"Herstory" Lesson: Origin of the "Black Gender War"

*( NOTE ) : If you've already listened to the vidcom entitled,
"Christe-LYIN' Again! (panicking & imploding)," there is NO NEED
to listen to this one, as this upload is simply a length of audio
isolated from that commentary. This segment focuses on and gives
a general breakdown on how & when the Black Gender War originated,
and what was essentially the spark that lit the fuse of what was
already an explosive powder keg of an agitated and dispirited
collective "Community," and why it may require nothing less than
a miracle to repair... assuming it can even be repaired at all.

( 30 min. 16 sec. )

Y.N.L. #6: "A Hairy Situation"

= (( 18+ )) =

that is intended as part of an EDUCATIONAL and ANALYTICAL
examination, discussion & commentary : Still, it does feature
a significant amount of content addressing & expressing
a variety of sexually-oriented and other "adult appropriate" themes
(including some uses of explicit contemporary language
and what many may consider graphic imagery).

Therefore, this video commentary has been posted with "AGE RESTRICTION"
-- intended for viewership by "18 or Older"

The topic presents some recent history and raises a number of concerns
regarding the mass "disappearance" of pubic hair, especially where it involves
its vanishing trend among women.

( 34 min. 57 sec. )

''FACT'' Is Where It's At! - (our most "weighty" issue)

There is a lot of mythology and delusion spreading like
an uncontrollable cancer as it relates to one of our
most serious "health & beauty" issues in our country and in
much of the western world. It's time we've stopped pretending
that it doesn't exist or that it's not a problem, and we need to
stop being afraid of P.C. blowback that tries to prevent us from
speaking out against it with conviction.

( 19 min. 17 sec. )

( project completed : November 15, 2014 )
( posted : November 21, 2014 )

("The General's" Mama deflates the Drama)

The long-distance interview with one of the tragically
few African-American WOMEN  who "gets it"....
It's a very sad testament of the so-called "Black Community"
when a woman whose whole life was motivated by a strong sense of
"Afro-Centrism" has grown so discouraged as to reach the point
to where she'd eventually advocate to her only surviving son
that rather than seeking companionship from among his "own" people
he should instead embrace someone who was a member of a racial group
for whom she's historically expressed some of the utmost contempt.

(135 min. 20 sec. )

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