"HOME & ABROAD" - special #1: "Cold Spell"

snow, ice, and freezing winds
are not the ideal environment for someone
whose ingrained inclinations are "tropical" in nature...
but it still doesn't ignore the fact that it all
can genuinely have a certain sort & amount of "charm" to it

( 8 min. 8 sec. )

(all images/video recorded at & around the  "homestead 'ohana"
during the Blue Ridge / Shenandoah region winter seasons
using "Canon SX-160" and "Nikon L-18" digital cameras
and "LG 840g" cellphone)

"Home & Abroad" #13 - ("TRIPLE - A" : part 1)

While the various botanical hues
which come with each Autumn
may not necessarily be considered anything
impressive or particularly noteworthy to the
average U.S. Mainland resident,
one must understand that such
colorful transitional sights
are not a common occurrence in Hawaii...
in fact, they are not an occurrence.
So it means something just a little bit more
to someone long detached from the seasonal event.

(except for the final pair of closing images,
which were captured with the "LG 840g" cellphone,
all images were recorded using the "Nikon L-18" digital camera)

( 3 min. 50 sec. )

"Home & Abroad" #14 - ("TRIPLE - A" : part 2)

Though not nearly as colorfully inviting
as had been anticipated prior to the trip,
the Autumn drive through the mountains of West Virginia
was still an enjoyable experience and made for a
pleasant change of pace.

= originally recorded: October 9, 2013 =
(all images were recorded with the "Nikon L-18" digital camera)

( 18 min. 45 sec. )