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September 4 - 7, 2017 (Monday-Thursday)
''Week in Review''

With Monday being  ''Labor Day''  (Sep. 4) I was allowed to leave the jobsite an hour ahead of what I'd recently been rescheduled to work as part of my most recent ''regular schedule.'' I took that opportunity, as well as the rare break from the almost daily rain, to finally get around to doing a complete wash & polish & wax job on my motorcycle... but I did overlook the task of refueling my gas tank until Wednesday (Sep. 6 -- which was when I'd finally decided to get around to mailing my latest letter to my mother) because of my ignorance & disregard of the impending  ''Hurricane Irma''  whereupon I was confronted with backed-up lines that reminded me of the Middle East Oil Crisis of the 1970s, finding pumping stations sold out of product, and what few working pumps that were still available were limited to dispensing ''Hi-Test'' grades, so that the gallon and a half of fuel I did half-fill my tank with wound-up costing me almost five dollars. (The odd thing in all of this was the fact that I was even more oblivious to the existence of  ''Hurricane Harvey''  until after it had already hit Texas, and only after my mother had informed me about it in a text message.)

Because of the gasoline fiasco, I'd for the second time this week postponed my attempt to locate any place that could supply me with a replacement reflector for my motorcycle, and I instead made a brief stop into the NPR ''Winn-Dixie'' for nothing in particular but did make a few (junk) purchases, and found nearly all  bread  selections cleared out, and shelves stripped completely bare of stocks of bottled water.

Made certain Thursday morning (Sep. 7) to pay off all of my credit card balances and Autumn-block advanced payments to cover projected future utilities charges before the Fit hit the Shan with the impending hurricane.

Finally had to completely get rid of  ''Kingsoft/WPS''  office suite software (free version) late Thursday night after it threw in my face the fact that the sudden appearance of obnoxious annoying adverts that would pop up in front of newly opened documents was not just some inexplicable fluke I had to address on my laptop (by uninstalling it there to replace with the most recent edition of the Apache  ''OpenOffice''  suite): they evidently slipped this feature in with a forced and sneakily implemented  ''automatic update''  I'd not requested (I refused to keep the program open and closed the documents immediately afterwards whenever this incident occurred, so I had absolutely no idea at all if these things were something that would continue to appear throughout the time any document was left open).

September 9, 2017 (Saturday)
18:50, Eastern Daylight Time

Called in to the worksite supervisor with the decision not to attend work today on the  semi-  pretense that I was unable to relocate my wallet (and thus my driver's license and business transition abilities) in order to purchase petrol from any of the small smatterings of service stations that managed to have fuel in stock. It was true that I could not locate my wallet prior to leaving the apartment for my previous workshift, and it was equally true that I'd had real concerns that had I decided to go back in to work for the following workday (today) it seemed very likely that I would burn through all of the fuel en route back to the apartment. So after returning to the apartment from the prior work shift I made no genuine effort to try to uncover the misplaced wallet before ahead of my decision to call off for the day, just so I wouldn't have to be a liar when I explained that had still as of yet not located the missing wallet. After making the call, ''semi''-concern upgraded somewhat into a bit of genuine concern when seemingly every conceivable attempt to locate my wallet relentlessly kept coming up empty. Repeatedly replaying Wednesday's (Sep. 6) scenarios through my mind, I'd remained mostly unconvinced that I'd absentmindedly dropped it or had somehow failed to reclaim it from someplace I'd laid it down. I finally had the idea to look inside the refrigerator inside the bag containing the variety of breadstuffs I'd uncharacteristically haphazardly just tossed inside the cold space in order to keep cool and hopefully retard mold growth, and this was indeed where I'd uncovered the missing wallet.

As the wind gusts began picking up strength and becoming more frequent, I made the decision to reposition my motorcycle in the parking space in a way I'd hoped would best withstand to oncoming windstorm, throwing on every available cable-locking system at my disposal, then tightly fitting & securing the motorcycle cover over the entire thing (hoping that a ''parachuting effect'' will give the hurricane-force winds something something to ''lift'' with and thereby cause havoc to my street machine.

After securing my motorcycle, I then proceeded to detach all of the wind chimes from their locations outside and to bring them indoors and have them temporarily hanging displayed in the windows from the inside.

