did... and ''age-related dying taste buds'' ain't got shi[f]t to do with it. It wasn't until I'd gotten back to the apartment that I paid closer attention to the purchase receipt that I'd come to the realization that I hadn't received a ''card price'' discount I had expected, as the ''Royal Crown'' group of products were listed on-sale as  ''3 for $12''  and the ''PepsiCo'' related products were listed at  ''3 for $13.''  So I called the store, explained my situation, and had been told that this was a case where a ''full group of items'' purchase was required to receive the ''sale price,'' but since there was no indication of that fact anywhere on my receipt (which I was told would/should have been present) I was informed that they would grant me a refund to match the advertised sale prices. Prior to stopping at the ''Customer Service'' kiosk, I went to the display shelves to verify the claim, which was indeed supported by a VERY fine line of not easily observable print stating that very fact: I was allowed the rebate anyway in recognition of the fact that it was indeed the result of an honest oversight.

September 17 - 20, 2018 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

While at the jobsite  Monday (Sep. 17)  I placed a call to the property management company to inform them about the updated information regarding the leaking situation of my kitchen sink, saying that I would send image and video email attachments for them to review the following morning.

After work, I ventured out to the ''Westfield'' mall ''macy's'' location to try on and hopefully get properly fitted with (if they had any in stock) the specific model of  ''NIKE''  athletic shoes I'd taken an interest in during my research of their product line.

Never having been a follower of ''marketing hype,'' I'd never expressed interest in any of the ''Names'' in athletic footwear (''NIKE,'' ''adidas,'' ''Reebok,'' etc.), but my mother always swore by ''NIKE,'' and since I'd finally reached a point in my life where I'd decided I'd no longer throw money away on ''cheap shoes'' I'd developed at least a ''consideration'' interest in the brand... but what had  really & finally  pushed my decision-making hand was all of the whiny crybaby antics of all of the fake moral outrage junkies & ''phony patriotism'' racist Red Necks badmouthing NIKE and burning their  ''MADE IN CHINA''  shoes in-protest because of NIKE's decision to feature ''National Anthem'' protesting football quarterback,  Colin Kaepernick,  as one of the ''faces of inspiration'' in their new series of commercial advertisements, consciously making the decision to help increase NIKE's sales for taking the unpopular stand, just so the knuckle-dragging goose-stepping ''MAGA'' Neanderthals could blow a set of gaskets when all of their butt-hurt infantile tantrum-throwing antics backfired gloriously in their faces!

I was able to acquire one of the twin pairs I'd intended on purchasing, as they did manage to have one set (white) in stock, but I was required to place an order in-store for the second pair (black) which I'd been told would have to be shipped out to my address because, due to some sort of contractual arrangement, they would not be eligible for ''in-store pick-up.'' As long as it hadn't involved any sort of a ''shipping fee,'' I had no issue with ''home delivery.'' I'd debated whether or not to simply get ''sized-up'' at macy's then order the shoes through ''Amazon,'' which could've saved me about $5 each pair, but I'd wanted to get some use out of the new  ''American Express''  card, and I thought the direct ''macy's'' purchase would help me earn more ''rewards'' points.

I'd decided to wear the shoes from that moment on-the-spot until I'd gotten back to apartment not only to ''break them in'' (the 'tongue' of the 'right' shoe digging into my foot, perhaps associated with the fact that my right foot is about a half-size  smaller  than the other), but also to alleviate the raw pain my Virginia-purchased ''work shoes'' had been causing me throughout my workshift up 'til that point.

I'd delayed submitting my img/vid attachments for the sink repair order on  Tuesday (Sep. 18)  as promised because I'd gotten distracted & side-tracked when I became aware that ''Ancestry.com'' had expanded upon their test results and provided revised and ''more precise'' updated ''genetic origins'' information. I'd also responded to a couple of inquiries I'd received from individuals who'd decided to contact me after I'd been ''matched'' with them, briefly bouncing back & forth with a ''removed'' relative who shared great-great-grandparental lineage with us from the SW Virginia region.

