* TOTAL "BLACKOUT" - (Gen. Backlash goes 'RBPGTOW')

( 2 hr. 1 min. 5 sec. )

The era of "General Backlash" is drawing to its conclusion...
the "experiment" was a miserable failure! "Black YouTube"
and 'black social media' in-general have repeatedly and
consistently confirmed & reaffirmed that the whole goal
of these online interactions-- which have done little more
than (1) keep us at odds with one-another and (2) present us
with a global public forum to shamelessly excuse & justify
our ongoing state of degeneracy --is to provide an invaluable
solid structural foundation for Racism/White-Supremacy to continue
to build its rhetoric against the African-American cause by rabidly
and vociferously slamming on OUR OWN BRAKES to prevent us from
achieving any further advancement or progress as a "Community"
and as a "People."

(( this could also be considered the 4th and FINAL installment
of the "COP WATCH" series ))

"JEKYLL & HYDE" COPS: how to make a monster

( 1 hr. 16 min. )

Presenting the closing arguments in semi-support and
simultaneously in semi-condemnation of members of the
law enforcement arm of American society, in light of
many of the recent nationally highlighted and emotionally
charged instances of purported ''police brutality,''
especially as it is deemed to affect the so-called
''African-American Community.''

(( part 3: of a 3-part examination ))

"BULLET TIME" (cops on the 'beat')

( 20 min. 8 sec. )

continuing the exploration into why police across the country
have recently come under heavy fire as it relates to abuses
and seeming abuses of their aurthority as law enforcement officers
especially in light of the numerous instances of (supposedly)
"unarmed black men" meeting with their demise during such encounters

(( part 2: of a 3-part examination ))

(police "force" vs. police "abuse" ~ the dividing line)

( 21 min. 24 sec. )

Shortly after recording an intense and emotional
"no-holds barred" rant excoriating Blacks in America
for rallying in support of a black thug gunned down
in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, by--
and after a violent confrontation with
--a white police officer who would become symbolic
(in the minds of many) of yet another example of
'murderous racist cops' cutting down 'innocent black lives,'
another news story (this time out of South Carolina) hit the airwaves,
once again involving an "unarmed" black man who was shot & killed
by a white police officer -- only this time, the officer in question
was swiftly dealt with and brought up on murder charges.
Then, in rapid succession, several tragic examples of genuine,
observable, and unquestionable instances of police overreaction
became national news.

But what, if anything, makes any of these incidents different from one another?
How do any of these incidents weigh differently in light of each other,
or are they all "equally" reprehensible?

(( part 1: of a 3-part examination ))