September 10 - 17, 2017 (Sunday-Sunday)
''My Date with 'IRMA''' ~ (full week in review)

The long-dreaded impending Storm  ''Hurricane Irma''  did not truly begin making her presence known in our location until late in the night Sunday (Sep. 10), which I'd tried to sleep through until I'd heard the activity of one of the neighbors shortly before Midnight. Even though I still really quite groggy, I felt compelled to gaze out of one of the north-facing windows to observe the activity and assess the effectiveness of my motorcycle's lockdown & cover-up job, disappointed that I'd incorrectly anticipated the direction from which the gale forces would blow (I'd anticipated a brush from the south and southeast, but was forced to observe that the winds were hitting my vehicle almost broadside from the western direction). During this time I became enthralled with the dazzling ''light show'' being put on from the effects of the storm on the power lines, particularly the brilliant flashes of blue lighting up random sections of the sky from the electrical lines being taxed (which inspired me to compose a new  ''haiku'' -- my first in nearly a decade). At times, the lights across the street and next block across would briefly blacken out then momentarily restore themselves, which gave me hope that this could possibly be our overall experience.

Regrettably, our apartment complex was plunged into darkness almost right a Midnight Monday morning (Sep. 11), and the expectation of having it restored within the subsequent 12-hours faded, then the next subsequent 24-hours... it would not be until Wednesday morning (Sep. 13) that I'd finally accepted that the power was not going to be restored any time soon and that the bulk of my frozen food items (about half of them in new unopened packaging) was a certifiable loss.

Since I was left with no way to cook (electrically-operated range/oven), my situational subsistence consisted of tuna, kipper and peanut butter sandwiches (not all at the same time, of course) and  ''CapriSun''  juice box drinks none of which was good for my digestive tract.

I took limited strolls in and around the neighborhood on Wednesday and Thursday (Sep. 13 & 14) just to get out the apartment to keep from going completely stir crazy (I had essentially been waiting on ''standby'' inside the apartment up until that time in slowly & stubbornly dying hopes of electrical power being restored so I could try to ''save'' as much of my refrigerated items as I felt I could). Wednesday's trip to east brought me face to face with how undeniably and agonizingly ugly some sections of this city truly were, even before any presence of hurricane damage; Thursday's trek west was intended to incorporate a visit to the  ''7-Eleven''  on ''Rowan Road'' to check on gasoline availability, but a spattering of rainfall moved me to change my mind on that item, although I did decide to access Internet on the library's ''guest'' computers (they'd converted their entire computer station completely over to  Apple ''iMac''  systems), whereupon I'd sent out phone text message updates via my email account to my mother and ''Gracie'' and tried to get any information I could about the storm's path and it's swath of damage locally.

Also on Thursday I'd managed to break the window blinds unit in my bedroom because, as I was later to discover, whomever had ''installed'' the units had done a piss-poor ''half-assed'' job, and of course the units themselves being made of cheap fragile Chinese plastic.

I was woken up to power being restored at a little past  2:00  Friday morning (Sep. 15), I immediately began resetting the clocks and gathering up ruined food items from the refrigerator to discard in three separate trips, buck-nekkid and free, as I was still largely the only resident in our entire apartment complex who had not evacuated (one other resident seemed to have resisted the urge to leave, but unlike myself he continued to have ''activities'' of some sort outside of the area, whereas I'd remained indoors-- sleeping a majority of the time --as a homebody). I then had to make preparations for work later in the day, as I would be expected to be back on my regular shift.

Stopped into  ''Dollar Tree''  on Florida Highway 54 after work Saturday (Sep. 16) hoping to load-up on a few ''mealy'' type canned items only to find that nearly everything in these sections of the store had been stripped from the shelves, so I was limited to a few cans of tropical fruit chunks, some canned beans, and more junk-chips.

Finally called my mother after work the next Sunday (Sep. 17) with what was intended to be a relatively short call but which lasted for just shy of three-and-a-half hours!

September 25 - October 1, 2017 (Monday-Sunday) ~ [edited & merged]
''Full Week in Review''

After about a week's worth of giving me attitude (major difficulties booting or recognizing attached peripherals, despite cleaning/dusting off internal components, conducting full system scans for viruses/malware/adware, detaching and switching components around, conducting ''hard resets,'' and ultimately attempting repairs with the operating system's installation disc), I was forced on Tuesday (Sep. 26) to (reluctantly) bring my desktop computer system into an area repair shop I'd chosen only because of it was the only shop anywhere in the general region with more than literally only  ''one'' or ''two''  online customer reviews (in contrast, the location I'd decided upon had exactly ''three'' reviews, and those reviews reeked somewhat  ''less''  suspiciously of self-promoting ''fake reviews''). I made it no secret that because of how badly I'd been repeatedly ''burned'' by that sham operation in Roanoke my faith & trust in ''computer repair'' shops was going to become a big challenge to be restored, despite all of the self-congratulatory reassurances that they were ladling over me.