I finally sent out the video/image files of my kitchen sink  Thursday (Sep. 20)  and informed the intended recipient of the submission immediately afterwards before heading out to the post office to retrieve my second pair pair of sneakers which ''tracking'' had informed me had arrived earlier that morning.

Also, while digging a little deeper into it, I would learn that the ''points'' I was earning through use of the ''macy's'' credit card was NOT actually accruing ''cash back'' rewards, as I was under the impression, but they were instead applied to some bullshit called  ''Star Money,''  which could translate into ''cash discounts'' for ''macy's'' purchases, which I guess would be considered fair enough, except for the fact that those points/discounts EXPIRE after 30 days! So in response to this semi-deception, I was inspired to use the points/discount I'd earned as a result of the shoe purchases to take an additional $10-off of new deep fryer (to replace the one I'd retroactively regretted having given to my mother upon learning that I could use it to double as a ''steamer''), which had also come with an additional 10% promotional discount. My original intent was to order a particular model from  ''Hamilton Beach,''  but it did not offer an ''in-store'' pick-up option and came assessed with a delivery charge of over ten dollars... so I passed in favor of a different-- and ''cheaper'' --brand & model.

September 28 - 30, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Retrieved my ''Amazon-ordered'' DVD of  ''JOSS-tice League'' Friday (Sep. 28),  having completely forgotten that the ''Blu-ray'' pack which preceded the DVD's ''stand alone'' release by weeks (months?) had already contained a ''DVD'' version of the movie -- the only difference being that I could only access the ''Blu-ray'' version's ''Special Features'' on the actual ''Blu-ray'' disc, whereas the late-subsequent DVD includes those features on its own separate ''DVD-format'' disc.  (#FuckWarnerBros) 

Texted a  ''Pussy Licking''  invitation to ''Mimi's'' primary cell number  Saturday morning (Sep. 29),  but the reply I'd received in the afternoon indicated that Mimi was no longer associated with that number and that it had been reassigned in turn-around; yet and still, I'd followed the original message up with a somewhat more ''explicit'' and detailed text, just to see what sort of response it would elicit, if any. I'd resent a variation of the same originally submitted text to Mimi's ''secondary'' cell number just prior to leaving for work.

Also earlier in the day, while it seemed that I'd finally gotten over my sporadic hacking cough fits, I was brought face-to-face with a significant stream and accumulation of  rheum  coming from my left eye, nowhere nearly as intense as early in my infection phase, but still visibly problematic: as a result I made the decision to resort back to using what I still had on reserve of my prescribed anti-bacterial eyedrops.

Sunday (Sep. 30)  rewarded me with two other pairs of ''Teen Panties,'' one of which I'd chosen to confiscate, leaving the other for several reasons. What made this latest case of  ''pantyjacking''  even more spooky (or, ''creepy'') was the fact that the young lady in question shared the same very unique  ''family name''  of one of the staffers who works at the jobsite, with whom I'm likely to interact with on brief but relatively ''routine'' baseis.

Still having not heard anything back from Mimi's secondary number, I sent her a direct email to her account -- as of Sunday night I'd still not received any sort of return contact from her.

October 3, 2018 (Wednesday)
20:10, Eastern Daylight Time

Having ignored the duty of running the errands until too late the previous day, I finally made my way to going out to pay my electric bill (balance + estimated deposit for next month's charges), then into my local ''CVS'' to pay this month's ''Obamacare'' insurance premium with the intention of also receiving a flu shot while there, only to be told that they would not accept my insurance plan.

I rode back out to ''Publix'' to drop some coin on the ''mega'' lotteries and several state-specific $20 scratch-offs while shopping for a few items in preparation for cooking ''Asian-style'' and future use of the new deep fryer, finally making the decision to utilize the other ''gift card'' I'd received the previous year, reducing it down to six dollars and some change.

Not having found all of the items I was searching for at Publix, I followed-up with a trip to ''Winn-Dixie,'' still not fining everything I'd wanted that was on my grocery list. [Translation: Not every item I'd planned on purchasing could be found ''on-sale.'']

October 15, 2018 (Monday)
21:30, Eastern Daylight Time

Decided to turn in my pair of [quote/unquote] ''winning'' Florida $20/play ''scratch-off'' tickets right after leaving work on the way back to the apartment, choosing to do so at the fueling station in Tarpon Springs where I go to pay my electricity bills.

Initially, I was under the belief that I'd managed to reclaim only $30 from the ''winning'' scratch-off tickets (plus another $2.00 for having matched the number of a single ''megaball'' on the  ''MegaMillions''  drawing), but I was informed by the clerk that my scratch-off prizes had actually totaled  fifty (50)  dollars.

At first, I was content to just accept the cash (which still had the distinction of returning me to only half of the ''break-even'' mark of what I'd put down for the scratch-off games, not to mention that I'd just fallen shy of said mark when I made my first play last year before I'd established a local bank account and was charged exorbitant ''fees'' for making a cash withdrawal from their ATM with the credit card issued from the same banking institution), but since I'd already been playing around with the idea of ''recirculating'' the recovered funds back into the next  ''PowerBall'' and ''MegaMillions''  rounds (rationalizing that I'd already ''surrendered'' those funds anyway), I made the decision to give the two ''Big Games'' another go-round apiece, this time with a bit of satisfaction that should a significant ''prize'' be forthcoming, it would mean that-- according to what I understand of the ''Lottery'' practice --the institutions at which ''major prize winning tickets'' were sold would likewise be rewarded financially... and I'd sincerely like to see that shop & its owners receive what I'd consider a well-deserved reward for their gracious decision to accept & process our utility payments without assessing any tacked-on additional ''fees.''

October 16, 2018 (Tuesday)
21:25, Eastern Daylight Time

After several missed attempts over the previous week, I received an email this morning from ''Mimi'' finally agreeing to arrange a ''Pussylicking Date,'' saying that the past couple of months had been complicated for her in that she'd had her driving license suspended due to missing her re-registration deadline, to which I'd replied in a follow-up email that the fault for overshooting her operator's renewal date was likely not entirely hers, as Florida has a really fxcked-up system for vehicle licensing & registration renewal. She'd arrived at 17:30-- almost the precise time she'd said to expect her (an extremely rare occurrence) --and remained for just shy of an hour and a half, after I'd exited from a quick shower.

Though it was (in my perception) a very ''short'' visit, I did manage to supply her with two beautifully intense orgasms in that time. Perhaps the ''timing'' was ideal in any case, as after her second shudder-session I'd begun experiencing the pestering thick green mucus build-up in my larynx which has continued to plague me, albeit rather infrequently -- and the last thing I'd wanted to do was begin hacking up a lung in a display that would make it seem I was inflicted with some deadly illness.

October 19 - 21, 2018 (Friday- Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Infuriated over the fact that  ''Leawo Blu-ray Player''  software program refuses to play Blu-ray movie discs ''unless'' there is an active & operational  ''Internet connection''  established, I yet again conducted a completely time-wasting fruitless search on  Friday (Oct. 19)  for another  ''free''  alternative that did not force such a mandate on their installed software in order to use it for its stated purpose of playing ''Blu-ray'' movies, so that such media could be launched and function as one would basically expect ''ANYTIME'' and ''ANYWHERE''!!! So as a result of feeling backed against a wall with no chance of a ''reasonable'' and agreeable resolution to the problem, I felt forced to resort to the extreme desperate measure of ''jacking'' one of the so-called  ''shareware''  (i.e., ''for commercial purchase'') programs with a registration code ''crack'' in hopes that this would solve the ''Mandatory Internet Connection'' playback blocking feature. To insure that everything would work as hoped, I first installed the program on the ''roughhousing/testing'' laptop and confirmed that the program did indeed function and operate as desired... so the decision was made to eventually install the same ''cracked'' program onto my ''main'' systems following the latest series of ''updates'' to other select 3rd-party software programs.