In the interim, I decided to set up my laptop ''back-up'' system to run through the designated ''desktop'' peripherals (with the exception of course of my ''7.1 surround sound'' audio system). It was during this set-up, while having the benefit of being able to view a larger-screen version of the laptop screen, that I was able to determine that the ''theme'' I'd chosen for the laptop's cycling wallpapers presentation (which I'd affectionately dubbed,  ''Pretty Panties,''  as that was the main focus of the images collected for that purpose) was not really as impressive as I'd originally presumed it would be, and that all of the effort I'd put into editing the selected theme images (past & pending) ulitimately was not worth any of that time and energy, so I came to the decision to replace that theme with the  ''Pussy-Eating''  series of artistically-rendered cycling images that I'd hoped to use with the secondary desktop whenever I'd gotten around to installing  ''Linux''  onto it, which also already acts as a ''temporary'' theme on the second ''kick-around'' laptop.

Another assault of migraines and digestive tract issues kept me pretty much incapacitated and housebound all throughout Wednesday (Sep. 27), interfering with my intentions to clean & organize the apartment in preparation for the waterline inpections scheduled for Friday. This event also gave me the opportunity to test out a personal theory that I might be able to allieve the head pain by way of alcoholic beverage in the form of wine I'd purchased about a week earlier, only to learn that it did nothing to soothe either the pain or the stomach/intestinal issues.

My ailment also put a delay in my intention to (hopefully) try to return & exchange the unopened packages of frozen food items that I'd left inside the freezer throughout the hurricane power outage until the following day (Thu., Sep. 28), which I would've actually preferred doing a week earlier but for my paranoia wanting to allow some time to pass to ensure that old stocks had been discarded and properly rotated out. To my pleasant surprise, both ''Publix'' and ''Winn-Dixie'' allowed for the exchanges -- even when I was not able to produce the receipt for several additional items (I suspect, based on what I seemed to have observed during the ''W-D'' transaction, that the receipts perhaps contain personal purchasing information in the receipt's ''bar codes'' that can access our individual purchasing histories... perhaps more true of  ''Double-D's,''  as I now refer to them, because of the use of their ''discount'' cards which do indeed maintain a database with our individual personal purchase information).

During Friday's (Sep. 29) door-to-door apartment checks for water leaks I tried to discuss some of the possibilities for the supposed increased water usage (which actually began being made mention of back when half of the units were still unoccupied), including the possibility that the water/sewer provider might even be ''cooking the books'' to tack on additional charges (not too unlike what our electricity provider, ''Duke Energy,'' had recently tried to get away with against their customers in Pinellas County, using the recent hurricane as a convenient curtain to hide behind), assuming that anyone was even being sent to actually come take any readings at all, and the maintenance/repair man revealed that the water meter ''flow clock'' has not even been running, not making meter reading possible anyway. (He'd also confirmed what I already knew about the heavier usage of the laundry room, which apparently the ''extra revenue'' is still not enough to offset much of the [current] costs.)

I'd acquired two more teenaged girls'  panties  over the weekend: these would get added to about three other teens' underpants that had either been left unsecured (occasionally lying out in the open in plain sight) or otherwise made carelessly accessible, plus another adult woman's panty that I'd literally ''fished-out'' through the holes of her locker, which I'd also absconded with throughout the earlier past couple of weeks, of which item acquisitions I'd chosen not make independent mention of at the times. (I could've easily added about three more of the items to the mix, except that they were more like ''sports panties'' and really lacked any real or readilly noticable ''feminine'' qualities about them, which because of such I'd chosen to pass on them.)

October 2 - 8, 2017 (Monday-Sunday)
''Full Week in Review''

Postponed going to the property management office to renew my lease on Wednesday (Oct. 4) due to weather- and health-related concerns, opting instead to venture out on the following day (Thu., Oct. 5), even though the weather was behaving ambiguously then as well. As I'd attempted to pull the motorcycle out of the driveway I felt it lock in place then proceed to fall onto its side ... I had then become aware that I'd forgotten to unlock the securing cable from my rear wheel. Ironically, for all of the searching I'd been doing in order to find a replacement for the busted reflector from when I'd first toppled the motorcycle, had I actually succeeded in replacing the missing item, this incident would've likely caused me to lose that one as well.

Although I was expecting to see an increase in my rent for the next lease cycle (considering how I had to negotiate to retain my monthly rent at the current rate), I was relieved that the increase was still one and a half times less than what was proposed for the previous contract, so I'd decided to renew without any begrudgement. I also took the opportunity to inquire about the possibility of being permitted to cover the entirety of my lease agreement with a single payment-in-full, to which I was informed that I'd be allowed to do so.

I'd since discovered that I could indeed use my  ''surround sound''  speakers system with the laptop, but not where I'm actually able to use it in its full ''5.1'' range.


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