On  Saturday (Oct. 20)  I reviewed a mailed statement from ''macy's'' informing me that my "balance" on their ''American Express'' card was expected in less than a week, they they showed no listing for the fact that I'd already fulfilled that obligation earlier in the month through an online payment for which I took a ''snapshot'' record of said transaction.

On the way back to the apartment after work on  Sunday (Oct. 20),  I decided to detour to the local ''Publix,'' again in search of  Sunflower Oil-- which supermarkets in Florida don't seem to understand exists (Damn!...I miss ''Kroger''...) --and found myself being enticed by a slew of Buy-1/Get-1 ''loss leaders'' for which I would barely have enough underseat compartment space in my motorcycle or freezer space. During this particular shopping trip I was pleased to see that they also had my  ''Morningstar Farms''  mock meats as part of the 2-for-1 promotion... but I was especially surprised to see in stock the very  ''Veggie-Dogs''  that I'd ''special ordered'' so many months ago, for which I'd never received any sort of a follow-up and had nearly considered ordering them through  ''Winn-Dixie.'' In a sense, it was a bit of a blessing, as I could not only purchase a precise number of individual items without feeling pressured to acquire the entire ''case,'' but also, because they were also part of the ''buy-one/get-one'' deal, it equally worked in my favor ''price'' wise.

October 22, 2018 (Monday)
23:20, Eastern Daylight Time

Mimi began texting me this morning, asking if I'd be available to accommodate her with another  ''pussy eating''  session tonight. She had originally proposed 18:00 for our meeting time, but as that time neared she rescheduled for 19:30, but did not actually arrive until close 20:00, smearing my nose, mouth and chin with her ''love flow''-- losing early count of how many orgasms she'd achieved after #3 --until just shy of 22:30. I'd deliberately repositioned my bedroom window blinds to angle ''inward'' in an attempt-- and hope --to offer my next door neighbor's sister (again, on the belief that she is indeed his sister) a clear view of our bedroom activity if she should've happened to venture outside for a while... the latter which, at least, she did do in as far as I'd heard her conversing with Kelly across the way -- but whether anyone had managed to spy any portion of my deeply involved ''pussy-slurping'' performance was genuinely unknown.

While awaiting Mimi's arrival, I tried spending a little bit of time on the desktop computer continuing with the set-up of the latest ''system reinstallation'' which I'd loaded and left unmentioned during the early part of the first weekend of this month. Upon installing the first couple of important driver packages was where I was to learn that the issue which compelled me to perform this latest full fresh system reinstallation did not seem to be due to any issues with the software or registry keys, etc., as I'd been led to believe, but seems to suggest that it was my 5.1 speaker system itself where the fault may actually lie for my inability to produce any sound at all from them.

October 26 - 28, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
''Weekend in Review''

Had my ''annual'' ''pre-lease-renewal''  Friday morning (Oct. 26),  which involved a series of snapped photographs throughout the apartment, during which (as I'd hoped) I was asked about the display of panties hanging about the apartment, but the property inspector was so quick about getting in and out that I did not have the chance to present my ''fabricated'' explanation that I collect panties as post-pussylicking ''mementos" (regrettable missed opportunity).

Following the inspection visit, I finally took the opportunity to test my 5.1 speaker system between the different computers against the back-up ''amplifier'' set-up with the ''Mac Pro'' speakers and determined that the failure was with the current 5.1 speaker system itself and not a ''software'' or ''circuit board'' issue, which have again cropped-up on the desktop system over the past couple of weeks. I'd been under the impression that the problems with the tower were due to CPU ''heat sink'' issues and ''software'' incompatibilities until the system began going back on the inexplicable ''refusal to boot'' issues again for seemingly no rational reason, which had motivated me into scouring ''Amazon'' and ''ebay'' for another ''replacement'' unit of some kind.

Included in this search of what is slated to be my absolute *FINAL* repair/replace/restore ''PC tower'' action going forward because I'm REALLY getting Super-SICK of these electronic ''Fuck-Yous'' I've had to keep enduring for-fucking-ever!!!!! was the a search of a replacement set of 5.1 system speakers (again, assuming that it was indeed a speaker system issue, as I didn't have the capability to test them on a laptop or on the ''still busted'' previous PC tower ''Roanoke'' had pushed off onto me).

In conjunction with this search I'd also scoured Amazon's ''groceries'' section in search of ''coconut oil'' to use with my deep fryer (as all articles proclaimed in general agreement that coconut was the all-around best choice for such cooking methods), and found several offers for Costco's  ''Kirkland Signature''  brand that I'd included with my intended order which in addition would've consisted of an electric blanket and replacement tweezers. Since the sellers were selling the oil outside of ''Costco'' I was inspired on  Sunday (Oct. 28)  to investigate the possibility of ordering from Costco ''direct'' myself (whether in-store or online) and to see if it would indeed be possible to shop for items without the requirement of paying for a ''membership'' which, fortunately, online purchases did not require. So I placed a direct order with Costco for the oil, and even with the assessed 5% ''non-member'' add-on charge plus ''delivery fee'' still managed to save me $4.75 -- the only thing pissing me off about the ''Costco'' order was that its website would not function properly in my ''Mozilla-based'' web browser.

October 31, 2018 (Wednesday)
23:20, Eastern Daylight Time

Received a call from the property managers claiming that they had been trying to record a message on my answering machine to inform me that they'd been trying to schedule a time for a contractor to come gather information about my kitchen sink/counters for the purpose of (finally) making moves to replace the deteriorating things. We arranged for him to swing by later in the day on his way home from another location in Tarpon Springs he was working on.

Shortly after the contractor's visit, I went to the post office to retrieve my delivered items from ''Amazon,'' only to learn that the major part of the deliveries would need to be claimed at the counter.

Throughout the day I monitored the countdown ticker of the ''ebay'' item (pre-owned/refurbished computer tower) I was watching for other bids-- which had managed to gain a bid this time around during its ''relisting'' (after I'd missed out on being the sole bidder during its earlier listing the previous week due to some confusion I'd encountered regarding when the bidding would end) --and later in the evening, at the ''five-minutes remaining'' mark, I now found myself up against  ''two''  bidders whose bids had forced my own bids up to $155 -- over  $40  above the seller's ''opening bid'' during this relisting, but only roughly  $25  beyond what he had set as his original starting bid during his previous listing.

Also earlier in the afternoon I'd found an email from  Mimi  asking me if I'd be interested in Eating Her Pussy this Friday: I sent her a reply back-- and alerted her via phone text --that I could likely do it but it wouldn't really be the most convenient of times for me to do so, whereby I'd suggested possibly sometime tomorrow (Thursday) or holding off until Early-Evening on Monday... I've yet to receive a follow-up reply.

October 31 - November 4, 2018 (Thursday-Sunday)
''Halloween Weekend in Review''

Retrieved both my ''Costco'' and ''Amazon'' packages from the Post Office  Thursday (Oct. 31),  the latter of which being much smaller in size than I'd pre-imagined, so much so that upon removing all of the items out of the main box everything was packed inside of I was able to almost comfortably pack all of the items away underneath my motorcycle seat and was  almost  able to latch it shut, and probably could have been able to do so had I been so determined.

Upon connecting the new set of speakers it was once again confirmed that the issue I'd been experiencing with them had everything to do with the  original  set of speakers being faulty, and subsequent re-testing of the of "old" set revealed that the problem was traced to the ''volume control'' knob, whereby cranking the dial up ''full blast'' would result in being the only method of wherein they would even perform at all (I decided to put them aside aside and see if I could tinker with trying to rectify the problem at a later date).

After returning a ''smacked-down'' attempted answering machine voice message  Friday (Nov. 1),  that the Property Managers had tried to record but couldn't-- thanks to the answering unit's persistent arbitrarily malfunctioning --I was informed that they had posted a lease renewal document electronically which they sent to my email... and sure enough it included yet another significant jump in the requested monthly rent (increasing by an additional $25), leaving me to try to figure out how i might be able to re-negotiate for either a ''reduced'' rate or, at the very least, try to bargain in a way that might get them to agree to a ''locked-in'' rate for the projected future without an increase over the next year or two down the line. (Shit! My wages aren't even keeping up with this ''annual rent increase'' bollocks.)

Also earlier in the day I'd arranged for  Mimi  to swing by for another ''Pussy Slurping'' visit, as she had requested the day before, arriving at just shy of 18:45, spending just a little over two hours with my face buried inside her Vagina. I had left the position of the window blinds unchanged since her prior visit, which meant that whomever may have passed by the window would have been treated to a free ''Live  Pussy Eating  Show'' -- even though I suspect that the ''intended'' audience viewer (my next door neighbor's sister) may in fact no longer be residing here, as I've neither seen nor heard hair of her since Mimi's last visit, assuming that was even her to begin with and not  ''Heather,''  the neighbor who resides in the ''roadside corner'' unit. This would've also been the first pussylicking encounter I've had with Mimi where I hadn't for any reason gone without pants, as I did not wish for her to witness or interact with the fact that I was experiencing an active Herpes outbreak that had cropped up earlier in the week.

Really struggled to pass over another ''free panty'' from one of the lockers, deciding to leave it in place because I was a bit too concerned about how some of the items (e.g. those marketed by  ''Hanes'') are labeled in the ''sizing'' numbers they use, as I'm unfamiliar with what these numbers actually indicate about the intended wearer, and a panty labeled ''12'' gives me some rather intense uneasy feelings, as if the number was indicative of the ''age'' of the woman they were designed for, especially considering the item's noticeably ''smaller'' physical size. Also,  ''Rosie''  (whom I've committed to naming her), the ''staffer's'' daughter, similarly presented an additional opportunity with yet another ''not-feminine-enough'' offer in what seems with her to be a fairly consistent practice of leaving her most intimate article of clothing lined within whatever pants she was removing at the time and tossing them aside inside her already cluttered locker until later retrieval.

November 5 - 11, 2018 (Monday-Sunday)
''Full Week in Review''

Wednesday (Nov. 7)  had me finally make the call (rather than visit the physical location) to the property managers to re-negotiate my rental lease to extend it for  ''two''  years, rather than the typical single-year stint with the hope of possibly being able to secure a bit of a ''rate increase'' reduction using the extended lease as an incentive, but the best I could arrange for the effort was placing a ''lock'' on the new rate so that when 2020 rolls around I'll not have to be on-guard against another rate hike.

The following afternoon  (Thu., Nov. 8)  I went to retrieve my ''new''  old  computer tower... the package being considerably smaller and lighter-weight than I'd imagined. Not really wanting to bother with it much, given all of the headaches relating to these electronic SNAFUs I've been having to be subjected to for nameless years since having gotten involved with these cursed things, I decided to conduct my first and most important test in trying to determine if I could simply swap out one of the preloaded hard drives from the ''Ack-a-Bich'' custom built system and run it in the new environment, which of course came back as a negative. Decided to leave the mess alone until the next day, then continuing the headache into the day after  (Fri.-Sat., Nov. 9-10),  when I found myself going through various attempts to figure out how to format and re-format in order to try getting a fully reloaded system of  ''Windows 7: 'Professional' edition''  to copy onto and remain stable on either of the hard drives from my original systems, also mixing & swapping to determine which originally owned components could be successfully transferred over to the ''replacement'' system (a huge disappointment was discovering that the motherboard in the replacement unit contained enough slots for only  ''two''  separate memory cards (as compared to the ''four'' available in the customized dung heap), which still relegated me to only 12 GB of RAM, as opposed to having the ability to utilize both of my original cards along with the pair that came with the replacement unit, which would've allotted me, total, 20 Gigs. I finally waited until  Sunday morning (Nov. 11)  to make one last attempt to just get a base installation to hold stable before I shut the whole thing down to let it all rest until Monday evening at the earliest or Tuesday.

And as if things weren't ''conspiracy theory'' enough, while going through all of these stressful situations Friday, the screen on my backburner/testing ''planned-for-Linux'' laptop decided to completely blank-out on me, and failed to return even during start-up processes! And with the ''ethernet'' port completely shot, plus the ''Wi-Fi'' feature inoperable without the ability to visually access the network and enter the password, I've no way gain access back into the system to try to recover & transfer those files that are still on the system.

November 12 - 18, 2018 (Monday-Sunday)
''Full Week in Review''

I finally decided to effectively request reverting back to my original work schedule  Monday (Nov. 12),  to take effect the first day of December (rather than toughing it out 'til the end of the year)... but that's going to open me up for working more ''events'' schedules that I really don't want to be burdened with.

Returned to working on the ''New Old'' computer system for a spell on  Tuesday (Nov. 13),  then picking back up on it two days later  Thursday (Nov. 15),  configuring swapped-out components, updating the OS, and such to the best of my ability with what I had to work with, becoming further miffed by the realization that the circuit board of the replacement unit also did not allow for the connection of a third hard drive, which caused me to lose interest in any desired plans to swap out the power supply box from the configuration that was being replaced.

On  Wednesday (Nov. 14),  acting on a whim, I'd managed to gain full [visible] access the ''trash'' laptop by connecting my original monitor to the laptop's VGA port -- something I'd already attempted to do the previous week but decided to give it another go despite it not working that first time. The way I'd managed to get back inside (on just on a shoulder-shrug 'oh, what-the-hell' ''try it & see what happens'' experiment) was by pressing the power switch with the lid as close to the ''closed'' position as I could get it while still being able to reach & press the button, then fully closing the lid... reasoning that perhaps the system's failing attempts to fully recognize and present the laptop display might have been interfering with the ability of the ''outside'' monitor to receive and decode the signal from the computer. I'd initially begun navigating the system-- and transferring whatever files I'd still had on it over onto my 64GB ''thumb drive'' --by using my desktop keyboard, but then learned the following day  Thursday (Nov. 15),  that I was no longer required to completely shut the laptop lid in order to access it via the desktop monitor, allowing me to revert back to utilizing the laptop's own keyboard set.

On  Friday (Nov. 16),  I'd decided to take one last stab at seeing if I could resurrect my  ''Shenandoah Valley Trash''  system by reconfiguring its innards and siphoning off of the middle-units power supply, having quite the bit of difficulty as I was struggling with trying to re-familiarize myself with the mess of IED and cross-wired patchwork of ''Legacy'' circuits & peripherals. I wasn't quite able to get everything set-up for testing it out until two days later  (Sun., Nov. 18),  only to be disappointed with yet another failed attempt to breathe [new] life into an electronic Frankenstein.

I'd also texted out an invitation to ''Mimi'' early  Saturday morning (Nov. 17),  offering her the opportunity to enjoy another  pussylicking session  with me sometime next week... she contacted me later saying that she might be able to arrange for a Wednesday meeting, but that she had to check over her work schedules in order to be certain.

Also earlier that same day I'd come to the decision to abscond with the ''Teenager Panties'' I'd rejected to run away with the previous weekend.


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